1. Brolic

    Police raid Anti-Harlem bars after Russian Supreme Court ruling labels LGBTQ+ movement ‘extremist’

    https://apnews.com/article/russia-lgbtq-nightclub-raids-crackdown-33e1b9a0110bf22dc2ebc7c42efe6335 Russian security forces raided gay clubs and bars across Moscow Friday night, less than 48 hours after the country’s top court banned what it called the “global LGBTQ+ movement” as an extremist...
  2. TEH

    Will.I.Am says he's not ashamed of being ultra feminine …

    Ayyo What’s going on this week??? :dame:
  3. RARI_Godwind

    Spider-Man will no longer be fighting crimes in Harlem. Tom Holland buggin gettin buggered.

    Acting a crazy profession. I can’t even put together what this must be about. :dwillhuh: But reporting live from the timeline. :dame:
  4. Charlie Hustle

    Nigerian men are using their 6 certs for sextortion. One male victim to commits that.

    Michigan family sounds alarm on son's 'sextortion' suicide after arrests of 3 Nigerian men "All you've to do is cooperate with me and I won't expose you." That's what one Nigerian man posing as a woman on Instagram wrote in a March 2022 message to 17-year-old Jordan DeMay before the...
  5. Fill Collins

    Update: ℃ertifed STILL enjoys the company of transwomen (and speaks for gays)

    Remember when all @℃ertifed used to do was slurp Joe Biden's saggy ass balls? Now he's posting about trehs 24/7 and pretending to be straight by posting rando women from 2018, want proof? Check pages 1-2 of TLR
  6. A Pimp Named Slickback

    Dame moments in Harlem history :dame:

    Pause over this whole thread :dame: Since you p*ssy, we gon fukk you :ufdup: Soft nikka :demonic: We from Philly we don't do pause :hubie: :mjlol: :russ:
  7. dame&puff.jpg


  8. Dame Earth

    Dame Earth

  9. Dame Crocodile

    Dame Crocodile

  10. Dame Virginia Flag

    Dame Virginia Flag

  11. @chicago Dame Remix 2

    @chicago Dame Remix 2

  12. @Chicago Dame Remix

    @Chicago Dame Remix

  13. Dame Doctor

    Dame Doctor

  14. DrexlersFade

    Josh Allen no longer resides in Harlem he has moved to ATL Midtown section

    What type of shyt was he on his Midtown residency has been approved :dame:
  15. DAME FAP SAS Remix

    DAME FAP SAS Remix

  16. DrexlersFade

    Nikkas know the Lyrical Molesting is taking place???

    That is all and oh yeah B.I.G.:dame: :pacspit:
  17. MIchael Jackson Dame

    MIchael Jackson Dame

  18. Dame Jackson Pause

    Dame Jackson Pause

  19. Dame Money Phone

    Dame Money Phone

  20. Dame Monkey Pox

    Dame Monkey Pox