1. Jean Jacket

    Sekou Tha Misfit - Dumb Shyt

  2. DrBanneker

    Disappeared/Ousted Chinese Foreign Minister had been outed by his side piece on social media

    So for those who follow US-China news, the former foreign minister of China (basically Secretary of State), Qin Gang, was a favorite of president Xi Jinping and was one of the big 'Wolf Warrior' HOH diplomacy advocates. He disappeared in June and was replaced in late July with a one sentence...
  3. Sleepy Floyd

    Non-ADOS c00ns Fresh & Fit just declared war on the African-American community

  4. KidJSoul

    Worst post you've ever read on the Coli?

    Here's mine: Feel free to post something pathetic, stupid, dumb, or morally objectionable? EDIT: I advise everyone to put a period "." After each quote to make it easier to reply to.
  5. FaTaL

    Get VENEERS and look LIKE a HORSE, poor coli Breh

    Somebody should tell him you can’t go back :mjlol:
  6. J

    Get scammed at a massage parlor brehs

    :francis::francis::francis::francis: Why does this keep happening to me? Went to the parlor expecting the full service but got a tease instead:francis::francis::francis::francis:
  7. Bart simpson

    Get arrested and carted to jail Get finessed by Starbucks for a $1

    I don't normally do threads like this but is this smart or stoopid :patrice:... Two African American men arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks last month have reached a settlement with the city and secured its commitment to a pilot program for young entrepreneurs. Rashon Nelson and Donte...
  8. D

    Wolves v Nuggets is a play-in game for the 8 seed but it aint a national tv game :snoop:

    NBA stay wit the dumb shyt on the tv side :snoop: Shoulda had sundays on lock the first sunday after the super bowl :snoop: First play-in game in the NBA since 88 and its not a national tv game :snoop:
  9. B

    I know this thread has been made a million times,BUT SAM PRESTI should be SHOT

    This dude really had Westbrook,Harden and fukking Durant on the same team all at once! Wow man
  10. Martin Sit your dumb ass down

    Martin Sit your dumb ass down

  11. kyrie irving oswald bates

    kyrie irving oswald bates

  12. LightSkinYeshua

    my night bruh...

    When you got plans to hang with a shorty u feeling :jawalrus: But she brings her boyfriend along :mjcry: Anyone went through something similar?
  13. SheWantTheD

    How Often Did/Do You See Your Side Chick?

    Brehs on here who claim to have several women on their "team", "roster" etc or who got a main and a side chick. How often did you see her? I don't understand how people don't know they the side piece.
  14. 1

    Any of you brehs lost a phone to The Gym?

    So I'm at the gym earlier doing close grip bench. I do my last warm up set and I'm feeling good so I decide to go for a PR (200 for 5, I know all you guys bench 585 for 40+ reps but somehow cant produce footage of your Herculean strength:bryan:) Anyways I get to the 5th rep and get stuck...
  15. Gus Money

    GOP Destroys Their Own Talking Points re. Obamacare

    From the Washington post: Opinion | In leaked audio, Republicans destroy their own public talking points on Obamacare They've had eight years and it sounds like they just started a rough draft.
  16. President Sakora

    CAC women attach childish gambino at awards show

    they couldn't help themselves the asaiatic godism too heavy, they pxssys couldn't contain themselves. brehs, cac hoes love successful black men that date cac hoes. these two are bozos! breh just made something real. it's the equivalent to cacs finding chipped cheese sandwiches in NY and...
  17. Anerdyblackguy

    How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them?

    How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them? How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them? maybe not so much: By Paul Waldman November 24 President-elect Donald Trump abruptly abandoned some of his most tendentious campaign...
  18. x-factor7

    The Dumbest Coaching Decisions of All Time...

    We see it all the time, its like every week, there is something that tops the previous week. As a Lions fan, this is one of the worst: :mjlol: Any sport, name 'em.
  19. HopeKillCure

    Big Book of Basic Cac arguments that dumbass acutally take seriously

    What are some of the other most basic, simpleminded, stupid arguments that cacs like to use that black people been struggling with for the last 1000s of years? " Well black people kill black people" "Well some black guy somewhere sold a slave, so blacks started slavery" " Well you cant love...
  20. tru_m.a.c

    Dumb ish you see/hear while out drinking with your homies

    This thread was inspired by events that took place after the Coli DMV meet and greet two weeks ago. Word to @ball15life @BmoreGorilla @DPresidential and @www.THUG.com This shyt was one of the most unintentionally funny moments I've ever seen. Scene: 3am on U street Characters: light skinned...