1. AMcV'88

    Cam and Jim haven't spoke since the Versuz, says Cam "took the whole bag"

    21:21 is when he talks about Jada and goes into the Versuz you can tell he's annoyed how it went he wants him, Cam and Juelz to do an interview together about it to see who points the finger at who. then as far as the actual night of the Versuz, to sum it up, on his part at Jim basically said...
  2. AMcV'88

    Julia Fox managed to do something Dame Dash couldn't do (Kanye x Cam'ron)

    reunited these two egomaniacs another day another Kanye group picture. Julia, Cam, Jack (from Salem) and that demonic scumbag Manson. we know Julia used run around with Cam but she also ran with and did heroin with them Salem boys.
  3. AMcV'88

    there's a Styles P & Cam'ron EP on the way. (snippet)

    I thought if anything it would have been Jim and Styles since they still drop good music and hold it down for the old heads. actually, I remember when Styles & Jim announced a collab album that never came out about 12 years ago.
  4. AMcV'88

    Icewear Vezzo x IUR Jetto - Oh Boy feat Babyface Ray & New Day (VIDEOS)

    nothing can even dare do justice to the original valiant efforts. I said it before, and I said it again, Cam might be the most referenced rapper when it comes to all the current Detroit rappers. ...Vezzo already got his guy linked up w/ Capo for some fire.
  5. AMcV'88

    "Stop it Five"...Cam'ron & Vado's 'Gunz N Butta' is 10 years old.

    sixteen joints with very little variety, just Cam and Vado going verse for verse over mostly all AraabMuzik beats. would've been better received if we didn't already have 4 tapes of that already. never even mentioned Speaking In Tungs and Hey Muma they were already out and had bubbled...
  6. AMcV'88

    looks like the Cam'ron Drink Champs is finally going to happen.

    what's probably the last one of the main ones he wanted to happen is probably going to happen now. nice to seem them been around each other these last few weeks..felt like Cam been giving Nore brush off for a while.
  7. Playaz Eyez

    Berner - Russ Bufalino (The Quiet Don)

    Rap's favorite plug dropping again. It's incredible that him being everybody's supplier gets him dope beats and consistent features :pachaha: @1031 @Animal House @mobbinfms @Billy Ocean @tkmc @AMcV'88 @Wiles @DeuceZ @smahzay @1BadBamaFan @Pinyapplesuckas @LevelUp @KingOFKings...
  8. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron in Grant Projects giving them a quick 50 bars.

  9. Sinister

    Who ELSE was Cam'ron talking about in the outro of his Jay-Z diss?

    At the very beginning of the rant he says "y'all nikkas don't want it with us" 5:34 The entirety of the verses are talking to Jay but there is the whole "every time I diss THAT LABEL I get fined a hunnid thou" The "us" he referring to is obviously Dipset. Between the press conference, the...
  10. bordeaux

    Killa Cam out here looking flabby and sick

    disgustya. :flabbynsick:
  11. Sinister

    Did any of 50's adversaries have the ability to make music as HARD as him?

    I'm not talking about overall diss quality. Obviously Jada, Game, and others rap circles around him lyrically. I'm talking about how hard the music he makes. Listen to how naturally and organically 50 does I don't think this song has the replayability of Mafia Music or is as...
  12. TheEmpress

    Bruse Wane Live Ep 5: Police Brutality, Mike Tyson, Bat Soup

    Bruse Wane Live Episode 5: Police Brutality, Mike Tyson Returns, Ba... Bruse Wane Live Episode 5: "Full Show" Show Topics: Police Brutality, Mike Tyson Returning To Boxing ? Bats Still On The Menu, NBA Players living Check to Check, Paid In Full 2,Covid 19 update, & More Featuring Music by...
  13. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron talks Medellin/Roberto Escobar, Cuomo being KONY, Nuke & 6ix9ine, wiretaps and quarantine.

    Cam'ron has been rapping about the highs and lows of the cocaine trade since his days spitting about "D Rugs" over two decades ago. But it took the new video for the Purple Haze 2 track "Medellin" to connect him with a true OG kingpin. The video, shot in the titular Colombian city, features a...
  14. Dipset Jeff Hamilton Jacket JB wow

    Dipset Jeff Hamilton Jacket JB wow

  15. Camron JB Wow

    Camron JB Wow

  16. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Quarantine home workout (NSFW)

  17. AMcV'88

    Cam'ron & Cinematic put the award winning motion picture, Killa Season up to watch on YouTube

    been on YouTube before but now it's in the best possible quality. random aside, I wouldn't be surprised if Cam goes to Roc Nation soon.
  18. AMcV'88

    Juelz Santana - All My Life (Cam'ron diss ?)

  19. AMcV'88

    Cam'rons Purple Haze turns 15

    remember the day I bought it. got that, and Pun's Endangered Species on the same day. I really remember playing it heavy on the Christmas Eve that year though. a classic. the only thing that stops it being that outright undeniable classic is the shift it takes in the second half. it starts off...