1. Da Spot Is Hot

    Albums I would like your reviews! If you like 90's Hip Hop you won't be disappointed! excLUsiv aka LOU aka Lou One aka ONE aka Fly Filthy aka …

    The Coli is my favorite forum. Being that as it may I'd like your reviews on my projects. What would The COli say? I posted some music/beats/Instrumentals awhile back, but I added more projects for review. I got more projects in the chamber as well. Hope Ya'll...
  2. Jean Jacket

    Zinoleesky - Many Things (Official Video)

  3. shutterguy

    Beats Fit Pro, well damn!

    Just picked these up from Amazon, I used to hate earbuds because none of them could stay in my ear and lacked in sound quality. Using them with my iPhone 14 Pro Max, these joints are slick, comfortable, excellent sound quality, and bass punch. Normally I use my Sony XM4 headphones for gym duty...

    O.G. Tekbeatz

    @Crumple @Aje @LauderdaleBoss @Ensi @producingfire @clanarchy @tryfbindope @head shots101 @Timothy Marley @Hi-Fi @Chip Skylark @FruitOfTheVale @Wallychamp @Wepa Man @Blessed Koala @hex @spliz @ManBearPig @LevelUp


  6. Fitz

    I'm back with a new Soulful vibes!

    What's good guys? It's been a while since my last beat but here is a fresh one from a few days. LMK what y'all think about this
  7. Aje

    What Songs Have You Always Wanted to Hear Sampled? I'll Hook It Up for You. (Other Producers Welcomed)

    What up, y'all. Which songs have you always wanted to hear sampled? Old head, here. Been producing since '99. I'll flip (at least) the first three songs posted here. Producer brethren welcome to join in, too. ================================== 1. Proposed by @Rasille: ORIGINAL: The Smashing...
  8. Fitz

    Just dropped a new West Coast club beat "Cali"

    What's good guys, It's been a while since my last beat. Let me know what you all think about this
  9. Treeshaz

    Can we talk about how Flint/Detroit made samples popular again

    Flint beats are super under rated especially they sample game where the be usin obscure azz samples no one even knows than makin the sample into actual bangers wit actual spitters one day dis scene has to get it's dues :picard: They be usin everything Jazz, Funk, classical music, or sum...
  10. Vinyl Villain


    I recently had the opportunity to link up with Shortfyuz in collaboration with D.R.O.G.A. Watch as Fyuz pulls vocal samples from one record and pairs it with a nice bass and piano sample from another record on this weeks episode of Villain's Crates.
  11. I

    Beats of the African Diaspora.....The Accuracy !!

    Europeans can’t even do this. :wow: #panafrican set
  12. Vinyl Villain

    Villain's Crates Episode 12 ft. DJ Manipulator

    For this episode of Villain's Crates, I linked up with one of my favorite producers and fellow crate digger, DJ Manipulator. Born and raised in Hempstead, NY / Worcester, MA, Manipulator has been building a solid catalog including collaborations with some of your favorite artists as well as...
  13. Fitz

    Just dropped a new Soulful Hip-Hop beat "Dreams"

    Who do you hear on this beat?
  14. Fitz

    Back with some new vibes!

    I try to keep my catalog versatile so here is my latest beat Waves which is a fusion between Hip-Hop and R&B. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  15. R

    Is it me or we currently lack innovation/artistry in production?

    Everything sounds good not goin to front. At the same time. I’m not always trying to turn up. I just don’t want to hear from just the big 4 (Cole, Kendrick, Drake, Ye) and their peers of their era for better and non repetitive production. Or are we simply spoiled by hip hop’s past? This is just...
  16. Fitz

    I don't usually make this kind of beats but I decided to give it a try.

    I kept this one simple so artists can do their thing on it
  17. Fitz

    Fresh R&B Vibes!

  18. Fitz

    Dropped a new banger "Goonz"

  19. Vinyl Villain


    Back again with Episode 3 of the new series, Villain's Crates. Chairman Chow f.k.a. Champ Chuck is a staple in the Boston hip-hop scene. In the past year and a half, the former host of Overdog Radio has collaborated with some of the top tier lyricists from New England. He is gearing up for...
  20. Fitz

    Just dropped a new "melancholic rock" inspired beat "Heartfelt"