charlie clips

  1. White City Black

    Charlie Clips vs DNA “Wrestling Bars” Battle

    They called this shyt Halloween Havoc :mjlol: Nice, relatively short watch even if you don’t generally follow Battle Rap :ehh: Samoa Joe and Top Dolla in da building :salute: DNA absolutely Killed this shyt btw :wow:
  2. M

    Charlie bmore got a top 5 goat female verse

    Her verse gave me chills, imagine having a chick like that:banderas:
  3. young yeesh

    Charlie Clips & Goodz vs DNA & T Top: Scientific Battle @ Columbia University

  4. ReasonableMatic

    Charlie Clips vs Chilla Jones pt. 2 [BlackIce/Cartel]

  5. ReasonableMatic

    Rewatch: Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips | Smack/URL #SM5

    >>> Vote who y'all have winning looking BACK at the battle <<< Comment who y'all had winning BACK THEN and who you have winning RIGHT NOW I personally had Lux winning back then, but lookin back at it its a lot clearer If you watch the battle and listen to all the shyt Lux was sayin. He...
  6. ReasonableMatic

    SMACK/URL presents: Charlie Clips Vs Ill Will | #Nome6

    Let's get it :blessed:
  7. Throwbacksample

    Go-Rilla Warfare- Charlie Clips vs Big Kannon

    FYI, this battle should be vaulted
  8. KingsOfKings

    Loaded Lux Answers If He’d Battle DNA, Talks Charlie Clips Battle

  9. B

    Murda Mook and Math Hoffa Debate Loaded Lux Vs. Charlie Clips Battle

  10. IronFist

    Loaded Lux Talks Keith Murray VS Fredo Starr , Charlie Clips Battle, Aye Verb Or Daylyt Next

  11. B


    No editing, nothing. They don't give a fukk.
  12. FreshAIG

    SMACK/URL Summer Madness 5 - Loaded Lux Vs. Charlie Clips Live Update/Discussion Thread

    Charlie Clips vs. Loaded Lux Tay Roc vs. Calicoe Ms. Hustle vs. O'fficial Shotgun Suge vs. Big T T-Rex vs. T-Top John John Da Don vs. Mr. Wavy K-Shine & DNA vs. Steams & Chess URL has now officially announced the four battles that will be on the livestream: Charlie Clips vs. Loaded Lux T-Rex...
  13. Kidd Dibiase

    KOTD: Charlie Clips vs Pass Official Release

  14. Crownheights718

    URL/SMACK: T-Rex vs Charlie Clips #SM4

  15. ReasonableMatic

    Charlie Clips vs Daylyt | KOTD [BOLA5] (Official) (Poll inside)

    Who you nikkas got?
  16. Lavish

    Charlie Clips vs Conceited :myman:
  17. Kidd Dibiase

    Charlie Clips vs Dirtbag Dan

  18. FreshAIG

    Vado, Jae Millz, Charlie Clips from 2001

    LOL @ how skinny Clips was (well in comparison to now) (Skip to the 3 minute mark for Clips)
  19. Diyhai

    Don't Flop Rap Battle | OSHEA VS CHARLIE CLIPS