1. Ziggiy

    Tobe Nwigwe Featuring Nas On My Soul Official Music Video

    Tobe’s come up is inspiring
  2. Playaz Eyez

    Hit-Boy produced 6 Nas albums, so what modern era producer could do the same for Jay-Z????

    :whoo::whoo::lupe::lupe::jbhmm: (And by present day producers, I really mean guys who more than likely got their big break post 2009 or so, so please, don’t mention Pete Rock, RZA, Rockwilder, Alchemist, etc, dudes that have like 20-30 years under their belt:russ:)
  3. KnickstapeCity

    Queensbridge is NOT the new Harlem… :dame:

  4. Nas 3-Peat

    Nas 3-Peat

  5. Professor Emeritus

    Has there ever been a song to have more phrases enter the cultural lexicon than Ether?

    "murdered you on your own shyt" "gave you a style for you to run with" "smile like a proud dad, watching his only son that made it" "Calling my crib and I ain't even give you my numbers" "name a rapper that I ain't influenced" "I know you aint talking about me. You?" "dikk-riding fagot...
  6. B1G_controversy

    Jigga's God Did Verse vs 2020-22 Nas Lines

    Nas in 2021 - I got so many kids in the game, it's like a gender revealing Jigga in 2022 - How many billionaires can come from Hov crib? Nas in 2021 - I'm from the era of razor blades & coke dust/People living with no trust, champagne in the soap suds Jigga in 2022 - I turned the cocaine into...
  7. DrexlersFade

    The Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Nas, JAY-Z, Wu-Tang, Big L, Jeru & OGC - Beef Analysis [King Of New York] BIG is the GOAT

    Yo this the best analysts I ever seen BIG was really the fukking GOAT. nikkas got lucky especially CAMEL @Cladyclad
  8. LJLYDK!


  9. Ziggiy

    Cormega Giving Props To It Was Written

    Called Nas the Chosen One… So good to see these two on good terms Also Elliot Wilson’s dikk riding self finally giving back handed props to IWW 26 years after he was amongst the rap journalists who dissed it.
  10. White City Black

    Acclaimed Nas producer kicking it with a bunch of Clowns

    Large Professor is playing at this summer’s Gathering of the Juggalos Anyone that’s followed the now 22 (!!!) year history of the Gathering knows that Psychopathic comes up with some real surprise Hip-Hop bookings here and there :wow:
  11. mykey

    The GOAT in Belgium

    The crowd is mostly middle age white people, the type who cross the street when they see a black man.
  12. Ziggiy

    A Little BM/BW Positivity. Mary J Blige Graces Time Magazine. Nas Writes Her Profile

    Mary J Blige recently scored a spot on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list, gracing their cover. Nas wrote her profile feature.
  13. Ziggiy

    New A&E Series “Origins Of Hip Hop” Produced and Hosted By Nas

    A&E Announces ‘Origins of Hip Hop’ Series with Nas Tapped as Host ByNy MaGee April 21, 2022 Nas – Getty *A&E Network has announced the documentary series “Origins of Hip Hop” will explore the rags-to-riches journey of some of the genre’s most celebrated stars. Per press release, the series...
  14. pawdalaw

    Daz Clears Up The "Mind Made Up" Confusion with Nas HEAT!

    Entire song incoming.
  15. Ziggiy

    The Official 2022 Hip Hop Grammys Thread

    Alright Coli brehs. Another year, another annual Hip Hop Grammys thread. While the relationship between the Grammys and Hip Hop has been...contentious to say the least; this year marks a notably antagonistic rift between music's biggest awards show and the genre that has dominated mainstream...
  16. Jungle


  17. DrexlersFade

    Big Pun washed the best of NY in one verse

    Pun fukking was warpspeeding into another dimension. He really let his nuts hang on this shyt. In retrospect, when you hear stories about Pun, and take into account the number of collabs he had in his short span, it feels like he was head hunting the best in the game. He begged Joe to make...
  18. BiggWebb79

    According 2 Hip-Hop and Rap Roundtable did a mock Jay-Z vs Nas Verzuz

    It was pretty dope, they didn't play any music but gave detail on why they choose what song and why.
  19. TheEmpress


    BRUSE WANE LIVE EP 52: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022, OMICRON RUNNING WILD. KAPERNICK, GUY THAT KILLED JORDANS DAD, GHISLAINE MAXWELL VERDICT, WHO KILLED IG MODEL TIGER BOOTY Bruse Wane Live Episode 52 [TOPICS] Happy New Year 2022, Omicron running wild. Kapernick blows deal ? Did they just let the guy...
  20. Nas