Why do y'all love Rodman but hate Dray?


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Mar 12, 2013
The same posters praise and salute Rodman will hate on Draymond Green. For the life of me I don't understand that shyt.

Draymond Green>>Dennis Rodman :umad:

Y'all love to say Draymond look like he shoot with a backpack on and how his offensive game limited. But Draymond is a better offensive player than Dennis Rodman. Rodman didn't have great touch inside, didn't have a handle, didn't have post moves, didn't have a jumper, couldn't hit FT's. He only averaged 7 points while playing 32 minutes a game for his career.

Draymond get triple singles now but in his prime used to be a league leader in triple doubles. Even going back to his Michigan State days was a triple double threat. Peak Draymond averaged 14/10/7 on 49/39/70. Dennis was never facilitating an offense or hitting threes.

Dray never rebounded like him but he was good at boxing out for teammates and could get you 8-10 boards himself and was comfortable sliding up to center. Rodman was getting you 18 boards a night he has the edge there.

Somebody said Dennis the only player that could legitimately guard 5 positions. Do y'all have amnesia or something?

Dray would defend 1-5. He was DPoY, 5x All-Defense, steals leader. He was like Rodman undersized but had motor, I.Q., strong low center of gravity.

He had the record in perimeter shot blocking until Mitchell Robinson broke it. He would switch onto point guards on the perimeter and block their jumpers. He had quick hands on the perimeter and in the post to get deflections and steals.

Rodman never even averaged a block or a steal a game.

I seen this man guard Chris Paul, James Harden, LeBron James, LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol. He was as versatile as a switch defender as Rodman, a better defensive playmaker, a better help defender, a better post defender with more mass, and a better rim protector.
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