1. M

    Business Owners of the Coli, How much you spend this Christmas season on ads?

    I have spent about 2200 on ads since black friday. That is pretty much an average of 120 a day on roughly 14 different ads at any given point in time. The results? How are things working out for you guys. Oh and here is my store.
  2. Jimi Swagger

    How women got wealthier

    Summary: In 2009 27 percent of worlds wealth was held by women now it’s 30% First generation of women are inheriting businesses - shift from family assets being passed down to men In the US and Europe, women outlive men so the wealth is managed by women before being passed to the next...
  3. Rhule the World

    The feeling when you think you have a good idea, go on Google, and there's 15 companies already

    :mjcry: I'm pretty sure I'm not the 1st person who's had this happen to them. We all wanted to be business owners at one point, most likely. If you are/were an entrepreneur, how did you deal with this issue?
  4. Jimi Swagger

    $52 Million Lottery Winner’s Plans to Rebuild Historic Black Community

    After winning a $52 million lottery jackpot in 2010, Miguel Pilgram used his winnings to launch his own real estate company, The Pilgram Group, and invest in properties across South Florida. Now, the successful businessman is committed to reviving Sistrunk Boulevard, a notorious corridor in...
  5. K

    MXED - Sell official pop culture merchandise on Shopify #SupportBlackBusiness

    This is for my dropshippers looking for an innovative approach. These brehs got y'all. MXED allows you to quickly and easily sell officially licensed pop culture products within your Shopify store. The Shopify store selects and markets the product and Mxed takes care of the rest from...
  6. Jimi Swagger

    Is it really any easier to do business in Nigeria?

    By Yomi Kazeem Last December, Tope Akindele, took on a new challenge as an accountant with a new hotel in Ondo, in Nigeria’s southwest. The big hope for the business was to find its feet quickly and look towards turning a profit but less than a year later, it’s unlikely that’ll be the case...
  7. Jimi Swagger

    There Are Currently 4 Black CEOs in the Fortune 500

    Next year, that number is set to drop to three. What happened to progress toward diversifying corporations' highest ranks? Ken Chenault, the CEO of American Express, at a meeting in New York City GILLIAN B. WHITE Early next year, Ken Chenault will step down as the CEO of American Express...
  8. RennisDeynolds

    Another racist exposes themself: "thank God whites populated america" fukk is wrong with these idiots :gucci:. The pure ignorance that inhabits...
  9. The Gimp

    School me on business cards brehs

    Trying to get my name out there I figured the best way is to network with other people and hand them my business card. What website you use for business cards??
  10. BlackManLiveFromLondon

    Uber loses licence to operate in London

    Uber just lost its licence in London Transport for London’s shock decision to scrap Uber’s operating licence sparked a fierce debate on Friday as unions, politicians and rival services – hailing the move as a “historic” victory – clashed with the Silicon Valley giant, which in turn decried it...
  11. Primetime

    Any Experience with Fiverr?

    I'm working with some comrades to develop this app to sell to companies in the energy industry. And we have one company I got in contact with through a friend that liked the sample I provided them but my contact (who works for them) said that a formal business proposal of benefits, cost...
  12. An ashy lil fap hand

    Coli, do we fukk with Tyler Perry?

    There's all manner of folks here so I figured I'd ask considering this news. Tyler Perry signs deal with Viacom Apparently he's doing a deal with viacom to put out a bunch of shows (the article said upwards of 90 episodes) for BET and other channels. They will also have exclusive rights to...
  13. Rhule the World

    Is owning a check cashing/payday loan center harmful to the black community?

    :patrice: A friend of mine has the opportunity to open one, at a centrally located area I might add(Sunrise Boulevard for the SFL brethren), which could be extremely lucrative I mean, by this time everybody knows that they're not a good idea right? So the people that still visit these places...
  14. Rhule the World

    Will we see hip-hop return to the flamboyance of the late 90s/early 2000s?

    It's said that the streaming industry is only at 3% penetration level and artists are already getting paid nicely and getting gold & platinum plaques again like it's 2003:lupe: So, when it gets to 70-80% and it gets monetized even more, can you imagine the influx of new bread coming in the rap...
  15. Mr Rager

    Ya'll have an elevator speech/pitch for yourselves...right?

    Give us your elevator speech, whether for yourself, your company, or your ideas. What's the best way to sell yourself in a 30-60 second timeframe:jbhmm: When and How to Use an Elevator Pitch I'll post mine after work Generic example: I’m currently studying education at [insert college]. One...
  16. Bart simpson

    Is college relevant?

    I'm beginning to think college is a joke. :martin: I mean unless you're going for science, math, or medicine do you really need college. Right now I'm in school for communications so I can direct commercials, ad campaigns, artsy creative stuff. But I already made connections and did commercials...
  17. Jimi Swagger

    Walgreens: Expanding Customer Loyalty with Microservices

    Michael Endler (@InfoMEndler) Not too long ago, if a big brand wanted to implement an omnichannel customer rewards program, it was a little like gathering 1,000 or so of your closest friends for a particularly epic and elaborate mannequin challenge video—it was logistically daunting, and...
  18. Jimi Swagger

    Trump's Color-Blind Pro-Business Policies Will Help Black Entrepreneurs Too

    A growing body of research has shown the power of entrepreneurship to help solve the economic problems of disadvantaged groups such as women, immigrants and racial and ethnic minorities. This finding can be traced to a longstanding vision of entrepreneurship established by black Americans as a...
  19. JahFocus CS

    When Capitalists Go on Strike

  20. onthereal

    White woman at my job sends passively racist email and doesn't know it

    I work in the marketing department where six out of 20 employees are black. Our job is to review content and help people with issues, etc. Ol girl calls me over and says read this so I do: First reaction is :francis: so then I look at what she's talking about. really bytch?:hhh: We...