1. FAH1223

    Who has the BLEAKER future to 2030? Clippers or Suns?

    We know the draft pick situations. Clippers are still paying for the PG13 trade from 2019. SGA has blossomed into an MVP caliber player. The Clippers owe OKC picks through 2026 either outright or pick swaps. Clippers sent the 76ers their 2028 1st rounder in the Harden trade. The Sixers also...
  2. FAH1223

    Wizards hire Clippers GM Michael Winger as President; Winger hires OKC VP Will Dawkins & former ATL Hawks GM Travis Schlenk to lead new front office

  3. FAH1223

    The Clippers are getting bounced early in the 2023 playoffs

    Not a hot take but my eyes ain’t lying. It’s January sure. But.. Ty Lue is coaching with cue cards cause he got no consistent lineups. So much ugly isolation ball. Always getting down big. Sometimes coming back.
  4. FAH1223

    John Wall makes his return to DC (in front of fans)!

    First time playing in DC in front of fans since December 2018 Ty Lue has him starting Gonna be in the building tonight It’s gonna be lit
  5. FAH1223

    John Wall breaks silence on joining Kawhi Leonard’s and Paul George’s Clippers

  6. FAH1223

    In Memoriam: Former Bullets, 76ers and Clippers HC Gene Shue (1931-2022)

  7. FAH1223

    Clippers sign Terance Mann to 2-year $22M extension

    @pete clemenza
  8. J

    The John Wall situation

    Can someone explain this to me? Kevin Porter Jr. is better than him? I feel like Wall is the most talented player on the Rockets, and is being paid max money to sit and cheerlead. shyt seems weird as fukk.
  9. B

    Paul George Assessment am I wrong or right?

    First let’s look at his numbers: Dude is a career 20 PPG scorer on 43,38,84 shooting I’ve always thought PG was the smoothest SF in the league and most talented but he lacks heart and killer instinct. When I say most talented I don’t mean the best,Lebron,KD,Kawhi and Tatum are all better BUT...
  10. JesusFOREVER

    Chris Paul State Farm Commercials reveals Suns playoff fate?

    so i've been taking mental notes of these new cp3 state farm commercials since he joined the suns, if you notice throughout his career he has state farm commercials with ALL his star teammates: (Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, James Harden) yet not a single one with Devin Booker? :mindblown: but...
  11. JesusFOREVER

    NBA Commercial reveals pre-planned "script" for 2021 Playoffs?

    timestamped @17 so yeah this commercial for the NBA Finals on ESPN was released on June 14th of 2021, if you look at the NBA Playoff Schedule for June 14th of 2021 there were only 7 teams standing: Jazz, Clips, Bucks, Nets, Hawks, Sixers, and Suns now in the timestamp of the vid we start off...
  12. Primetime

    Nets vs Clippers Game Thread (TNT)

    Should be a good one tonight:ehh:
  13. Pdiddy

    2020-21 NBA Champions: *NOT* THE LAKERS

  14. Flex Luger

    NBA Opening Night Schedule Released

  15. Listen

    Small George sounds like an awful teamate

    Yahoo is now a part of Verizon Media Breh's, is this guy the biggest loser in the NBA?
  16. FAH1223

    The Nuggets will become the first team to overcome TWO 3-1 deficits in NBA History?

    UNBELIEVABLE if it happens on Tuesday night
  17. DrexlersFade

    LWO are ya'll afraid of the Clippers?

    Be honest bytch ass nikkas :stopitslime:
  18. Flex Luger

    Montrezl Harrell wins 2019-2020 NBA Sixth Man of the Year

  19. 2Quik4UHoes

    Corona Kombat Act 1: Bomb Back - The LA Clippers vs Your GOAT franchise Boss Angeles Lakers

    Hear ye, hear ye, all peasant sports franchises rejoice and bear witness as basketball elegance and opulence graces your screens once again... Whether a day later or months later we can’t begin a thing without first and foremost giving thanks and praises to the GOAT franchise in all...
  20. Ganso Bomb

    Giannis: This will be the hardest championship you could ever win

    Austin Rivers feels the same way Can't say I disagree. Thoughts?