1. djfilthyrich

    Illmatic 30 SIDE B (41st Side South)

    SIDE B - 41st SIDE SOUTH Correct Techniques (Filthy blend) It Ain't Hard To Tell ft Michael Jackson & Large Pro (LP + RMX + Blend) Nas Will Prevail (OG Demo Remaster) Life's A bytch ft AZ & The Gap Band (RMX + LP Re-Edit) Memory Lane (OG + Blend) Pete Rock Interlude The World Is Yours (Re-Edit +...
  2. djfilthyrich

    Mixtapes & EPs Nas - Illmatic 30th Anniversary Tribute Mixtape

    SIDE A - 40 Side North Intro To Illmatic Genesis (Blend) Live At The BBQ Back To The Grill Again NY State Of Mind (Blend) Represent [OG Demo + LP Versions] ft Big L (Blend) One Love [LP + RMXS] Halftime [OG Sample Blend + LP] Stretch & Bobbito 1993 Freestyle SIDE B - 41st Side South...
  3. Ziggiy

    The GOAT gets his flowers from the New York State Senate

    Much success to you even if you wish me the opposite… Sooner or later we’ll ALL know who the Prophet is
  4. DrexlersFade

    This is one of the greatest Hip Hop songs of all time Ghetto Prisoners.How could the kid/slash Escobar(Nas)not be the GOAT???

    This is one of the greatest hip hop tracks of all time so powerful, so relevant ,so deep ,so hopeful it gives you a major sense of pride. :obama: What we been and continue to still go through but we still in this bytch we ain’t going no muthafukking where.:stopitslime: Yo we gotta be God's...
  5. Ziggiy

    Nas brings story of the first black chess Grand Champion to life

    Checkmate! Nas & ‘Power’ EP Mark Canton Team Up For Series On First Black Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley EXCLUSIVE: “Plan to leave something behind so your name’ll live on / no matter what the game lives on,” says Nas on his 1999 album Nastradamus, and now the revered rapper is making some...
  6. Alexander Wiggin

    Which Nas & Hit Boy track has the best beat switch

    I would say WTF SMH Japanese soul bar The cure Dedicated In that order Michael & Qunicy and reminisce are sick too and I was pleased by theses
  7. Kuma the Bear

    Nas and Kelis were wild for this

  8. Ziggiy

    Official 2024 Hip Hop Grammys Thread

    It's that time of year brehs & brehettes. What can be said regarding Hip Hop and black music as a whole's relationship with the Grammys that hasn't been said or written before? The fraught, often antagonistic rapport between the Hip Hop community and the National Recording of Arts & Sciences...
  9. Playaz Eyez

    AZ - Truth Be Told [December 1]

    @theflyest @Sugarbush @mrken12 @mobbinfms @TEKBEATZ @Fortunate Lee @re'up @Regular_P @shawntitan @sayyestothis @C-Styles @PlayerNinety_Nine @BiggWebb79 @010101 @mson @ThaBronxBully
  10. Alexander Wiggin

    King's disease series vs Magic series playlist

    What's your best playlist for both series The rule, you got to choose 6 tracks for each album (no loosies or features tracks on hit boy or other albums) This is my magic vs king's disease playlist. 18 track each (6 best tracks by album) Kings disease playlist Blue benz Ultra black Car 85...
  11. NoirDynosaur

    Throwback: Nore threatens Nas

    Remember NORE was a straight goon? The same NORE who popped on Prodigy's man with the burner. Apparently, Nas was throwing shots at Nore saying "step his game up". Nore and Nas was tight, but apparently, NORE wasn't having it. NORE threatens NAS. When Nas was at a club, NORE threw a flower pot...
  12. NoirDynosaur

    Wu Tang Clan & Nas - NY State of Mind Tour

    :ahh: Only person missing is ODB:wow:
  13. DrexlersFade

    The truest statement you will ever read concerning Nas and JAY Z

    :Disclaimer: Got this from another forum :obama: He got hip hops most popular verb “ethered” named after how bad Nas torched him. Then he signs Nas while Nas chips were low. Then Nas reorganizes and becomes one of hip hops greatest tech investors with a string of wins while 4040 struggles...
  14. NoirDynosaur

    The story behind Nas’Death of Escobar album

  15. Ziggiy

    Yahoo ranks every Nas album

    Interesting rankings to say the least.
  16. Playaz Eyez

    Nas & Bravehearts perform on Source Sound Lab (2000)

  17. B1G_controversy

    98-01 Era Nas

    I want to create a thread to discuss all things Nas from the 98-01 era This is an impt era bc he started working on I Am...The Autobiography in 98 (due to be released March 30, 1999), but 13 songs got bootlegged in late 98/early 99 that ended up across multiple projects (including Lost Tapes)...
  18. djfilthyrich

    Mixtapes & EPs The Firm - How It COULD Have Sounded

    This mixtape is my vision of how The Firm album could have sounded without the commercial tracks. I brought Cormega back, and swapped the radio-friendly songs in favor of Mafioso instrumentals to align with the original theme - think minor chords, sombre soundscapes, violins, mandolins, spanish...
  19. Playaz Eyez

    AZ/Nas “How Ya Livin” or Ice Cube/Krayzie Bone “Until We Rich”???

  20. Ziggiy

    Tobe Nwigwe Featuring Nas On My Soul Official Music Video

    Tobe’s come up is inspiring