1. NoirDynosaur

    These Women Have NO GAME

  2. Paradoxical Tiger

    Older women > Younger women? Research shows that the best age to get married is 28-32?

    Per this article I thought the coli preached get ‘em while they young?
  3. Drakes2ndCousin

    Bumble > Hinge

    The girls are badder. :whew: Like waaaaay badder. A year ago I would’ve said Hinge but Hinge has been flooded with uggamuggas lately. Noticing a sharp drop in quality. If you’re the type of dude to get chose, rocks with bumble Hinge stans can fight me :bustback:
  4. Rhule the World

    This is how you pull dimes in 2022, straight talk from a baddie

    Sis giving out game to you nikkas :wow: :russ::russ::russ::russ::russ: bytch gone somewhere
  5. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Thursday 8:15 with Natasha

  6. Pdiddy

    PaPa PiMp Live On a Sunday 8:15 eastern

  7. Pdiddy

    PaPa PiMp Streaming Live @ 8:15 EASTerN

  8. Pdiddy

    No Cap..Papa Pimp with the IG Baddies

    8:15 pm est they said they'll be there:manny:
  9. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live 8:15 est

  10. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp phucked at the Beach

    nikka said I dont go to the beach
  11. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Headed Back to College this Week!!

    just a lil warm up:sas1:
  12. Pdiddy

    (postponed)PaPA Pimp Live with IG model @8:15 PM EST

    She's Coming next week...couldnt make it this time
  13. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Telecast @ 8:15 est

  14. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp @pdiddy pulls a pretty college senior

    :blessed: Success brings out the haters
  15. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Pulled a Baddie, #1 Pickup Artist

    I show proof
  16. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Going Live at 8:15 est with Auston Holleman

  17. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live @ 8PM EST

    Baddies on DECK
  18. Pdiddy

    @pdiddy Papa Pimp Stay Getting New Booty

    :ufdup: Stop jerking off...get some real women
  19. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Tonight--8:15 EST

    :ufdup:A few women will be there, including the brown-skinned one I pulled at Target
  20. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp "Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game"

    :shaq: out here taking girlfriends