1. Ronald McDonald

    Rapper King Louie Shot in the Head EDIT: In Stable Condition

    :damn: :damn: :damn: this better not be true brehs. for those of yall who dont know he's a drill rapper. kanye shouted him out on the i dont like remix
  2. Imlinkin

    Chi-raq Comes out on Dec 4th. You going to see it?

    Pro: I'm a fan of Spike Lee. He tries to add depth and convey messages in his films --- msgs that admittedly go over the heads of most casual movie goers. Edit: I want to see the brother Spike succeed. Best believe that Spike is the last of a dying breed and probably the closest thing we've...
  3. Imlinkin

    Chicago PD releases the #LaquanMcdonald Footage.

    It's brutal. It show's that the cop's story of LM lunging at him was complete :duck:....Obviously the sound was edited out so you cant hear his partner stop him from reloading AGAIN like "wtf man!".. And most of the 16 shots seem to be edited out. I only saw a few fired myself before he kicked...
  4. Giselle

    Mother Of 9-Year-Old Boy Murdered In Chicago Went To Vegas The SAME DAY As Her Son's Funeral

    Mother Of 9-Year-Old Murder In Chicago Under Fire For Vegas Trip Taken Day Of Her Son's Funeral
  5. Giselle

    Mother of the 9yr Old Chicago Boy Who Got Shot Bought a New car w/Gofundme Money Given For Funeral

    Mother of slain Chicago 9-year-old defends purchase of new car on social media She had instagram videos up claiming that she needs the car for protection. She deleted the videos though. I think someone has screen shots, let me go check. @karla_lee26 • Instagram photos and videos
  6. Mamimi

    Open Apology (Feat. Saba) - Noname Gypsy

    Noname Gypsy been on the come up since she appeared on Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap mixtape back in 2013. She's been taking her time, improving at her craft and it looks like we might be getting her debut project before the year is out. Peep the new song.
  7. SirReginald

    Saying Women CAN'T Have Leadership Roles Is Ridiculous (Meet Liz Dozier Principal #BLACK EXCELLENCE)

    I heard some people say that women can't make good leaders because they are easily pressured and emotional :francis: However, that has been proven otherwise. Meet Liz Dozier, Fenger Highschool Principal. She has turned around a failing school :blessed: Basically, the female Joe Clark...
  8. A Real Human Bean

    Black Schools Matter – Chicago Protestors Go on Hunger Strike to Save Their Last Neighborhood School

  9. T

    No Shootings Since ‘Army’ of Moms Formed by Tamar Manasseh Set Up on South Side – But They Need Help

    No Shootings Since 'Army' of Moms Formed by Tamar Manasseh Set Up on South Side - But They Need Help TL;DR version: Read the post.
  10. BlackManLiveFromLondon

    Chief Keef running for Mayor Of Chicago? #300 #SosaOnTheSeat

    :troll: :troll:
  11. iFightSeagullsForBread

    Chance the Rapper's Set at Pitchfork was #PeakBlackness and #PeakChicago

    Chance the Rapper closed this year’s Pitchfork Fest with a spectacular homecoming performance that was simultaneously #PeakChicago and #PeakBlackness. While his show appealed to the masses, at its heart, it was for Black Chicago. Chicago is, inarguably, in the midst of a black arts renaissance...
  12. iFightSeagullsForBread

    Rapper Saba Is Ready to Represent the 'Face of New Chicago'

    Rapper Saba Is Ready to Represent the 'Face of New Chicago'
  13. blackestofpanthers

    People in chicago really eating hog dogs with tomatoes? :dahell:

    :dahell: Is that shyt true? :scust:
  14. red222

    "DESTINY" 2014-15 Chicago Bulls Season Thread

  15. dBoyFresh*212

    Chiraq nikkas dissing Bobby Shmurda and GS9

    bk dissing em too
  16. shotgun

    Chicago Heads. What happened to footwork/juke?

    Why did it die?
  17. Street Knowledge

    How Chicago Became ‘Chiraq’

    President Obama may have gotten our troops out of Iraq, but the gunfire in his hometown of Chicago is still earning it a searing nickname coined by young people who live there. John Gress/Reuters Chiraq. On Easter weekend, 45 people were shot in the city, six of them children. Five...
  18. Da King

    Why is Chicago such a boring ass city?

    About to be there for the next 4 days for bidness and it's kind got me fukked up how boring this city is. Midwest :huhldup: fat cacs everywhere :huhldup: city is a ghost town by 9pm :huhldup: bars/clubs closed by 2am :huhldup: But Lou Malnati's :noah:
  19. cornercommission2k12

    well little nikkas, yall done did it now.....

    Chicago Shootings: 10 Shot Overnight, Rahm Emanuel Announces Federal Help Coming feds about to send homeland security into the city of Chicago. first off the amplified nature of all these "shootings" as cops issue no specific details on the violence they just blast a major number of...
  20. thernbroom

    WSHH Presents The Field: Chicago (A Profile Of The City's Hottest Artists The Violence )