1. Alix217

    NYTimes Says SBF/FTX's crimes were hardly comparable to the gang violence of the island

    :mjpls: :mjpls: :mjpls: :mjpls: Getting ratio'd in those responses
  2. RageKage

    Inside the Bitcoin Bust That Took Down the Web’s Biggest Child Abuse Site (I have another thought on this subject bill save that for another time) EARLY ONE FALL morning in 2017, in a middle-class suburb on the outskirts of Atlanta, Chris Janczewski stood alone inside the doorway...
  3. TheAnointedOne

    BORED APE NAZI CLUB (long video)

    Required viewing for everyone as there's hidden nazi symbolism/references scattered throughout this thing. Always felt that this bored ape nft shyt was weird.
  4. RARI_Godwind

    More Trouble in Cryptopia: Wormhole hack swipes $320 mil+

    :francis: Super happy that so many people have heavily invested into crypto, and by virtue it has brought the fckery. This will probably ripple for a while. 6 Cert Cyber Kleptomaniacs maniacs think they Lupin the 3rd out here. Stay safe deregulated brehs. :hubie:
  5. LinusCaldwell

    The Official METAVERSE Thread

    Metaverse is already here so what are your thoughts about it? Facebook even changed their name to “Meta” The metaverse explained (and how it could change the world)
  6. Reality

    The COVID/Omicron $-minded thread; no politics, just investments

    Wanted to have a centralized thread to watch Omicron from a money-making/protecting perspective. I know we have the other COVID thread, but this one is intended to focus on potential impact to investments and be data-driven and apolitical. A lot of us are kicking ourselves from missing out on...
  7. BaltimoreTwilightMarauder

    Cardano (ADA) Discussion Thread 11/9 get in here NOW

    Figured it was time to make this. Yall need to get in here NOW. I'm new to the crypto scene but this shyt looks like its gonna be it. Obviously everyone already knows about it but its only at 2-3 dollars rn. I can see this shyt popping OFF. I bought $150 in it bc that's all I got rn. Got 62 coins.
  8. Legend


    Website: Background So after doing extensive research on the ins and outs of creating and operating a token ecosystem, I finally pulled the trigger on designing COLI token, our own cryptocurrency whose direction will be determined by how well this goes with the...
  9. BornStar

    Jim Jones says the future will look like Robocop

    Go to 51:00 his thoughts are if you don't get into crypto you will be left behind literally be on the floor with the savages and the rich people will be in the high rises. A huge separation between rich and poor. Money will move digital Get with it or get lost etc.
  10. HoloGraphic

    Official NFT Thread

    WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL NFT THREAD A thread to discuss and learn about NFTs. Feel free to post NFTs you own, discuss prices, or just shill your sell. What Are NFTs? From Wiki... Where can I Buy/Sell NFTs? Ethereum Foundation RECUR Solana...
  11. I

    Is Donda the Northwestern Mutual of Kanye Albums? (Finance-related Meme)

    “fukk it, we accept.” :laff:
  12. King Frost

    new crypto $PAWG coin

    PAWGcoin • Cryptocurrency That Powers Content Creators :lolbron: PAWGcoin price, PAWG chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko PAWGcoin (PAWG) Token Tracker | BscScan
  13. RARI_Godwind

    Where will the crypto boom put Africa!?

    :jbhmm: I was thinking bout this more little by little, but with all kinds of different coins hitting ATH, us getting more dependent on communications technology the transferral to basing economies on cryptocurrency seems more real.:blessed: There was a thread on this but if you haven’t...
  14. P

    Dogecoin (DOGE) Discussion Thread

    you heard it here first
  15. D

    Paypal and Venmo will offer and accept cryptocurrency for online payments.

    PayPal and Venmo will offer and accept cryptocurrency for all online payments PayPal is rolling out cryptocurrency support later this year ....
  16. Imhotep2

    European markets tumble after Trump travel ban, Stock Market crash, crypto crashing

    They may freeze the entire market today because of the fukkery :wow: Oil prices per gallon are tumbling too :wow: Cryptoset brehs are quietly having heart attacks :damn: 5 rate cuts by the fed, a trillion dollars later and it's still going down. Keep in mind, this is just the beginning...
  17. BaileyPark31

    Should I still be buying crypto currency? (DOGE , ETH)

    I have a Robinhood account. I own like 12000 shares of Doge, plus small amounts of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin. My portfolio is up, but I'm not sure what moves shoukd be next :patrice: Any advice Coli Crypto Brehs? :feedme:
  18. S

    Masters or Certs?

    So I'm transitioning (very slowly) from Web Development to Data Science/BI. (The question can apply to any field in IT) I considered getting a Masters degree but there are certs on the same thing. I've done some cursory comparisons and the certs seems to cover the same material as the Masters...
  19. JordanWearinThe45

    1 BTC = $8.2k, it’s up 735% this yr UPDATE 5/19: BTC @ $42k :damn:

    :noah: :wow: