1. RasNas

    Spice 1 goes off on DJ Akademiks for disrespecting Og's

    Now Spice 1 jumpin in on the discussion too
  2. Low End Derrick

    Freddie Gibbs Fires (Another) Subliminal Shot At Benny

  3. Psalms 37


    Finna make jamaican short ribs ..tonight or tommorow. I recommend brehs who like oxtails try to use short ribs in your recipe instead of oxtails. More meat on the bone so you get your money worth. Sidenote Warren G be doing the damn thing in the kitchen.
  4. Rhapture

    Joseline Hernandez vs Wendy Williams

    She told Wendy to put respek on her name :birdman:. She said she has the number one show in the country. She said people need to give her her flowers while she still here. She said Wendy only goes in on black women. She said don't compare her to Cardi. She is also completely over Stebbie. :steviej:
  5. Rhapture

    Luther Vandross vs En Vogue He tried to steal Dawn's thigh high boots

    En vogue Lutha Dawn says that they were desperate and needed money Their manager got them on a tour with Vandross Luther made them sign a contract -They could not wear the colors Red, Blue, White and Black. -They could not walk pass Luther Vandross dressing room while walking to the...
  6. Rhapture

    Cam'ron Retaliates With Old Clip Of Faizon Love: "This Isn't A Meme Fat Boy"

    The beef between Cam'ron and Faizon Love takes a homophobic twist following Cam's own controversy of making transphobic jokes. Cam'ron and Faizon Love's feud continues after the comedian questioned Jay-Z's authenticity as a drug dealer from Brooklyn. Cam'ron acknowledged that he and Hov have...
  7. I

    J. Cole Goes at Noname in New Song, Update: Noname Claps Back

    Talk about gender wars...:francis:
  8. Youngdev

    Who had the best "our beef is squashed" track?

    Of course this one, success was way better imo Not sure is this was before or after the one with Game I know I'm missing alot what other ones are there
  9. F

    DTE 1017 Beef

    Would hate it see it get ugly but it looks to be heading that way.. Gucci new artist made a diss song against Bank and the whole DTE.. Bank ignored it but the talk of the streets seems to be gettin to him and he tired of biting his tounge.. This beef started in the streets wit Gucci robbing a...
  10. Westbama Heartthrob

    Flashback to the Time Them GD's from Alabama Went in on Rick Ross

    Shyt was funny as fukk when it came out :dead: Everything about it from the overdramatic music in the intro to the brehs making adlibs to first dude damn near swallowing the camera with how close he leaning in Think you're Larry Hoover brehs
  11. C

    damn!!!! Yvette Carnell is going in on Tariq Nasheed!!!! FBA VS ADOS

    Yvette going in...... Stay tuned family!
  12. Rhapture


    Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/Shutterstock REMY MA REVEALS SHE MADE AN AGREEMENT WITH NICKI MINAJ NOT TO BEEF WHEN SHE WAS RELEASED IN 2014 By MISS2BEES NOVEMBER 4, 2019 Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s beef reached its peak when the Bronx rapper unleashed her “ShETHER” diss record. During an...
  13. RennisDeynolds

    whatever happened to Sean Kingston?

    I know he was an industry punching bag and walking lick, but Last I remember he was somehow roped into the game and meek "beef." He made that post calling game a batty boy and evaporated off the face of the earth brehs :lupe:
  14. Antwon Mitchell

    What's the best cut of Steak?

    When it comes to beef outside of ground beef (hamburgers) & ribs I'm not to familiar with steak :yeshrug:. I know, know a man is supposed to know his steaks but growing up I've never been much of a fan, and when I've eaten it I never really knew what kind I was eating to know the difference...
  15. Kairi Irving

    Burger King didn't tell us about this....(BEEF IS COOKING)

    IDK brehs, Burger Kang probably got bodied @The Burger King @Ronald McDonald
  16. BaileyPark31

    Clapbacks: Corporate Edition

  17. Rhapture

    Ja Rule explains why him and 50 can never be cool

  18. Rembrandt

    Kendrick's back dissing Big Sean

    Song could be old, though. SEEMS ITS CUT FROM THE HEART PT 4 "I think his false confidence got him inspired I can’t make them respect you baby, it’s not my job You’re finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme (boy) Cute ass raps, get your puberty up" I wonder what started this and...
  19. Rhapture

    Kodak Black Claims He Punched Sticky Fingaz & Tried To Shoot Him

    Kodak Black Claims He Punched Sticky Fingaz & Tried To Shoot Him By Karlton Jahmal March 16, 2019 16:23 5.4K Views 3 2 23 Christopher Polk/Getty Images Sticky Fingaz has yet to respond. Kodak Black is stirring the pot yet again. On Saturday (March 16), the "ZEZE" rapper hopped on...
  20. Rhapture

    50 Cent vs Teairra Mari is one of the best beefs ever

    50 Cent wants his money ASAP. Teairra Mari continuously refuses to pay any money to 50 Cent and he's clearly not taking that lying down. Ever since the judge dismissed her revenge porn case against Fif and ordered her to pay him $30K, he's been calling her out on Instagram to collect his...