1. Tunechi

    A Teaser Of Lil Wayne & Dan Levy In The Super Bowl Ad

    Lil Wayne and Dan Levy appear in a sneak peek at the "Home-Shopping Goes Back To School" commercial! 🔥🏠 The full ad is set to air during the Super Bowl on February 11th! 🎥🏈 What are your thoughts on the ad?
  2. jensyao

    Favorite Commercials done by Rapper? / Rapper Sprite endorsements over the years [1986-present]

    1986 News Rap Kurtis Blow 1990 I like the sprite in you Heavy D 1991 I like the sprite in you Kid 'N Play 1993 I like the sprite in you Kris Kross 1994 obey your thirst/underground A Tribe Called Quest 1995 obey your thirst/freestylin' Grand Puba, Large Professor, Pete Rock & C.L...
  3. Ahadi

    Proctor & Gamble commercial during the NAACP Awards :whew:

    Whoever is making these commercials deserves a raise. This needed to be played during the Super Bowl.
  4. Rhapture

    H&M tried to sell us jeans through Shakespeare, Dreamgirls, Mary J Blige and police brutality

    Ol boy probably could've survived being shot if She called 911 instead of sangin in his face. Then again she got shot too :mjcry:
  5. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Which one of the Jackson's gave this 'Trelegy' company interpolation rights to "ABC"? Was it Tito?

    I got my money on him, Jermaine, or La Toya. I just know I'm fed up with seeing the shyt and been that way for months:martin:
  6. Bart simpson

    Gay breh trying to suck down a thick foamy cold one...

    0:12 Why?! just why....
  7. Homey the clown

    These commercials with white males with mixed race families are a double standard

    Over the last few years I've noticed there has been all these year's. There have been all these commercials and other type of advertising with white males with their Black, Asian, Latina, etc wife's and their biracial children. But you rarely see commercials with Black, Asian or other non...
  8. jeff8

    Sneak Peak of Cardi B's Superbowl Pepsi Commercial

    I wonder if black women will still cape for Cardi B. :mjpls: This is the same chick that said she would not perform in the Superbowl until Kaepernick gets "hired" again yet she has no problem doing a Superbowl commercial for Pepsi. Another fake woke celebrity. :russ: Original thread here...
  9. Lokozuna

    What are some commercials that completely sold you on a game or console?

    Here are some that got me hyped as a kid: WWE Day of Reckoning Dreamcast Gears of War Virtua Fighter 4 Super Smash Bros Soul Calibur II
  10. Professor Emeritus

    Yo, what is going on in this Porzingis commercial

    I'm not Latvian so maybe I don't understand what's going on here. I'm not sure I want to know. :hubie:
  11. luckyse7enz

    Seems like a bigger Nike campaign for Isaiah Thomas would be a no-brainer...

    He's signed to Nike. He's relatable. He's one of the leading scorers in the league with a team that's not no. 1 in the East. :ld: He's had the motivational spot about heart over height, but it seems like it would've been a no-brainer to give him a series of spots going into the playoffs to pair...
  12. L

    My Dad is A Liar (Emotional commercial)

  13. M

    WTF: Lowkey Racist Azz Chucky Cheese Commercial that I Know You've Seen

    They aint have to make her thirsty like that :mjpls: Her asking if chef was single added nothing to the commercial other than to suggest the black woman DOESN'T have a man for her kids-- fukk you chucky cheese I see what you did there :pacspit: black mom looking for a father figure for her...
  14. El Bombi

    Difference between drafted by Eagles vs. Cowboys: Flying commercial instead of private jet

    @wire28 @gangreen @Asantehene @mikishere @Jax @The Gawd Amen @Leasy :mjlol: By Kristi Scales, Special contributor Contact Kristi Scaleson Twitter:@kristicowboy This Tweet pretty much sums up the difference between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles organizations, or at least the...
  15. El Bombi


  16. UserNameless

    White woman admits she smells like "Wet Dog" after exercise on Tide Commercial

    Tide and Downy Odor Defense Collection TV Spot, 'Yoga Aroma' Description Even after doing the laundry, this mom's yoga pants carried a yoga aroma that made her smell like a wet dog. Thankfully, she was able to eliminate the odor with the Tide and Downy Odor Defense Collection. She explains that...
  17. DonKnock

    Steph Curry Finally Won Me Over With His Latest Commercial

    I ain't know he was fuccin with water like that:wow: I drink the shyt all the time, I see what y'all mean about him being so relatable:wow: Even my dog is on the bandwagon now cause he fuccs with water hardbody too:banderas: Steph gonna do numbers with the growing transspecies community...
  18. flo commercial smiley

    flo commercial smiley

  19. M

    Wu-Tang Nintendo Commercial w/ RZA & ODB

    "You can change the borders" :mjlol: "Its AMAAAAZZZZING" "INNNNCREDIBLE" :russ:
  20. Inferno

    New Derrick Rose commercial with POWERADE