1. Mufasa Ahadi

    Spelman Brehettes state their plans after graduation

  2. Rell Lauren

    These BBLs got brehettes looking silly at the airport

    The original tweet got deleted because the OP got ratiod. Bonnet and a muumuu on. Got her ass done but couldn't afford to stay a few days for the swelling to go down.
  3. BornStar

    Lizzo says she twerks the church ladies, for her ancestors.. because it's unique for the black exp

    Listen to the first minute.
  4. BornStar

    Black woman defends her relationship with her white boyfriend

  5. MostReal

    Billie Eilish it's so demonic friends

    Does it get anymore blatant than this, cacs love devil worship :francis: And why does this song have over a 100 million views? :why: White people enjoy crap like this, this much? It ain't even catchy
  6. JesusFOREVER

    Question for all the women on here

    what the hell is wrong with y’all? Why do you go after men who clearly don’t want to shyt to do with you? I know why from a man’s POV, but I gotta hear from the horse’s mouth What gives y’all this mentality?
  7. BornStar

    Absolutely NO woman has all 5

    NO woman has the first capability PERIOD:martin:
  8. jeff8

    Meek Mill tells black women to get rid of their wigs/fake hair in 2019

    Looks like Meek is gonna be HOH in 2019. Update: weave, wigs, same difference, both are fake hair, but maybe I'm just ignant. :yeshrug:
  9. Bart simpson

    Who was the smash or pass brehettes on the Coli

    Since I've been on here the brehettes been either defunct, ran off or fake. :mjcry: So I gotta ask who was the brehettes you would shoot your shot with? :wow:
  10. Psalms 37

    Brehettes don't care about MONEY..SWAG/CHARISMA>>>>MONEY

    :mjgrin: Dating Black men who look great on paper but no chemistry :( "Has anyone else dated a Black man who was very educated with one of the "big, sexy jobs" (doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc), but there was just no chemistry between y'all? I just had a date with one and he seems interested...
  11. Psalms 37

    Is not knowing what/where to eat a feminine trait? :jbhmm:

    Even my mom does this... "I don't know help me decide :lupe: :lupe: " :mjgrin: Is that a feminine trait? I be seeing comments on fb and shyt from some what I assume are bytchmade dudes who be "I don't know what to eat either. :lupe: " I mean not knowing what career path you want to take as...
  12. R

    In The Valley of Gods Trailer (Brehette Explorers)

  13. Rhule the World

    Do women realize how venomous their tongue is?

    Do yall ladies just walk around casually dropping ether & burning souls? Do you intentionally try to eat his testicles & make a nikka suicidal during an argument? Do you think about how downright evil y'all sound sometimes?:mjcry:
  14. Rhule the World

    Brehettes, would you date a cross eyed man with a heart of gold?

    how to delete ebay Identical to this. He's 5'11 tall, in shape, has morals, makes you laugh, chasing a (legal) bag....but he's a ol' fish eyed fool. Asking for a friend :mjcry:
  15. Insa Tum-Tum

    Starting New Job in HR (Co-op) this week...

    So i'm starting this gig in HR as a Training Developer:francis: for an industrial company this week. shyt's already looking shaky. I was suppose to be sent an onboarding schedule ahead of my start but my manager ended up not sending it at all so i'm just here with my dikk out trying to find...
  16. Marco Andretti

    In NY i Milly Rock :lawd: Magnolia - Playboi Carti

    Summer jam brehs :lawd::lawd: Turn up brehettes :lawd::lawd: Turn up brehs . .:lawd::lawd: fukk it!:damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn:
  17. Marco Andretti

    In NY i Milly Rock :Lawd: Playboi Carti - Magnolia

    Summer jam brehs :lawd::lawd: Turn up brehettes :lawd::lawd: Turn up brehs . .:lawd::lawd: fukk it!:damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn::damn:
  18. 30for30bird

    For the gym heads

    So I'm a very confident fella. I can go from talking up a storm about this that and the third to whispering sweet nothings in a lady's ear on the dance floor but one thing I have a problem with is talking to a female in the gym. Idk what makes it so difficult to approach a female in the gym but...
  19. R

    is it simping to eat pu$$y

    i legit enjoy it, it makes me horny as helllll :noah: plus ive gotten good as hell (hella bragging) :youngsabo: and plus i can put in less work with the D (im a fast gun (john wayne type of fast) :yeshrug: can any brehs testify? am i alone in these skreets? am i a simp or a hoe? a lot of yall...
  20. Black Panther

    Brehettes, Please Explain...

    So I've noticed that I get approached by women much more when I'm wearing my wedding ring. On most days, I look anywhere from :ehh: to fairly nerdy. :troll: I'm in my late 20's, and I work in IT, so I can't really help it. :yeshrug: In other words, I'm an average black dude. Most females...