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  1. Hathaway

    The Artistry of Michael Jackson Explored

    One of the few people in music that I consider a God. The pure, raw talent. The swagger. The voice. The dancing. Most importantly, the mind. He just had something other legendary artist of his day didn't have. He was competitive and a perfectionist. Now I'm sure a lot of big time artist were...
  2. Hathaway

    8701 was better then Confessions

    Confessions is always heralded as his best album. However, I believe 8701 is superior. 8701 has better songs, better vibe, better lyrics, variety and was just an overall better collection of songs. Confessions was highly commercialized and had the bigger hits. That's the only thing Confessions...
  3. Days of Future Piff

    Y’all don’t remember that CHRIS BROWN cameo in Secret of Mana?

    This dude had a 10th degree black belt in dancing for a reason :pachaha: Every shop you went to, he was getting it :whew: Breezy had bargains though! Main character: Yo Bhris, hook it up with a bouple of bhocolate bars and a bup of wishes :blessed: Bhris: bool, I gotchu fam :myman...
  4. FluffyEyes

    Chloe releases Chris Brown collab despite controversy

    Ppl on Twitter were upset she did this collab but I don't think that demo has been actually streaming her music Here's the Chris collab Here's her 3 last singles
  5. luckyse7enz

    Blueface to Chris Brown: "You beat the wrong bytch." :manny:

    The fukkery is HIGH level... Blueface's mom chimes in with MORE fukkery... :mindblown:
  6. FluffyEyes

    Chris Brown releases video for 3 year old song

    Chris released the video for his song "Under The Influence". The song has been viral on TikTok for months now and he's capitalizing on it. Smart move.
  7. Hathaway

    Rate This Artist - 2 - Chris Brown

    Aiight the 1st thread was a good turnout. With 123 votes for a 10 and 1 vote for a 7, Michael Jackson scored a 9.975. Good way to kick off the series for the goat. Next up, we have Mr. Controversy himself, Chris mf Breezy. We'll be voting on artistry and all that entails: Live Vocals Stage...
  8. FluffyEyes

    T-Pain says Chris Brown has "Princess Syndrome"

    Akademiks asked Pain what he thought about Chris' reaction to his latest album sales. Thoughts??
  9. Hathaway

    The Official Coli Versuz - Usher vs Chris Brown

    fukk it. That Usher/Breezy thread inspired me. Lets vote on this shyt. Ya'll know how it works. We voting on everything that makes up a great artist: Vocal Ability Dancing Legendary Albums Classic Singles Hits Longevity Consistency Extracurricular (writing, musicianship, features, etc) Vocals...
  10. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Breakfast Club: Sean Garrett Talks Producing "Still Over It", Writing For Beyonce + More

    This dude's writing credits catalogue :wow:
  11. Tunechi

    Fee Banks Speaks On Working With Lil Wayne, Their “Dedication 2” Studio Session With Chris Brown

    Fee Banks recently chopped it up with Nolazine TV for a one on one interview, which you can check out below. In their convo, Fee discussed being inspired by Cash Money Records while growing up, first meeting Lil Wayne, the Sqad Up rap group, and much more. The Good Money Global CEO also...
  12. Jean Jacket

    The Fat Joe Show - Ft Seven Streeter

  13. Ahadi

    Singles H.E.R. - Come Through (Ft. Chris Brown)

  14. Ahadi

    Singles Chris Brown - Telephone (Ft. Tory Lanez)

    :wow: Too talented.
  15. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Chris Brown, Young Thug - Go Crazy (Remix) ft. Future, Lil Durk, Mulatto

  16. Ahadi

    Tory Lanez – PLAYBOY (Discussion Thread)

    1. And This is Just The Intro 2. Extravagant Bullshyt__Nunchucks 3. H.E.R.__Are You Dumb 4. Distance 5. …The Make Up 6. Lady of Neptune 7. Feels (feat. Chris Brown) 8. Deceiving Eve 9. Y.D.L.R 10 The Serve (It) Anthem 11 Shooby Doowoop__One Last Heartbreak 12 Don’t Walk Away :ehh: Smooth
  17. Another Man

    Y'all ever wonder...

    ...what the first fist fight between human beings was like?:jbhmm: Like how did we even figure out we could punch each other? How did the idea even come about? What was the reason?:jbhmm: Like did a cavebreh hunt some big game, get excited and curl his fingers into a fist and steal off on his...
  18. Code

    Old news

  19. Ahadi

    Singles Tory Lanez - Put It Back (Ft. Chris Brown)

  20. T.H.E. Goat

    Chris Brown Getting Roasted For Jumping In Obama’s DM

    :russ:Can’t knock him for trying though