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  1. FAH1223

    "You Can See the Light Years a Mile High" - Nuggets (#6) vs. Warriors (#3) West 1st Round Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : Nuggets Brehs: @Smoking With Cigarettes @T.he I.nformant @Flex Grossman @Mastamimd @nightwing2016 @RajWatts @Yinny Dub Brehs: @Don Homer @dayun @BigMoneyGrip @CSquare43 @BlueHeffner @BayArea510 @ryderldb...
  2. Don Homer

    It’s A Splash Bros Reunion! Are You Kuminga To The Poole Party? Warriors 2022 Season Thread

    @dayun @BigMoneyGrip @CSquare43 @BlueHeffner @BayArea510 @ryderldb @BlaqkSpliffin @Gil Scott-Heroin @Gilly @aceboon @Ohene @FaTaL @SCORCH @Scholar @LuckyLibra619 @Notfrom63rd @Flight @sidenikkagawd @khross415 @Ishlibidish23 @Robbo @OaklandCertified @SuaveyBoi115 @Regular_P @KingBeez...
  3. FAH1223

    Warriors' Curry, Thompson & Green Pressuring Front Office To Make Big Trade w/ Bradley Beal On Radar

    Sources: Bradley Beal at top of Warriors’ wishlist should he want out of Washington By Marcus Thompson II Some on the Golden State Warriors are watching closely the next move of Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal. Should he become available, he’s at the top of the offseason wishlist. The...
  4. S

    Draymond Green likes a Tweet calling Ayesha Curry ‘pathetic’ for wanting male attention

    ...after saying she keeps the good stuff covered for her mans.
  5. ISO

    Why do y'all love Rodman but hate Dray?

    The same posters praise and salute Rodman will hate on Draymond Green. For the life of me I don't understand that shyt. Draymond Green>>Dennis Rodman :umad: Y'all love to say Draymond look like he shoot with a backpack on and how his offensive game limited. But Draymond is a better offensive...
  6. B

    Damn lmao Draymond Green averaging 3 POINTS his last 3 games on 15% shooting

    Breh I’m DONE :russ: Remember this the same BUM who had the nerve to tell KEVIN DURANT we don’t need you :hhh: @Gil Scott-Heroin come take this L:mjlol:
  7. B

    So Draymond is averaging 8 points,7 rebounds and 5 assist on 39,20,50 %

    DAWG THIS DUDE A BUM AND WE BEEN SAYING THIS :russ: 8 points 7 boards 5 assist 39% FG 20% 3FG 50% FT EXPOSED:russ: @Gil Scott-Heroin you lost again dumb dumb :mjlol:
  8. NoHateLeftBehind

    so if Steve Kerr "ain't coaching shyt" please enlighten as to why Mark Jackson got fired

    and what he would have done different the last 5 years? :patrice: would Steph have won 2 MVPs? :patrice: would Draymond become what he is right today? :patrice: would Klay become what he is right today? :patrice: would KD have signed with the Warriors eventually? :patrice: inquiring minds...
  9. O.T.I.S.

    The King of voiceovers is back: Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Mic'd up - Itsreal85

  10. Eye Cue DA COLI GAWD

    Crack in Warriors' shield apparent: Draymond Green will turn down extension this summer if offered

    Durant will sign only 1 year deal ... again How Curry feeling about these nikkas suspect actions when they doing it off his years of getting paid non top 10 point guard money?
  11. S

    Draymond saved Tristan Thompson from being suspended

    So LeBron got Draymond suspended in the '15 finals. :ohhh::russ::lolbron:
  12. Draymond


  13. Archangel

    Where did we get this narrative that Draymond Green is a HoFer?

    I see brehs posting this all the time like its a lock :patrice: :what: :gucci: :Preach_Huh: Okay I see Curry, KD & MAAAAYBE Klay but when did Draymond get thrown into this convo? What has breh accomplished to warrant such favor from GS stans? Or is this hyperbole by awful GSW fanboys? Please...
  14. Rhakim

    Golden State player rankings in annual GM survey

    63.3% of GM's say that Stephen Curry is the best point guard in the NBA (1st). 40% of GM's say that Klay Thompson is the best shooting guard in the NBA (2nd behind Harden). 23.3% of GM's say that Kevin Durant is the best small forward in the NBA (2nd behind Lebron). 16.1 % of GM's say that...
  15. Archangel

    So Whats the coli's realistic expectations for Steph Curry & the Dubs going in to 2016-2017?

    Now that the offseason is over and we've had time to praise Kyrie and Bron and ridicule Steph and the Warriors, what are your expectations for Steph Curry and the Warriors going into this season? Last year, he averaged - 30.1 ppg----- 6.7 apg----5.4 rpg----2.1 spg---- .504 fg %----.454 3p % -...
  16. DonKnock

    What Penis Related Activity Will Draymond be involved in next?

    June it was kicking penises:scust: July it was sending penises:dame: How will he keep the streak alive in August?:jbhmm: