1. AMcV'88

    "I swear, I wish I met Dwight Gooden to show him that my pitch is better, bring Strawberry....." and I'll be rich forever"
  2. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron - Weekend Girl really is a beautiful ballad.

    that second verse is majestic.. don't know what fukkery stopped this ending up on Killa Season but enjoy your weekend.
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Agallah - Live At Your Own Risk

    This came out September 30th and I'm really feeling the production on here. @Morose Polymath @Freddie.Cane @The Dust King @hustlemania King @OnlyInCalifornia @malc @Monoblock @RichYung @General Mills @Art Barr @Jerz-2 @BK The Great @IronFist @TheDarceKnight @IronFist @Newark88 @DANJ...
  4. AMcV'88

    RapRadar/Tidal Podcast w/ Cam'ron (Up on Tidal and YouTube now)

    Cam looking well. (pause) should be interesting since he's never really done the standard podcasts. I've got a feeling PH2 coming out through Def Jam since they're doing stuff for the anniversary of the first.
  5. AMcV'88

    Singles Cam'ron - Believe In Flee (NEW)

    heard a few teasers for this. it's alright. the HeatMakerz produced ones sound great though. who knows whenever he dropping Program 2. it was supposed to drop in July after his song with Max that never came dropped.
  6. B

    Jim Jones: C Gutta Snuff'D Me In Hawaii+He Caught Cam'ron & Me Lackin' In Rucker Park

  7. AMcV'88

    listening to Come Home With Me on it's anniversary and...

    i forgot how well this album was sequenced. especially how they did Daydreaming to Come Home With Me. Cam, Hip-Hop and Guru did the thing on here. you could tell how important an album this was for Cam. album aged well...only songs i don't like really care for now are I Just Wanna (edit- I...
  8. SirReginald

    Wait, Cam'ron And Jay-Z SQUASHED Their Beef?

    That's what's up :salute:
  9. AMcV'88

    "I don't even like to rhyme, love, but I love this life of mine"

    bodied that. Cam aura at this time was crazy. people might be more familiar with some of spit on here
  10. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron x Vado - Soul Plane Appreciation

    one of the really great joints to come out of the BOAB series. "as I'm sitting on this mail box...."
  11. B

    Breaking:Mase Almost Breaks Down & Cries Signing W/ Knicks,Reminisces When Cam Ain't Pass The Ball

    Mase Getting A NBA Bag Now?
  12. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron & Cousin Bang starring in...Choppers. (Mini Movie Part 1) (out now)

    mini movie with a music videos weaved. Pt 1 drops friday. featuring the younger guys Disco Black and Velly Vellz he's fukkin with off the Program 2 comin soon.
  13. AMcV'88

    is it known there was a version of 50's Back Down with a verse dissing Cam'ron ?

    ...or was it even real ??? just remembered this recently. from Kim Osorio's book. this would have been interesting. i always felt the camps were sending shots at each other for years without it ever being serious. Jim Jones being the main culprit at the time. edit- sexied up the title.
  14. Canada Goose

    Cam'ron - Purple Haze Appreciation thread

    This album is underrated :wow: That intro :banderas: More Gangsta music :banderas: Leave me alone PT 2 :banderas: Great albums brehs, almost a personal classic :win:
  15. AMcV'88

    "nah Duke, I want to do something different...some Andre 3000, Arrested Development type..."

    "......oh pardon me (Dipset!) They just violated your boy I'm facing 60 days even though I got shot but its a celebration" I remember the full version being in demand for so long from that Kay Slay tape in '05. was years before we got the full 2010 or 2011 ??? "When H to...
  16. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron - The Program 2 (July)

    :mjlol: a snippet from months ago when he started it. couple Heatmakerz produced snippets. new snippets
  17. Sinister

    Disses there should have been a response to

    I'm so happy Em replied to MGK. This is the exceptionally rare occurrence in which there was a response after the public demanded it. A lot of time the superstar (even Em himself) just ignores the person. No battle is meant to last forever but some shyt should have had a reply imo...
  18. Sinister

    why are people running with this "Kanye sent Pusha T" narrative?

    numerous people dissed Kanye since Pusha has been signed to Good music and Pusha almost never says anything. Beanie Sigel dissed Jay and Ye over the "haters" beat and Push never dissed Beans. Cam'ron dissed Kanye on "toast" over the beat to "runaway" (which Pusha was on) and Push never had a...
  19. Sinister

    Fun fact: it took Mase over 13 years to win the battle against Cam'ron

    I just thought I'd remind y'all.