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  1. N

    Discovering the Blackest Countries Beyond Africa

    Other countries with a high black population outside of Africa:ehh: Some countries on this list may be surprising For Passport bros that want to explore their options:sas1: If you have any stories or experiences about the black culture in these countries feel free to drop in
  2. N

    Curse Of Ham: The Origin Of How It Applied To Black People

  3. Tair

    Thecoli Needs to Limit Anti-Black Propaganda

    The mods need to start limiting the amount of anti-Black stories posted on the site by obvious anti-Black propagandists. And before someone quotes me talking about, "you want to limit free speech and push propaganda!"....You're right. On a supposedly Black website you should be pushing...
  4. DrexlersFade

    Serious Question What Has Trump Done For Black People?

    This sista breaks it down but I want to know from his fukking set:yeshrug:
  5. KingDanz

    The Queens Ask Ice Cube About Black Women in The Contract

  6. R

    Is it still possible for black folks to grow old and live a long life?

    Maybe I'm losing hope...:mjcry: This a question I been asking myself all day after the recent deaths of Pop Smoke, Juice World, Kobe, Nip and Charmander. I said black folks but I particularly mean black men. Social media seems like the #1 thing that's hurting us right now. Getting killed by...
  7. DrBanneker

    Four Black people attended Bilderberg this year

    @thekingsmen @ab.aspectus @EndDomination I'm not a hardcore conspiracy monger but I think this is a record as far as we are concerned participating in Bilderberg. Used to only be Vernon Jordan who has been there on and off since the 1990s. Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. (USA), Senior Managing...
  8. N

    The Batwa people - Black Afrakan pygmies who populated the world!

    Good Morning, Evening or Afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We're going to talk about the ancient BaTWA "Pygmies" aka the OG Black Afrakans that populated the world and their roles in world civilization. Who are the Twa people? Notice in the left, the guy is shadin the European hella hard:russ...
  9. N

    The First Americans were Black Afrakans. Important

    There's been a lot of speculation on the origins of the first settlers on the Americas. It's now common knowledge that Christopher Columbus did not discover Americas but only Dominican Republic (Taino MONGLOIDS from ASIA). It's also common knowledge that the Vikings (Leif Erickson) were in...
  10. Saint Denson

    Black Children, Musicianship and Nurturing For Success

    Black People need to get back into traditional music again. I cringe when i think of all of the Charlie Parkers and Art Tatums that have slipped through the cracks in the black community because they were deprived of private music instruction. And yes i know there's still tons of black...
  11. BlackJesus

    San Francisco has the bummiest black people I've ever seen

    shyt is surreal walking downtown where I now work. You'd think there no black people with decent jobs and housing in this city. Homeless black people EVERYWHERE. Like 50% of the homeless. Easily. They got nikkas outcheah literally tap dancing and shining shoes for dollars. Nikkas on every...
  12. N

    Why did Christianity appropriate Egyptian Mythology

    Here's some food for thought. This may bring out some feelings out but...I leave up to you
  13. Rhule the World

    What part can the average black person play in helping the community prosper?

    :patrice: For example, I have a reasonably bright future. I'm in college, getting a business degree, and have plans to get either an MBA or an MS in marketing after. However, I'm also a commuter student & still live in my old neighborhood. Seeing crazy shyt happening worldwide, and even stuff...
  14. Lýba'rhaésheýun

    What Are The Best Styles In The Global Black Diaspora?

    Coolest Hair Styles, Jewelry, Clothing Designs Ect... I was Looking Through Some Ethiopian Female Pictures And Was like... Man They Fresh :ehh: And Phine Too :Mightymos: What Would You Consider The Best Styles out The Black Diaspora?
  15. Rhule the World

    Is there really a glass ceiling holding blacks in America back from achieving success?

    One of my black heroes is Reginald Lewis, the first black billionaire. He sadly passed from brain cancer in 1993, but he wrote an amazing book called "Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun?" where he talked about his life, purchasing Beatrice Foods, and building it up into the powerhouse it...
  16. HopeKillCure

    Spin: Y'all nikkahs were slaves. Indians and Chinese were volunteering

    :ohhh: So one of your Indian posters on the Coli (yeah, that majority black forum) posted this about black people and slavery: :mjlol: wow. Welp..:francis: There you have it folks, untamed people who could not be conquered, the Indians and the Chinese were never enslaved, apparently they only...
  17. BlackJesus

    Gossip does not benefit black people. Cut it out your life

    Earlier I went over why it's pointless to worry about "mouthpiece" and focus on the real fundamental question of getting or not getting sex. To go further, philosophically, we should consider gossip and it's effects on the black psyche and culture. It encourages frivolous and pointless...
  18. KingZaire_

    Utah police shoot black man for 'Rapidly' taking hands out of his pocket

    They ordered him to and still shot him The war on black people is here :francis: This shows even if we follow orders they will still find a way to shoot you Stay safe brehs and brehettes Any 911 call can be the end
  19. KnowledgeOfSelf17


    Justin Hunte breaks down the comparison of how Post Malone is worse then Vanilla Ice speaks about how White rappers are normal now after 18 years of eminem How cash me out girl was thrown into being an music artist due to her popularity How asian rap artist are getting cosigns and getting...