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  1. Rollie Forbes

    Now That Sonny Kiss...

    ...is officially trans and goes by "she" is it time to move "her" to the women's division? Personally, I prefer only strong, masculine, heterosexual images of Black men on tv, but that ship has sailed. That being the case, I think there could be a lot of mileage and controversy generated by...
  2. Another Man

    I made another man use the womens restroom today.

    So Im at work, and Im walking to the restroom to take a piss, this cac is headed the same way, he couldve beaten me to it too, but he still chose the women's restroom while I went to mens:dame: Ill be damned if someone ever made me do that:dame: Voluntarily call yourself a bytch crehs, sit to...
  3. Another Man

    Y'all ever get a FRENULUM TEAR?

    Lemme start this thread off by saying :dame: Secondly, @Danktoker94 was topping me off last night, and his teeth scraped the underside of my dikk to the point it caused a small cut in the strip right under the head :dame: :dame:
  4. Another Man

    Brutus Beefcake was BOOTY MAN at one point.

    :dame::dame::dame::dame: discuss brehs
  5. Another Man

    Go to Nuts.com

    www.nuts.com They got about every snack and goodie you can think of :ehh: The fukk y'all thought this was?:dame:
  6. Another Man

    Here's the scenario....

    You wake up one day. You're rich. Why? You're a member of a famous hip hop/RnB group, you're a big hit, especially with the ladies. Now here's the catch, your group name? Da Butt Boyz:dame: Also, you all wear pants with the asscheeks out like Prince when performing :dame: Now you do have...
  7. Another Man

    So its Memorial Day weekend.....

    Cookouts are happening. ...but are yall grilling your own shyt?:mjpls: ...or are you eating someone else food? Like yall nikkas gonna let another man serve you and yours his meat?:dame: Ill be damned if im sitting down like a child at supper time as another man provides my meal, standing...
  8. New Username

    Jim Jones Interviews, Says F**k Dame Dash and talks about Max B

    :dame: says f**k dame at the start of the video :dead: