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  1. Excellenceofelegance

    Death row and biggie at soundtrack party 1994

  2. Excellenceofelegance

    New Released Footage 2pac & Suge at Soul train awards

    Iv always wondered why there wasn’t much video footage on this night despite being shown in movies that there was. Can’t believe they held onto this for 20+ years Yall think they got the death row and bad boy altercation on film :jbhmm:
  3. Mtt

    the infamous Bad Boys mix tape when Puffy adlibs dissing PAC

    hey, i loved bad boys and death row music. i personally dont care about all the silliness foolery that hurt the hip hop world its was sad really. but one thing for sure. hate it or not puffy worked the media to his favor. you see the bullying strong arm tactics suge did got him black balled...
  4. DatLBCGuy562

    It's Crazy To Think That On September 14, 2021...

    ...Tupac Shakur will have officially been dead longer than he was alive :mjcry: No artist music has ever touched me like the GOAT's. I play his verse on this over and over. It's the deepest verse he has ever recorded, IMO. Crazy to think that all 5 men involved with the creation of this record...
  5. 2001

    Dr. Dre Interview With LL Cool J

  6. King Karim

    Wack 100 gets beat up by Mike Tyson for disrespecting Tupac was only a matter of time....Mike Tyson whooped Wack's ass and sent him to the hospital
  7. King Karim

    Keefe D {Compton Street Legend} book Thread

    I should have my book tomorrow evening sometime and I'll update this thread with scans/screenshots of the book as I read it....... Official release date is Sunday May 5th, 2019. I think it'll be very interesting to hear his side of how everything went down in Vegas.
  8. Keepin' it 100

    Suge Knight: American Dream/American Knightmare (Showtime 12/21)

    Looks like the interviews took place right before he went to jail for good. Documentary is dropping 12/21 at 8:30pm.
  9. King Karim

    Who shot Biggie & Tupac Thread/Fox Network 9/24/17 8pm

    Should be a nice watch. Kind of intrigued that Fox would carry this, and 2 hours at that...Let's see what they do
  10. Keepin' it 100

    More Unreleased Death Row (Snoop, Nate Dogg, DPG, Dre, more)

    Doggstyle Sessions 01. Doggystyle (Ruff Mix) (Produced By Dr Dre) 02. Nate Dogg - A Lil' Sum Thang To Fucc 2 (Ruff Mix) (Interlude) (3:15) (Produced By Dr Dre) Live Sessions 03. The Executioner (1993 Chronic Tour OG Skull Intro) 04. Church (Intro Music For MWTC Live @ 1994 MTV Awards) ***See...
  11. Keepin' it 100

    [From The Death Row Vault] Mobbin' Wit' Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Pound feat. Lil' Half Dead & Dr. Dre

    Several 93-96 era Death Row tracks leaked this morning from Kurupt, K-Solo, OFTB, Snoop, and more. This is the OG version of "Just Doggin'" that has Lil' Half Dead and Dre on it instead of Nate Dogg along with Daz having his verse from "Doggy Dogg World" on there.
  12. shutterguy

    Ultimate Death Row Box Set

    Anybody pick this up? The Ultimate Death Row Collection - Various Artists | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic Was watching Straight Outta Compton recently and thought to do some reading on the label and it's multiple transfers of ownership. Looks like this might have been the last thing to...
  13. R.O. Double

    Suge Was Untouchable, Dre Broke A MAN'S Jaw And Other Things On This 1987-2001 Timeline.

    I seen recently that Johnny Depo was gonna be staring in the movie version of the book "LAbryinth". I read this book in the early 2000s. The detective on the case Russell Poole did a timeline at the back of the book just to keep everything in chronological order and it always stuck out to me...
  14. Scotch Hall

    Looks like there is a third C Styles !!!!

    Now I'm pretty sure everyone knows there is about 2 Biggie Smalls out there but did u know we got 3 C Styles ?:ohhh: 1) C Styles from the Dogg Pound (Manager, Record label Owner, A&R for Death Row Records, Priority,DPG Recordz,and Street Goon) 2) @C-Styles (Rapper, songwriter, artist,reality...
  15. King Karim

    Suge Knight gets checked by Kevin Powell on BET!!

    Suge was walking over everybody but Powell in this interview....I've never seen Suge get checked like this before on TV, esp back in his prime days....Powell told Suge "Ain't nobody scared of you" LMAO You can even see in Suge's face that he had to respect Powell's "gangsta", and let Powell cook.
  16. Craig Mack

    Happy 51st Birthday To This Gang Member/Convict/Former NFL Player/Music Executive/Legend

    (Suge's face deserves to be a smiley btw) GOAT Roster :wow: Classic fukkery Free Suge!
  17. IronFist

    J. Prince & Bun B Discuss Rap-A-Lot Ties To Death Row, Drake & Beyonce (Video) (Footnotes Included)

    2016 marks 30 years since James “J.” Prince launched Rap-A-Lot Records. The Houston, Texas-based independent label would go on to achieve #1 albums, numerous platinum plaques, and a hand in the careers of artists ranging from Scarface to Drake, Tha Outlawz to Trae Tha Truth. The label’s founder...

    Urban Legend or Nah: Doggystyle Part 2 was floatin' around the Compton Swap Meet back in tha day

    :whew: Mainly produced by Dre and it only features Tha Dogg Pound and Dre and the Original Crew :banderas: 01. WBLZ 187.4FM (Intro) - featuring Ratta Tat Tat, Tha Snoopadelics, and The D.O.C. Produced By: Dr. Dre {Additional Production by: D. Roach} 02. Fallin' Asleep Produced By: Dr...
  19. Mac Casper

    Death Row engineer Lance Pierre claims that Tupac was meeting with Dr. Dre after Dre left Death Row

    10 minutes 33 seconds - :lupe:
  20. N*E*R*D

    Murder Rap Documentary: The Untold Story of the 2pac & Biggie Murder