1. mikishere

    SB LVII Rematch - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Swift - Eagles @ Chiefs MNF Game Thread

    The biggest game of the regular season is finally here :demonic:. The top teams of each conference fresh off a bye, match up for the first time since SB 57. Obviously the stakes aren't as huge this time around, but both teams would much rather a win tonight to keep strong holds on that #1 seed...
  2. mikishere

    Micah Stands On The Floor Peering Up Through Binoculars In Awe Of His Home Town Eagles - Cowboys @ Eagles Week 9 Game Thread

    The time is near for the yearly matchup of the NFC elite vs the NFC frauds :wow:. only the 2nd time that hurts and dak face off against each other, ain't no bragging about beating back up qbs & rebuilding teams today :umad:. special shoutout to that boy micah as well who hasn't been hiding his...
  3. mikishere

    A Philly Redemption Story In Tampa Bay - Eagles @ Bucs MNF Game Thread

    No need to get deep into the history but between retiring us at the Vet & handing Jalen his first playoff loss in his career, we coming for that get back tonight :ufdup:. Wasn't planning on making a game thread for this but it's MNF so fukk it :manny:. #byrdgang roll call part 1 @wire28...
  4. mikishere

    It Hurts To See Foxborough Burn In Tom Brady's Return - Eagles @ Patriots Week 1 Game Thread

    Tom Brady returns to Gilette Stadium today to be honored for his career as a Patriot. Unfortunately, the NFC champs are running through to ruin that day :umad: . It should be a good game though with the Patriots having a stout defense & Belichick having all the time in the world to prepare for...
  5. mikishere

    Aint Nothin' Purdy Bout A Trip To The Linc - Eagles vs 49ers NFC Championship Game Thread

    battle of the NFC heavyweights in the champ game :blessed:. lowkey the game I personally wanted. all that 49ers hype during the past 2 months will have to be backed up now :ufdup: . @wire28 @groovy Tony @Box Factory @Goodnews @Tha Gawd Amen @Asantehene @Absolut da poet ® @mikishere...
  6. mikishere

    How The Grinchew Stole Christmas In Dallas - Eagles @ Cowboys Game Thread

    was a potential game of the year candidate that went shyt with the cowboys choking like they usually do & this hurts injury. still should be a good one and the last major test for both teams (especially the cowboys) before the playoffs. time to ruin christmas in dallas & get the NFC to run...
  7. mikishere

    Them Byrds Flying High In The 313 - Eagles @ Lions Game Thread

    NFL Sunday is finally here :blessed:. Got a decent week 1 matchup between a rebuilt Eagles & Lions. Was a 44-6 blow out last season (the 2 thanksgiving teams with the lowest playoffs win percentage in the past 25 years both got 44-6'd by the eagles :dead:). This matchup will definitely be a bit...
  8. Morose Polymath

    Our Method Today, Is To Bring The Pain And Make Carson Wentz: Carolina @ Philadelphia Week 7 GT

    Week 7, where the Super Bowl champs host the stumbling Panthers in this battle of 3-win teams. Eagles are soaring high after stomping he Giants and getting a long rest, meanwhile Carolina has to regroup quickly after losing to Washington in a sloppy, chaotic game. Carolina is facing a tall...
  9. gangreen

    Our Cousins from the North return to the Linc. Vikings @ Eagles Game Thread

  10. Morose Polymath

    Uncle Luke Gettin High As An Eagle After He Break Down This Philly Blount: Philly @ Carolina WK6 TNF

    Thursday Night Football roars back into The Queen City for a huge matchup between The 4-1 Panthers and The 4-1 Eagles. This game will show which team is the elite squad in this early NFL season. This is just the fourth time in four years where both Thursday Night Football opponents are at least...
  11. Morose Polymath

    Killa Cam Coming To Style On The Byrd Gang Like Another Dipset Breakup: Atlanta @ Carolina WK16 GT

    On Christmas Eve, we have a hellified matchup between I85/NFC South Rivals The Carolina Panthers and The Atlanta Falcons! Both squads are currently on a 2 game win streak and are hoping to extend it to 3 this Saturday. However, both squads are playing for something a little different. Atlanta...