1. The True HD

    Decent looking 29 y/o Passport Brehette says she's never had a BF...... Coli Brehs eat.

    Says she's not picky, just has standards & pickings are slim in her age group..... #1 "God fearing, Christian man living a "bible led lifestyle" #2,3,4 - Loyal, family oriented, leader There's a part 2 but I didn't care to watch, didn't even watch the whole 1st vid if I'm being honest. imo...
  2. M

    Bay Area brehs, this how y'all approach women?

    Y'all just tryna break a bytch every single day? :dead: nobody believes in relationships?
  3. M

    NYC brehs, what's the dating scene like out there?

    I was out there this weekend from Friday morning until last night. Had a ball in y'all city :whew: Ate good (Amy Ruth's, A Taste of Seafood, Jackson Hole, Back Home Bakery:banderas:) saw comedy shows, hit up hella museums (MoMA and the Met might be my two favorite museums of all time) and even...
  4. NoirDynosaur

    If people were honest on first dates

    Homie wasn’t wasting any time:mjlol::mjlol:
  5. Pdiddy

    papa pimp live talking

  6. NoirDynosaur

    Austin Dunham "White men have it easier in dating"

    If that's true, why a majority of cac dudes incels?:sas2:
  7. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Interviews

  8. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp @pdiddy is a mack. Shows you how to pickup women.

  9. Ahadi

    The Best & Worst U.S. Cities For Dating for Millennials

    :mjgrin: Our Methodology We assigned cities a score of 0-5 for each ranking factor, with a score of 5 representing the most favorable conditions. We determined each city’s score from the total of its individual factor scores, which were weighted according to their impact on the generational...
  10. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp getting the cuties

  11. Pdiddy

    To the @pdiddy Papa Pimp haters---

  12. Ahadi

    Men are “Instant Dating” online & women are fed up

    :yeshrug: Not mad at this. I like to meet them within the same week (on a weekday). Once I see what I like & hear. I’ll make investments
  13. NoirDynosaur


  14. NoirDynosaur

    Female Kevin Samuels Olivia Alexa speaking factsss💯

  15. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Back Pimping Again

  16. Sensitive Christian Grey

    I don't like that a man can watch you for years and feel like he knows you

  17. DrBanneker

    Good news: Numbers show 25-29 Black population gender gap, highest education gender gap have closed

    Latest numbers from the US Census and the Department of education for 2021 have come out and the news is surprisingly good for Black folks. On one front, the latest Census population estimates show that the number of Black men and women in the 25-29 age category (prime for dating and family...
  18. NoirDynosaur

    Stephanie Mills on Dating Michael Jackson, Mike Dating White Women as a Career Move

    Mike was repping PAWGSET on the low? :jbhmm:
  19. Leejh30

    How much better do you think that dating would be better for men if we had standards and actually stood on it?

    We all know women who virtue signal and lie about their dating life and problems but I feel dudes do this a lot too. I know way too many young brehs like me on social media talking highly of themselves and say that “I only gonna mess with you if you have this or that” whole time a moment ANY...
  20. Pdiddy

    PaPa PiMp Livestream @ 8:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Some cat said he wanted to debate..we'll see if he shows