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  1. President Sakora

    7pm in BK

  2. intruder

    The Denver nuggets will eventually retire number 15 and it won’t be Melo on the back

    This IG post yesterday made me realize this. Some think that number should have never been available for Jokic to get in the first place? Like the Nuggets should have taken it out of circulation in anticipation of retiring it for Melo Or do the Nuggets owe Melo nothing since he never won...
  3. Big Mountain Hélà

    Carmelo to Taiwan? Edit: The team signed Cousins instead

    Say it ain’t so, Either way :salute: GhostHawks make Carmelo Anthony approach in search for marquee signing 11/13/2022 05:10 PM Listen Carmelo Anthony in an event in Taiwan on July 20, 2013. CNA file photo Taipei, Nov. 13 (CNA) Tainan TSG GhostHawks head coach Liu Meng-chu (劉孟竹) said Sunday...
  4. ISO

    Carmelo Anthony announces book

  5. Fresh

    Why didn't the Detroit Pistons draft Carmelo in 2003 ?

    I've always why the Pistons didn't draft Melo in 2003 especially considering they already had a dope squad with outstanding team chemistry. Instead Detroit drafted Darko and Carmelo ended up with the Denver Nuggets :snoop: Even Bron thought Carmelo Anthony was gonna be drafted by the Pistons...
  6. ISO

    SLAM Magazine | Black Edition, Carmelo Anthony guest editor

  7. Rell Lauren

    Melo hits GW shot over Raptors. 28 PTS (10-17), 7 REB

  8. Anerdyblackguy

    Bu bu but Carmelo will be gone by all star break. Portland officially guarantees Carmelo contract.

    @Darealtwo1 we need to talk playboy. Report: Carmelo Anthony Trail Blazers Contract to Be Fully Guaranteed for Season SCOTT POLACEKDECEMBER 5, 2019 Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press Carmelo Anthony has done enough to guarantee his contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. On Thursday...
  9. FAH1223

    Where is this Carmelo gif from?

  10. Anerdyblackguy

    Carmelo hires PR team to prove he was scapegoated by NY, HOU & OKC.

    Carmelo Anthony Camp ‘Aggressively’ Fighting Perceptions, Sources Say It’s become a late-summer staring contest among some of the splashiest, most-followed franchises in the NBA. One of them will sign erstwhile star Carmelo Anthony, who is 35 and has not played since he was set free by the...
  11. K

    Lets get Carmelo Anthony into the NBA All Star game

    NBA All-Star 2019 go to houston rockets and lets do it we owe it to him to get him in He risked and basically ended his career in 2014 for the all star game in NY so we need to reward him for that
  12. Morethan1

    Carmelo Anthony officially traded to OKC

  13. Melo


  14. Floyd Pinkerton

    Rumor: OKC Thunder potentially interested in acquiring Melo?

    What say you brehs? Do my distinguished fellow posters see this as a potential good fit? :jbhmm: We all know Bill Simmons is an esteemed journalist :skip:, but still that would be a very interesting squad:ehh:
  15. The Amerikkkan Idol

    If You Were The Cavs, Would You Trade Love & Kyrie 4 Melo & Porzingis Str8 Up?

    Melo = still one of the elites scorers in the league, but past his prime Porzingis = 21 years old, 7'3", shoots 3's, can become a Hall of Fame level talent Kyrie = elite scorer, awful defender, great handles, selfish player Love = elite rebounder & scorer, mediocre defender Both sets of...
  16. Melo


  17. Pdiddy

    Jeff Van Gundy "Melo Needs to Come Off the Bench"

    For the Clippers.....:mjlol: I don't know about that
  18. SheWantTheD

    Knicks Loss To 76ers :wtf:

    what the fukk was that?! How you gonna be up by 15 points and blow that shyt by half time? Shooting short as fukk, turnover city, terrible defence, terrible offense. :francis: Why isn't Rose attacking the basket aggressively more? He was 6 of 7 to start.
  19. AAKing23

    Per Woj: Knicks-Bulls Closing in on Derrick Rose Trade/ Edit: Done deal

  20. Giselle

    Carmelo Anthony "shares that girl"

    This girl is saying that lala has been sleeping with her child's father. There have been rumors of both of them cheating on eachother actually, but never any public proof. She is rumored to have sleept with a nfl player too. I always thought their relationship was fake. I have also heard lots of...