1. Take It In Blood

    Yes, I am aware that he's a murderous cult leader, but it's still hilarious to hear Jim Jones curse

    he curses throughout the entire thing but here's just one timestamped moment is it normal for Pastors/Preachers to curse like that in front of their congregation? :dwillhuh: @MMS @Jesus Is Lord @Mowgli
  2. AMcV'88

    Cam and Jim haven't spoke since the Versuz, says Cam "took the whole bag"

    21:21 is when he talks about Jada and goes into the Versuz you can tell he's annoyed how it went he wants him, Cam and Juelz to do an interview together about it to see who points the finger at who. then as far as the actual night of the Versuz, to sum it up, on his part at Jim basically said...
  3. Cuban Pete

    So what was the WORST L Dipset officially took in the Versus?

    It's been 2 days now, the culture still in the aftershock... Just seen Fat Joe talking bout how he went with Arsonist the Heatmaker and dude was about to cry :mjcry: Out of all the Ls tooken that fateful night, which stung the Set the most?? Edit: I forgot them pointing at Santana when they...
  4. AMcV'88

    "ByrdGang, we make it hot for the summer...."

    when Uptowns favorite sons met... its Harlem Diary of a Summer and Members of ByrdGang weather this week
  5. BillyOceansBussyDestroyer

    2003 was really the GOAT year for entertainment.

  6. Boug92

    Juelz Santana - Okay Okay Appreciation

    too many bars :whew: Harlem at his finest
  7. tuckgod

    Who am I to fukk tradition up??

    Harlem stand the fukk UP! :salute: DZA, Cam, and Jimmy all snapped :wow::noah::ahh:
  8. Sinister

    Who ELSE was Cam'ron talking about in the outro of his Jay-Z diss?

    At the very beginning of the rant he says "y'all nikkas don't want it with us" 5:34 The entirety of the verses are talking to Jay but there is the whole "every time I diss THAT LABEL I get fined a hunnid thou" The "us" he referring to is obviously Dipset. Between the press conference, the...
  9. SAINT

    Better Juelz Song: Who am I vs Rain Drops

    Who am I vs Rain Drops Rain drops is severely underrated and one of the best Juelz songs. Who am I, no explanation needed. If you had to choose one, which one are you going with?
  10. K

    Is this still the greatest flip of a legendary line in rap history?

    Real sick, on nights, I perform like Mike Anyone -- Tyson, Jordan, Jackson action, pack guns, ridiculous YO your career is over like Mike Anyone - Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, ask dun about my mean kids
  11. Dipset Jeff Hamilton Jacket JB wow

    Dipset Jeff Hamilton Jacket JB wow

  12. AMcV'88

    Max B opens up about Jim Jones (VIDEO)

  13. AMcV'88

    Juelz Santana - All My Life (Cam'ron diss ?)

  14. M

    Is mase welcome back album underrated? Is it a classic?

    Was this a hit? I think people don't give enough credit to this song and album
  15. Anerdyblackguy

    Has anybody purchased these new Diplomats/ Knicks Jerseys yet?

    :ehh: I haven’t purchased a Jersey in years but this maybe worth it.
  16. B1G_controversy

    Is Dipset The Greatest Freestyle Crew of All Time?

    The Dipset freestyles are too legendary :banderas: Who else is on this level? State Property? D-block?
  17. Sinister

    Did Beanie Sigel go at Dipset?

    I was originally going to ask this to someone who interviewed Beans but I feel like this site has so many people on it that are knowledgeable that maybe someone knows something and can enlighten me. On "Average cat" and even "big payback" Beans alluded to dissing Kiss, Nas, and Dipset for...
  18. willnubu

    Singles Juelz Santana - Dipset (Santana's Town) (Wilmix) FL Studio 4

    My remix of Juelz Santana's Dipset (Santana's Town). I used FL Studio 4.1.0.
  19. B

    Jim Jones: C Gutta Snuff'D Me In Hawaii+He Caught Cam'ron & Me Lackin' In Rucker Park

  20. Sinister

    If G unit made a Diplomatic Immunity 1 like album...

    Beg for mercy and Diplomatic Immunity both came out in 2003. DI came out right after GRODT whereas BFM came out towards the end of the year same time as black album. G unit decided to pretty much create an entirely new album almost from scratch whereas Diplomats damn near put out a 2 disc...