1. Payday23

    Black man says he was shot in face, waterboarded by white deputies in Mississippi as FBI launches civil rights probe At a news conference on Wednesday, civil rights attorney Malik Shabazz said six white deputies raided the home without warning or warrants...
  2. Alix217

    Cop Headshots Man Carrying an Axe

    SMH, isn't there an alternative to just headshotting someone?
  3. Big Daddy Dame

    Omaha Cac👮‍♀️ trashes brehette’s car at their apt complex, he resigned right before meeting with Internal Affairs

    Look likes she needs some protection :takedat: Omaha police officer who put trash on neighbor's car gets criminal mischief citation Alia Conley The Omaha police officer who dumped trash on top of his neighbor’s car has been ticketed on suspicion of criminal mischief. Officer William...
  4. Playaz Eyez

    The cops in ‘Demolition Man’ were so trash

    :laff: :laff:
  5. TreySav

    Texas police officer who shot and wounded a 17-year-old sitting in his car eating a hamburger has been fired

    These cops, brehs :francis: :picard:
  6. Alix217

    A San Francisco Cop Deliberately Targeted Latinos... the cop is Latino SFPD’s internal policy bars officers from racially biased policing. If the court finds him in violation of the Racial Justice Act, that could open him up to...
  7. Alix217

    Inbred Kansas Pig Cop Shoots Fellow Cop by Accident THEN EXECUTES a Suspect

    Kansas City Police officer shoots fellow cop when intending to shoot the suspect named Malcolm Johnson. She then incorrectly thinks the gunshot came from the suspect shooting and proceeds to shoot him twice killing him. KCPD tried to cover this up until video show was released.
  8. mykey

    Another day, another racist cop.

    Ohio police chief Anthony Campo resigned after he was captured on surveillance video leaving a note reading "Ku Klux Klan" on a jacket belonging to a Black officer.
  9. BlackJesus

    Male cop forces partially blind black woman to strip naked

    Yahoo is now a part of Verizon Media :francis: This country loves pushing us to the edge. Warning this will piss you off: If I lived in Illinois it would be “unfortunate” if something happened to that police HQ
  10. R

    Cop killed another brother (NSFW)

  11. audemarzz


    :picard::picard::picard: SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County grand jury on Monday indicted an officer with the San Antonio Police Department on charges of bribery, misuse of public information and child pornography. According to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, the first and second...
  12. Sex Luthor

    "my coochie lips hanging out dude"

    PAWG gets arrested but has a very valid excuse. He didn't ROAST her and the cop didn't want no BEEF and or anything. It looks like it's CURTAINS for her. Just like the nikka thats always talking behind a your back but you never hear one word out of that p*ssy LIPS. That cop was bytch made...
  13. Rhakim

    White woman with Samurai sword calls cops on Latino teacher babysitting his "too light" grandson

    This is like three unrelated TLR threads mashed together. :mindblown: WTF was she gonna do with the Samurai sword? :dahell: WTF was she thinking calling the cops on someone playing with a kid in their own home? :dahell: WTF were the cops doing threatening HIM with harassment charges? :dahell:
  14. loyola llothta

    Minnesota Cops ‘Trained by Israeli Forces in Restraint Techniques’

    15 June 2020 Minnesota Cops ‘Trained by Israeli Forces in Restraint Techniques’ Officers from the US police force responsible for the killing of George Floyd received training in restraint techniques and anti-terror tactics from Israeli law-enforcement officers. Mr Floyd’s death in custody...
  15. Let A Fro Be A Fro

    Breh get roasted due to c00nin' for cops at Cracker Barrell

  16. DrexlersFade

    Two cops injured after getting ran over in Buffalo

  17. CodeBlaMeVi

    Cops Are Taking A Knee Ain’t That Bout A Bih

    Damn Kap and this makes me lose a little more respect for Jay-Z over that NFL thing
  18. EndDomination

    Protests in Columbus, OH raging

    Just got back from a protest in Columbus, cops maced me twice and I drove home half-blind. Cops in all SWAT gear on bikes like toddlers - tripping.
  19. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    These cacfficers can't kill us fast enough and are out here wishing CORONA would speed up the proce

    A Louisiana police officer was fired over a Facebook comment that said it was "unfortunate" more black people did not die of the coronavirus. The chief of police in Kaplan, about 87 miles southwest of Baton Rouge, said Officer Steven Aucoin commented under a local news station's live feed of...