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  1. Ahadi

    Why Black Corporate Women Find It Hard To Find Marriage
  2. Jupiter Jazz

    Brehs, I love black women.

    They're so misunderstood. They've balled up all this pain and have to pretend to be tough for a world that doesn't appreciate them. But they're easily some of the kindest, tender hearted women if you come across as a man and don't view them as a threat. As a black man I feel actually...
  3. NoirDynosaur

    2 London brehs cold approaching American baddies with a FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT" application LMAO

    2 London brehs forcing a Friends with Benefits application at the cookout. Watch for more amusement
  4. NoirDynosaur

    304 Throatgoat "I keep sucking until he's done"

    If she doesn't suck dikk, she's not a keeper
  5. I Really Mean It

    Another BBW Thread. You Smashing Or Passing?

  6. NoirDynosaur

    Black Excellence! NYPD gets its first Black female police surgeon in its 178-year history

    NYPD gets its first Black female police surgeon in its 178-year history O'Connor emphasized the necessity for Black doctors, noting that she's well situated to create colorectal cancer awareness and crucial screening campaigns. Dr. Lynn O’Connor has become the first Black female police...
  7. NoirDynosaur

    "Why today's female rappers have glorified being a whore" - Lord Jamar

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    Natural Ghanaian Curves

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    10 Best Ingredients To Start a Skincare Business

  10. NoirDynosaur

    NPC Tik Tok Streamer mad her OnlyFans got leaked

    nikkaz is trapping through the bandwidth haha :pachaha:
  11. NoirDynosaur

    2000's Video Vixen era was underrated

    Before social media took off with IG models, Video vixens was the dominant eye candy MELYSSA FORD Melyssa Ford was one of the most popular video vixens of the 2000s. She appeared in several music videos, including the $1.4 million music video for Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’.” Her beauty and...
  12. NoirDynosaur

    Black Sex Symbols that were highly slept on

    Before Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell, Megan Good and Tyra Banks, these sistas were the biggest symbols back in the day. Let's start the thread Dorothy Dandridge Sultry moves and a voice to match, Dorothy Dandridge is credited as the first African-American to be nominated for an Academy Award...
  13. DrBanneker

    Spin: Educated Black women largely end up with the same kind of men (Black or White)

    I really pondered throwing this data out for a while. I am not into gender warring and I figured this may end up as that. However, I guess the Eboni Williams thread got me to go ahead and do it. To be clear: This is not an anti-IR thread. If someone is happy with a White man or woman, good for...
  14. NoirDynosaur

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The OG of Rock and Roll

    She gained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s with her gospel recordings, characterized by a unique mixture of spiritual lyrics and electric guitar. The first great recording star of gospel music, and was among the first gospel musicians to appeal to rhythm and blues and rock and rollaudiences...
  15. NoirDynosaur

    BLACK Excellence: 21-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur With Autism Opens Nail School Just 8 Months After Opening a Beauty Bar

    Nationwide — Meet Aaliyah Alicia Thompson, a 21-year-old African American woman with autism from Hampton, Georgia, who has defied stereotypes and achieved incredible success as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Just eight months after opening a beauty bar, she is now celebrating having...
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    Melanie King Says Cardi B is programming Black Women to be side chicks and single
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    What Women REALLY think about Michael B Jordan

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  20. G

    “All Black Women are the Same”