1. DeeezNuts

    Breaking news: Tinder and AirBnb banned in Medellin

    I don’t know if this shyt is true.. any brehs out there right now?
  2. Suzie

    8 Colombian passport bro unalived in 8 weeks

    Y’all still running to these corrupt countries looking for cheap prostitutes? Is it American exceptionalism that’s gives you the idea that you can go to these countries, flash a few dollars and women will drop at your feet? And that the locals will be okay with that? Y’all are light work to...
  3. NoirDynosaur


    Not gonna lie that ass on the thumbnail caught me at first sight :whew:
  4. FAH1223

    The son of Gustavo Petro, the president of Colombia, arrested on charges of money laundering and illicit enrichment charges

  5. NoirDynosaur

    Man catches woman who robbed him in Colombia

    To catch a city girl:pachaha: Watch for more
  6. TallMan_J

    Help me out, brehs. Bogota, Medellin, or Rio?

    Anniversary coming up in a few weeks. Going on a vacation. Need advice. We’ve never been to these places/countries. We’ve narrowed it down to these three: Bogota, Medellin (maybe both), and Rio De Janeiro (may try to hit Sau Paulo too). Circumstances… 1.) Wife is Mexican. Spanish is her first...
  7. Big Boda

    Passport Bros new documentary Frustrated 3 just dropped

    Frustrated 3: Who's The Man? trailer just copped the film on VIMEO its pretty dope. Passport bros got they own hidden colors series now lol
  8. FAH1223

    Colombia considering decriminalizing cocaine

  9. Colombia 2022 Elections: Gustavo Petro Becomes 1st Leftist President & Francia Márquez Becomes First Black Vice President Gustavo Petro wins the Colombian election, becoming the country’s first Leftist president. June 19, 2022, 6:09 p.m. ET Gustavo Petro at the end of the first round of presidential...
  10. JadeB

    One of the baddest Latinas I ever seen

    Ana Harlen Mosquera :noah:
  11. JadeB

    Found the Colombian version of King Bach

    Login • Instagram longa_xx on Instagram: || El Cacho Ya No Está Doliendo || Comenta Si Ya Lo Escuchaste Apoyo A @nazza_ariel @lacubanamina @cumbamba_ . . . . . . . . .… longa_xx on Instagram: ❌ @eljuanpaa_ Es Una Persona Muy #Expota Etiqueta A Esa Persona EXPOTA EXPOTA . . . . . . ...
  12. loyola llothta

    Millions of Colombians are Protesting the Far-Right Government's Neoliberal Tax Reform Bill. In Resp

    Colombia Wracked by Massive Anti-Government Protests Post on: May 1, 2021 Milton D'León Protests broke out across Colombia this week, including a general strike that brought thousands of workers into the streets of cities all across the country. These protests are the latest wave in an...
  13. JadeB

    Cac visits a village in a predominantly Black part of Colombia

    Beautiful and friendly people:ehh:
  14. 19-

    Protests in Colombia: Government closing borders, imposing curfews/bans on alcohol sales

    Didn't see a thread on the ongoing protests against Duque's government. Colombia to close its borders in attempt to contain mass protests Colombia’s government has announced plans to close its borders, part of a string of measures to contain mass strikes and protests planned this week amid...
  15. xoxodede

    Genealogy: Slave Societies Digital Archive + Additional Genealogy Links

    I dig through archives to unearth hidden stories from African-American history By Jane Landers, Professor of History, Vanderbilt University Many years ago, as a graduate student searching in the archives of Spanish Florida, I discovered the first “underground railroad” of enslaved Africans...
  16. You_Ugly_on_Skype

    Would You Move to Colombia SC if...

    You got a job offer that pays approx. $125,000 annually, being a black man? If not, why not? :jbhmm: I was offered a job with similar pay but, I heard it was 'Hicksville' out there and "they" don't like our kind around there in them parts. The KKK is running amuck, black people randomly dying...