battle rap

  1. Doomsday

    Ill Will Vs. Hollow Da Don

  2. Playaz Eyez

    Anybody ever try to battle rap in prison??

  3. B

    Ms Hustle Says Tay Roc Lost To Murda Mook|Confirms Tranny Audio|Lady Luck Battle|Remy Ma Etc.

  4. LightSkinYeshua

    Battle rapper goes in on opponents daughter & wife because they are dark skinned

    This is absolutely disgusting. we really need to drop this type if mentality and uplift our darkskin sistas. i aint gonna lie tho, nikka had bars
  5. RJThaGreat

    Funk Flex #139 - Arsonal Da Rebel (Hardest freestyle this year)

    :blessed::blessed::blessed: One of the best this year tho for sure dude is on a run..
  6. Kidd Dibiase

    RBE Presents: O-Red vs J Murda

  7. young yeesh

    [SMACK/ URL] Iron Solomon vs O Red | SMACK Vol. 3

  8. Dawunonli

    Any Battle Rappers in here?

    Post link to your battle or any aspiring battle rapper below. Looking to check out some new stuff
  9. young yeesh

    K Shine vs E Ness | Battle Academy

  10. Durag Vince

    yo what was the name of that old text battle site/forum?? circa 2005-2008?!?!

    I really remember two... i was a teenager in high school battling nikkas at school and whooping em in 2005-2008ish and then i was on my nikka nerd shyt and found nikkas to text battle online :ohhh: anyway I sign up to one and you can make your own profile wit a sig and avy n shyt and you...
  11. young yeesh

    Young Kannon vs Drugz #BBBL

  12. young yeesh


  13. young yeesh

    Charlie Clips & Goodz vs DNA & T Top: Scientific Battle @ Columbia University

  14. Rhule the World

    The realest comment on the anthem protests so far came from battle rapper Hitman Holla

    BALL GAME!:salute:
  15. John Hull

    To Da Break Of Dawn Is The Most Underrated Diss Record

    Cool J was in his bag on this one... styled on Kool Moe D, MC Hammer and Ice T at the same dam time! Just listen to it again and peep how many times this one record been sampled. Real heads recognize how many times L's vocals from this one diss been flipped by other rappers...
  16. Tha Carter

    Who's Stock Dropped This Year?

    Drop some names of battlers who did bad this year. I'll start with Tsu Surf and K Shine Surf bullshyttin battles, losing to Suge, Rex, Verb, and the general consensus is he lost to T-Top K Shine cause he lost to Ill Will, got bodybagged by QP, and fukking up Guntitles vs NWX Part 1. Pretty...
  17. Donald Trumps Twitter

    Coli Text Cypher League

    Battle Rappers and emcees tryna showcase your lyricism? Are you trying to brush up your skills? Do you think you can bring the heat? Join now!! Lets start a Text Rap Battle League. We can keep track of wins and losses, tournament wins, and much much more. The battles will be judged by...
  18. moneyel

    Ras Kass Talks Soul On Ice 2, Past Beef With The Game, Canibus, Apollo Brown & Battle Rap

    CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! DoggieDiamondsTV DoggieDiamondsTV - Welcome To My World i (Doggie Diamonds) chopped it up with Ras Kass about various topics. We speak on his past beef with The Game, his legacy, how he feels about battle rap, why the first super group The 4 Horseman didn't work and...
  19. M

    What you think about a "roulette" random opponent battle rap event?

    You get 10 of the top tier battle nikkaz and each ones opponent is chosen at random on the night :ohhh: You think an event like that would be a good or bad thing? Gotta be a better gimmick than the awful 2 on 2 clown shyt surely?
  20. Jon Oh!

    Flo-Rida Out Here F**kin Up The Culcha

    N*gga just :palm: