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  1. SirReginald

    "Transgender/LGBT" Teen Jazz Jennings Is Dating Girls Now! (TLC: I Am Jazz "Star")

    Her parents raised her wrong. Here's how this shyt happened :snoop: At five years old I thought I was Hulk Hogan. One confusing ass generation man :hhh: No shade at my Black LGBT either, but this shyt chea :martin::hubie: :ayeee::AreYouSerious:
  2. SirReginald

    BLACK QUEEN Goes Off On Veterans Family About Having His PTSD Dog (VIDEO INCLUDED)

    :wow: man she sexy.
  3. SirReginald

    #HoesAintShyt: Dude Catches His Girl With A Dude In Their Bed, But PLAYS IT OFF Like A Gangsta

    :floridasfinest: f-ck these hoes.
  4. SirReginald

    BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West And Jay-Z Are Coming Together To End Latest Feud

  5. SirReginald

    He Ain't Wit Dat Gay Shyt: Gay Man Grabbed Dude's Ass And Caught Hands

    That's how it goes down sometimes :manny:
  6. SirReginald

    Meet The Woman Who "CONSTANTLY" Gets HORNY (Sad Video)

  7. SirReginald

    So-Called "PAWG" Confronts A Boy She Allegedly Caught Hooking Up With Her Underaged Daughter

    She "thick" :mjpls:
  8. SirReginald

    Woman Goes Off On Man For Joyriding In Her Car! (Video Is HILARIOUS)

  9. SirReginald

    Black American Indians About To Get That Tribal Money (Judge Rules In Cherokee Freedman's Favor)

    Salute to all my Cherokee Freedmen folk :salute: Black power winning outchea :win:
  10. SirReginald

    Woman Pulls A Gun In Walmart Over The Last School Notebook! (Video INSIDE)

    :wtf: over a NOTEBOOK?!?!?!
  11. SirReginald

    Now, THIS Girl Is FIVE-STARS: SMASH OR PASS (Thick Queen Of Miami)? #JJG3YearsOnThecoli

    JJG has been here 3 YEARS and I just discovered a platinum dime :kissthering: :BushBlessed: :rubiosippin: [/SPOILER]
  12. SirReginald

    Dude Goes Off On Pill Junkies! “If You Pop Xanax You're A Crackhead"

    No lies told :wow:
  13. SirReginald

    Besides Church Where Can I Meet A "GOOD" Girl? (Looking For A LONG-TERM Relationship)

    I'm at the stage where I need positivety in my life and I'm tired of the lone wolf thing. I've been busy working and etc to date. Now, I want to date, but where can I find good girls? I'm not really religious so yeah. Forgive me if I made a similar thread before.
  14. SirReginald

    Who Do You Think Will Be The FIRST Female President Of The United States?

    I think Elizabeth Warren or Tulsi Gabbord :manny:
  15. SirReginald

    SMASH OR PASS This (5-STAR AKA THICK) Nigerian Queen From London? #SexyMelaninQueen

  16. SirReginald

    Hispanic Guy I Worked With Yesterday Prayed & Got Angry Because I Quote, "Asked Too Many Questions"

    This was yesterday and it was weird as hell. At the steel mill I work at, they always ask for three to four temps everyday. However, they only needed one yesterday, so I was the only temp there. They want to hire me btw :jawalrus: Anyway, I was paired to work with a guy I never worked with...
  17. SirReginald

    Tall Ass Dudes Dating Short/Bony Women Has ALWAYS Looked Weird (It's Like Dating A Midget)

    Think about it, a 6'1 dude dating a 4'11 chick is weird. It's like a tall dude dating Pinky (short) and short women look younger than their age most of the time. Sorry, but as a 6'3 dude short/bony women are a no. Has it always looked weird to you?
  18. SirReginald

    I Don't Know Who This Chick Is, But She's "BAD" I Mean Real Sexy (You Agree?)

    Xhosa, smart, fine, and all out ladylike :mjcry:
  19. SirReginald

    Should African-Americans INVEST In "Puerto-Rico" & Take Control Of The Island?

    This may sound wrong, but I came up with this idea. Now, I'm not for colonizing it further (PR). However, if we worked out a deal with the citizens there, then it could benefit us and Puerto Rico. Yes, we are deep in the South. However, we could invest (Black dollar aka group economics) and...
  20. SirReginald

    Sergio Hudson Says On IG That Gilbert Arenas Needs To Be "REMOVED" From The Black Community