1. Hoodoo Child

    Who are some 'dirty' players that go under the radar?

    This thread was inspired by a co-worker. So, we already know about guys like CP3, Draymond, Danny Green's Evil Twin, Ty Cobb, Suh, Marco Materazzi etc, but we rarely talk about the "sneaky" ones. Discuss
  2. President Sakora

    Just a lil pow-pow

    @TEH @Malcolmxxx_23 @Sankofa Alwayz
  3. Antwon Mitchell

    Do you believe America/Americans treat Republican politicians more leniently than we do Democratic politicians? #TRUEorFALSE #poll

    I believe the bolded quote above perfectly summarizes how most Americans are when it comes to Republicans and their lack of care for the people. I normally don't try to get into these political discussions on here these days since most of them turn into cesspools but I feel like this is a...
  4. Antwon Mitchell

    There needs to be a discussion on why...

    At least 85-90% of active posters in the Locker Room easily fit the bill above :yeshrug: with all the “case studies” being made about Black ppl on this site maybe a lot of you need to be the ones studied on...why y'all are such angry mf's that are never happy, never like to see other ppl happy...
  5. Neuromancer

    Do all black men think the same? (Video)

    What ya'll think?
  6. Leao2005

    According to CDC, homicide is the leading cause of death for non Hispanics blacks 1-44 years old.

    number 2 is unintentional injuries and number 3 is suicide for (1-19 years old). What can we do to change this. Source: From the CDC-Leading Causes of Death-Non-Hispanic Black Males 2017
  7. Black Panther

    Which Celebrity/Famous Person Could You Pull on Your BEST Day?

    And I mean with no enhancements of any kind. :whoa: No "if I had x, then I could pull y" bullshyt. No additional millions, no lavish whip, no...enlargements....:dame: Nothing more than a fresh cut/do, a nice fit you can afford, and whatever else you have at your disposal right now. I ain't...
  8. R

    Guru and slow flow rappers

    :ohhh:I never thought bout it like that but makes sense. Jay Electronica Conway The Machine I can think of others but it's more debatable. Probably throw in Banks for sure
  9. MischievousMonkey

    (The Root edition) Conquerors and slaves at the same time: the true history of black Moors

    I also posted the thread in the Locker Room to see whether or not it's more interesting to post these kinds of thread here or there. I'm also collecting information about the Ancient Egyptian origins of the Wolof people. I'll do a thread about that too.
  10. SirReginald

    'Female' Sexual Predators Should Be Viewed The Same As 'Male' Predators (Why Not? Gender Equality)

    Before I start, I don't use the term, 'female' as it is misogynist. However, for the sake of the thread I put it in the title. Anyway, when we talk about women sexual predators it's swept under the rug. The ONLY sexual predator that got hard time was Ethel Anderson. Why her? Because she...
  11. SirReginald

    What Made You Turn Away From A Life Of Crime/Street Life?

    This applies to the brehs and brehettes who were once about that life, but chose a better path :comeon: Who influenced you to turn away from a life of crime? Was it a mentor or knowing someone who got shot? Because I know there's some brehs on here that were once in the street, but diverted...
  12. M

    Honest discussion about black women's issues/contempt with black men

    *Please leave your trolling out of the thread or you will be negged & reported* This morning, I found myself at a convention for black men & education/careers at my college, hosted by a club for black men at the school, which I'm a member. There were close to 100 speakers, mentors & presenters...
  13. K

    Hotep Jesus and Candace Owens TV Show

    Who allowed these nikkas to exist!!!!! :mindblown: Who are the Parents who allow there black children to become white supremacists puppets!!!:wtf: Black people we got to teach the kids about self respect and our history in this country To many of us are out here pushing these liberal and...
  14. Black Panther

    So...What's the Main Argument Against Reparations, Again?

    "Reparations" for slavery, war, or other destructive acts is only an outrageous idea when it comes to African-Americans in the United States. :francis: Meanwhile, Australian Aborigines: Stolen Generations to get $73m compensation in NSW package First Nations people (Native Canadians)...
  15. Black Panther

    Is The Comics Medium Going To Survive?

    Read this article yesterday: Will Disney Stop Publishing Marvel Comic Books? | The Kingdom Insider I'm sad to say that I actually work in the comics industry, and I don't even buy individual issues anymore. :snoop: It's crazy to me that we live in an era where superhero films are making...
  16. SirReginald

    BARBERSHOP TALK: Have You Ever CONVERTED To Another Religion (Was It Hard?)

    Coli fam, have you ever converted to another religion before? Was the experience hard for you? I remember a while back I was going to convert to Judaism (never went through with it). It's hard joining a faith (Agnostic right now).
  17. Black Panther

    Black Voters Should Focus On Healthcare As A Human Right.

    Seriously. :kanyebp: Forget every other social issue Democrats, liberals, conservatives, and the GOP are fighting over. :martin: Black people have no single large issue that we can unite over anymore. Having free healthcare, or at least free basic services with no lifetime spending limits...
  18. Black Panther

    Fake News Thread

    It's funny how much this topic comes up in other threads, but it doesn't have it's own dedicated thread. :bpthink: One of the worst things about talking about current events on the Coli and elsewhere on the internet is that everyone seems to work with a different set of sources. :snoop: We...
  19. earthwalka

    What is something that shook you to your core when you heard it?

    This hasn't happened many times in my life but I do remember this one thing my parents told me when I was younger. They said when you die, you go to heaven and you will live forever there. They said it so gleefully and shyt :mjgrin: but breh.... that shyt scared me so bad. I would stay up late...
  20. SirReginald

    OBAMA DA GODFATHER?: Obama Administration Prepares Sanctions AGAINST Russia For Election Meddling

    FULL ARTICLE in link in the quote :leon: Obama just finessing his enemies :banderas: That's my God Father President :salute: