Who ELSE was Cam'ron talking about in the outro of his Jay-Z diss?

Discussion in 'The Booth' started by Sinister, Aug 15, 2020.

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    At the very beginning of the rant he says "y'all nikkas don't want it with us"


    The entirety of the verses are talking to Jay but there is the whole "every time I diss THAT LABEL I get fined a hunnid thou"

    The "us" he referring to is obviously Dipset. Between the press conference, the outro, Cam's bird call verse etc it's obvious Cam planned to sick the entire Diplomats on Hov...but did he really expect NOBODY to step up for Jay if it happened like that? Was Cam talking about Rocafella? Def Jam? The artists that appeared at the I declare war concert specifically? Nas? Would this have included D Block had they signed over there? (As actually originally planned)

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