"Your Legacy Is On The Line" Grizzlies @ Warriors Play In Game Thread

  2. KidJSoul

    Why do people shyt on Steph Curry for winning an injured Cavs team but give LeBron and Kawhi a pass?

    Seriously, LeBron played an injured Heat team (Dragic, Adebayo) and Kawhi played the worst GSW team of the dynasty era with KD out for virtually the whole series and Klay getting injured when he was hot (and even then it still almost went 7 if Curry just hit his shot). Someone explain. EDIT...
  3. MostReal

    Everything was going as planned until HE happened NBA

    What would have been if Steph Curry never came out of nowhere :jbhmm: How many rings would Bron have Would CP3 be a champion by now Would Westbrook and KD be the major dynastic squad in the west? :patrice:
  4. CantStop

    Steph Curry without a stacked team looking like Moochie Norris

    :deadmanny::deadmanny::deadmanny: Y'all thought he had the juice to carry a team without every weapon available to him? Y'all thought he was 2006 Kobe? :bryan: Y'all told me he was gonna be an MVP lock cause he has free reigns He's never been that dude @Gil Scott-Heroin another day...
  5. cobra

    watch steph curry struggle to dunk a basketball

    remember, best guard since jordan :mjlol:
  6. FireMikelArteta

    Ghostriding Through The 6 For The Chip - Raps v Warriors Finals Thread

    Game 1: May 30, at Toronto | 9 ET Game 2: June 2, at Toronto | 8 ET Game 3: June 5, at Golden State | 9 ET Game 4: June 7, at Golden State | 9 ET *Game 5: June 10, at Toronto | 9 ET *Game 6: June 13, at Golden State | 9 ET *Game 7: June 16, at Toronto | 8 ET
  7. GoddamnyamanProf

    Shannon and Skeeyup Swap Out Bron for Steph for 1 Day

    :tmntskip: what dimension are we in? This man said "Not Top 30" no draymond @CHICAGO
  8. JesusFOREVER

    Curry slowly becoming Westbrook brehs

    ive seen it all nikkas shot selection is terrible and he ignores so many people when he’ll have 3 guys draped over him to still shoot :russ: I dont give a damn if those are “good shots” for him its the playoffs and your shot aint falling, PASS THE ROCK nikka :stopitslime: I think this is more...
  9. DonKnock

    DonKnock Presents: Circumstances Advancing The 2nd Chance For This, Beloved [HOU v. GS] WCSF Thread

    :rip: Rockets brehs:blessed: @3rd Coa$t @3rd Koast Kang @Antdrewjosh @BlackAlacard @Charlie Broadway @chkmeout @DredScott @DynamoEAR @Emoryal @GilSho @h2o_proof @hashmander @Hiphoplives4eva @inndaskKy @King Jove @Mike_Pipeson @Mr Bubbles @MilesTailsPrower @polokuo...
  10. O.T.I.S.

    iCurry with the shot, basketball brehs

    Hoes not gonna be the only ones getting put out work by robobrehs soon:francis:
  11. cobra

    Curry pretends he is James Harden...and it goes horribly wrong

  12. Ruck

    Under Armour presents.... the Curry 6

    Under Armour Curry 6 Fox Theater Release Date - Sneaker Bar Detroit Interested in the tech and looks like a pretty good performer. But as far as rockin these kicks casually? No bueno.
  13. JesusFOREVER

    Steph finally got a boy

    Named him Canon :what:, he 100% gonna go by Jack tho :pachaha:
  14. MostReal

    Steph Curry is Thanos to NBA not LeBron

    this dude has pulled KD, David West, and now Cousins to the Warriors all on pay cuts. It's foot on necks :mjlit:
  15. OaklandCertified

    So Steph Curry is 3-1 agaisnt the Alleged "GOAT"

    :ohhh: So what does that make Steph? "BRON KILLER"
  16. Illeye buckmatic

    When The Smoke Clears Will LeBron Join 3-6 Mafia? Cavs vs Warriors IV In The NBA Finals

    First time ever two teams will meet in four straight finals:banderas: Alot of nikkas think it will be an easy warriors sweep But never count out LeThanos as he tries to break through for a fourth NBA championship Both these teams been through alot this year so they really earned their spots...
  17. G.O.A.T Squad Spokesman

    Sittin' Sidewayz Dem Boys In The Bay: Official Warriors vs. Rockets Western Conference Finals Thread

    Shout out to @CarltonJunior for the title suggestion.
  18. JesusFOREVER

    nikkas really think Curry is the 2nd best point guard ever

    This is all because of the CAC MEDIA and MJ/BIRD/MAGIC stans pretty much shytting on Isiah's legacy See nikkas put Stockton and CP3 ahead of him :hhh: Isiah never lost finals MVP to John Salley :mjlol: Isiah never asked MJ to join his team after losing to the Lakers in 88 :mjlol: Isiah...
  19. JesusFOREVER

    Best team of all time?

    Lmao, I don't remember the 96 Bulls losing 3 games to Steve Smith and Mookie Blaylock The 01 Lakers losing 3 games to Jason Kidd and Cliff Robinson? :laff: MJ passing up the last shot to Horace Grant? :mjlol: