1. Don Homer

    Grant Williams: “I Can Say CONFIDENTLY the Celtics Were Better Than The Warriors” EDIT: STEPH EHTERS GRANT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AT THE ESPYS

    ……then explains all the ways the Warriors are the better team :laff: EDIT: Steph responds directly to Grant Williams on the ESPYs Stage :wow: :gladbron:
  2. FAH1223

    2022 NBA Finals on ABC is 5th least-watched series since 1988

  3. FAH1223

    The Irish Try To Cross The Bay, Will They Make A Splash? | Official Celtics vs. Warriors NBA Finals Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- TV: Projected Lineups : CELTICS: @Jutt @ill @R.E.N. Spells Ren @Raquinotj@KevJ @JBone4eva @Stress Welker@unit321 @UpAndComing @JLR Steez @craigsagersuit @Listen @fact @JarrodG @William Heavy @yamomzb @coose @GrindtooFilthy...
  4. FAH1223

    Third time in a decade, who catching this fade? | Official Celtics (#2) vs. HEAT (#1) ECF Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- TV: Projected Lineups : HEAT: @Da_Eggman @Sauce Dab @Makavalli @Draje @Brief Keef @Breh Obama @intruder @Green Ranger @Primetime21 @G-Zeus @Rain @F K @in the NICK of time @Mirin4rmfar @DerrtySouthpaw @number21 @OfTheCross @Luke...
  5. FAH1223

    The Buck that Bought the Bottle & the Luck of the Irish Lotto: Celtics vs. Bucks ECSF Thread

    Making the thread early since I got Ramadan events to get to! -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : @FloorGeneral @MushroomX @ThaRebel @L $ C @Don De Dieu @Only On Camera @Ganso Bomb @luvaznpoon @Lord-Yosh @Jutt @ill @R.E.N. Spells Ren...
  6. FAH1223

    Who's Food? Official Nets (#7) vs. Celtics (#2) East 1st Round Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : @papa surf @King P @ExodusNirvana @AJtheOne @Crack Daniels @TR7 @Cantwait @Giant Slide @Amerikan Melanin @K-Apps @Megadeus @Monsanto @JerseyBoy23 @Tupac in a Business Suit @clouddd @Relldaproblem @feelosofer...
  7. Nero Christ

    Lemon pepper wings wit ya clam chowder - Hawks vs Celtics GT

    on ABC right now... nice leadup to the Super Bowl
  8. Listen

    Tatum seems pretty happy to have Derrick White on his team…

    But maybe not for “basketball reasons”
  9. Flex Luger

    Kemba Walker traded to OKC for Al Horford

  10. S

    Celtics-Heat poll

    Who you got making Finals
  11. LV Koopa

    Kevin Garnett & Tony Allen tell a story about young Austin Rivers

    Just listen to this ish. Absolutely hilarious because you know KG toned down how it went. Shout out to Rivers for showing that fire from high school.
  12. Flex Luger

    Raptors considering boycotting game against Celtics

  13. Primetime

    All bullshyt aside, how confident are you in the Bucks winning the East?

    Will all their perceived flaws and mundane bubble record, do any of yall see them losing before the Finals? And to who? -- They're still the betting favorites at -155 Toronto is now second at +300 Celtics are 3rd at +475 Miami is 4th at +900 Note: Tor and Bos would face each other in the...
  14. FAH1223

    Duke Women’s Basketball Hiring Celtics’ Kara Lawson as HC

    One of the best basketball people youll ever meet. Congrats to Kara
  15. ReturnOfJudah

    NBA old heads talking cash money shyt

  16. Listen

    No Rockets-Celtics Game Thread? Prime time on ABC

    What’s the over/under on Harden and Westbrook cracking 70 again?
  17. Drew Wonder

    Kevin Garnett in Uncut Gems...

    Is probably the best performance by an athlete in a movie that I’ve ever seen. Yes he’s playing himself but it wasn’t a glorified cameo, he was actually integral to the plot and the way they weave that 2012 Celtics-Sixers playoff series into the overall story was dope Great movie. If you’re...
  18. Listen

    Jackie M - “Blame Kyrie? It’s not that simple”

    Blame Kyrie? It's not that simple, Boston