1. A

    Suns @ Warriors on ABC

    The main event
  2. FAH1223

    Joker Seeks A Revenge Tally Across The Valley | Official Suns (#4) vs. Nuggets (#1) West Semifinals Thread

    For the 2nd time in three seasons, Denver and Phoenix meet in the Western Conference Semifinals! In 2021, the newly minted NBA MVP received the honor in front of the Denver faithful but his Nuggets, without their point guard who went wild in the Orlando Bubble and injured, were swept by a...
  3. brickflair

    The Astounding Evolution of Kevin Durant

    Great analysis video by one of the best basketball youtubers :wow:
  4. Boug92

    Let's talk about James Harden the fraud

    He'll never win a ring :yeshrug:
  5. KidJSoul

    We need to reeavaluate Kevin Durant

    Seriously. Down by nearly 20 to Denver. The Nets record with with KD Kyrie and no Harden is like what? 9-11? That's a lower win percentage than what Curry has as a starter this season :hhh: I used to sleep on Harden but he is clearly more of an impact player. KD been overrated than a...
  6. DillaTUDE

    Toni Kukoc, states who he thinks the best current NBA player is

    Yahoo is now a part of Verizon Media Link to his post:
  7. saturn7

    Karen Durant or Ellen..

    Iverson :laff: Common. Sounds like some shyt he would spit.
  8. Primetime

    NBA's Big 4 (Discussion): Giannis-Lebron-Kawhi-Durant

    This season: Blue is first place Orange is 2nd place Red is third place :ehh: Kevin Durant's 2019 Season: 1. We know Giannis is the regular season MVP (word to @Morethan1) but if everyone is healthy, is he the best player out of the big 4? Rank em. 2. How much would you factor their...
  9. MostReal

    Everything was going as planned until HE happened NBA

    What would have been if Steph Curry never came out of nowhere :jbhmm: How many rings would Bron have Would CP3 be a champion by now Would Westbrook and KD be the major dynastic squad in the west? :patrice:
  10. King P

    After reading this, I'm 100% sure KD will be back by Spring 2020 and won't be damaged goods at all

    I was on NetsDaily, and this poster broke down KD's Achilles injury and compared it to the other players in the NBA who have torn their Achilles (along with athletes in other sports as well). I was unaware that Nique was the only guy that tore his right Achilles :ohhh: Which really makes sense...
  11. JesusFOREVER

    Now that the Warriors dynasty is over is it time for you hating ass nikkas to admit that

    Steph Curry is the greatest combo guard of all time This nikka can pull up from anywhere past the halfcourt line and hit at an elite rate while handling the rock fast as fukk He can also dish it and drive to the paint and not to mention he’s the greatest shooter of all time :wtf: Hes a fukkin...
  12. JesusFOREVER

    The Defamation of Westbrook as teammate by media cacs is ridiculous

    Everyone talking about Westbrook and Butler in a locker room would be toxic and I’m like :mjtf: Why the hell is this reputation of Westbrook being a bad teammate still going on when that’s proven to be false multiple times? :what: Russ would run through a wall for his teammates breh
  13. R

    These boys had it all. Should have been a dynasty

    Plus Derek Fisher and Kendrick Perkins
  14. GoddamnyamanProf

    According to Advanced Analysis, the Most Hated Player in the NBA is ACTUALLY

    KD second James was the most disliked player in 25 states, including California and the rest of the West Coast. Durant was the most disliked player in 17 states, including Nevada and Hawaii. Other players on the list were Kyrie Irving (5 states), Anthony Davis (2 states) and James Harden (1...
  15. Clay Puppington

    Who was the favorite in the 2012 NBA Finals?

    A discussion I saw on another board It was split pretty closely OKC or Miami?
  16. Trav

    Will We Ever Witness Another 3-Peat Again?

    :jbhmm: 1952–1954 Minneapolis Lakers 1959–1966 Boston Celtics (8) 1991–1993 Chicago Bulls 1996–1998 Chicago Bulls 2000–2002 Los Angeles Lakers 2017-2019 Patrick McCaw The Healtes and The Hampton 5 should theoretically be on this list, no? With how stacked their teams where as...
  17. Archangel

    NBA Championships Ranked in Tiers

    Shout out to Dom2K. Since we are always split on asterisk championships, it's a good idea to rank past champions in tiers according to level of difficulty; not saying winning championships can be easy, but some can be easier than others. We'll only rank 2000-2018. Lettuce begin. Tier 1 includes...
  18. JesusFOREVER

    Curry slowly becoming Westbrook brehs

    ive seen it all nikkas shot selection is terrible and he ignores so many people when he’ll have 3 guys draped over him to still shoot :russ: I dont give a damn if those are “good shots” for him its the playoffs and your shot aint falling, PASS THE ROCK nikka :stopitslime: I think this is more...
  19. Archangel

    Rockets v Warriors gm 3 Proved One Obvious Thing

    The Warriors would've got blown out if it wasn't for KD dropping 40+ and bringing them back. This is why they begged KD to come. For moments like this. If Steph is not scoring, that's it. If Klay isn't going off and having a historic night, its a wrap. KD affects the game in so many ways on...