1. T.H.E. Goat

    G Herbo - Focused(Video)

    My current theme song
  2. DrBanneker

    Good news happens too: Chicago homicides down 25% Jan-June

    Granted, we can say the numbers are still too high but Chicago homicides are way down for the first 6 months of 2018 compared to 2016 and 2017--almost 25%. Shootings are only down 9% from last year but down over 30% from 2016. Any Chicago brehs/brehettes want to comment? Murders from Jan. 1 to...
  3. young yeesh

    Young Kannon vs Drugz #BBBL

  4. j.smooth4

    When has it ever become legal to shoot someone because they’re pulling off in your car?

    Janique Walker knows the cost of a split second. Her younger brother, 17-year-old Charles Macklin, was killed while trying to steal a Jeep from a Chicago fire lieutenant on the West Side last August. The lieutenant had left the Jeep running, and Macklin jumped behind the wheel. The lieutenant...
  5. young yeesh

    K-Shine vs Young Kannon | Go-Rilla Warfare

  6. NobodyReally

    WakandaCon 2018

    Hey guys, This is shameless plugging but I think it's a worthwhile plug. I don't know if you'll be in the Chicago area during the month of August, but if you are interested in visiting, there is a new con called WakandaCon2018. Below is a link to the website, and some screen shots of the...
  7. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    #Metoo Hits Chicago Police Department.

    Speaking Out: #Metoo Hits Chicago Police Department Thursday, January 18, 2018, Trina Kim Townsend–referred to in this article by her preferred name, Kim, and also commonly known as “Eclipse”– delivered a testimony at the Chicago Police Board Hearing. Standing at the podium, dressed in black...
  8. KingZaire_

    Kanye to create an organization to help Chicago

    What did your liberal president do in 8 years for Chicago :sas2: :salute: To Kanye if this is real backing up his words
  9. Dead End

    Albums Saba - Care For Me (Discussion Thread)

    I know he doesn't seem to get a lot of recognition outside of Chicago, but Saba has a new album/mixtape coming out. Bucket List Project, his last album, is one of my favorite hip-hop albums of the decade, so really looking forward to this...
  10. Red Lion

    Going to Chicago Next Week. Suggestions?

    Planning on going to Chicago by myself next week, and I realized I have no clue what I want to do there. :dwillhuh: I'm mainly going for a convention next weekend, but I'll be in town the whole week. Looking for places to eat, attractions, night spots, etc. Any suggestions, brehs? :bpthink:
  11. ab.aspectus

    America's Most Powerful Black Families

    ****WARNING LONG POST***** So this thread was inspired by a thread made about a year ago which I found interesting about rapper Prodigy's family tree and how he is a descendant of one of the founders of Morehouse College: Prodigy's family tree is CRAZY Wanted to make a similar but different...
  12. BaileyPark31

    Chicago Area GOP to sue CPS over student walkouts

    The Chicago Republican Party has filed a complaint with Chicago Public Schools and is considering suing over an anti-gun violence student walkout Wednesday morning it calls “political” and an “indoctrination.” Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson has publicly given her approval and support...
  13. Dead End

    Saba "Busy" (Official Video)

    Didn't see a thread on this and it came out the other day. Saba is one of my favorite rappers out right now. Pitchfork review
  14. Red Lion

    Welcome to Wauconda (Illinois)

    :mjlol: The People of Wauconda, Illinois, Would Like You to Stop Asking If They Have Black Panther's Vibranium This passage, tho: :ohhh: :bpbanderas:
  15. Red Lion

    Help A Breh Out...

    Need to get some extra cash up and wondered if anyone is interested in some hand-drawn superhero art. I work professionally as a comic book inker and artist, and I'm trying to save money to get to the Chi for C2E2 this April. I'm doing 9 x 12" superheroes on heavy cardstock Bristol board for...
  16. postnutclarity

    Gather 'round... I got a story to tell.

    So I don't really post on here like that, but I decided to make this thread to lighten my mood a bit. Y'all don't know me, but one thing I can tell you is that me and my family have had our fair share of interesting encounters that later turn out to be hilarious anecdotes in hindsight...
  17. Razor Reader

    How are Puerto Ricans in Chicago different from Puerto Ricans in NYC and Philly?

    I'm curious?

    Facebook is cancelled for the rest of 2018

  19. Razor Reader

    Mob Talk Radio is the business...

    Deep analysis breakdowns on mafia infamous mob figures... Dutch Schultz Angel Bruno Frank Costello
  20. Jimi Swagger

    Aldermen approve $31 million settlement for Englewood Four after airing differences

    Harold Richardson, from left, Vincent Thames, Terrill Swift and Michael Saunders were convicted of a 1994 rape and murder but later were cleared. The City Council easily approved a $31 million payment Wednesday to four African-American men whose murder and rape convictions were overturned...