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  1. SirReginald

    Christianity Is The 'White-Devil's' Religion. (CAC Burns Black Man)

    ...and CAC cites the Bible as to why he did it :scusthov: This is why I always said it was bullshyt :camby: If it isn't Ethiopian/WestAfrican/Hebrewism, then :camby: Don't forget that these 'Jesus' loving cacs be the MOST RACIST. This man used the Bible and said he believed it's for cacs...
  2. SirReginald

    78,000 Transgender Americans Could Be Barred From Voting In The Midterm Election

  3. SirReginald

    Study: 11 Million White Americans Think Like The Alt-Right

    Not surprising :francis:
  4. SirReginald

    I Gave Up Men To Have Sex With Ghosts

  5. SirReginald

    Serial Killer Accidentally Kills Himself In Jail During Sex Act

  6. SirReginald

    THICK Sexy Ass Dark Chocolate Liberian Fitness DIME. Is She :NONIKKAS: Doe?

    Once again :mjlit: Does she fukk wit nikkas doe :ohhh: Yep and you know it :mjgrin:
  7. SirReginald

    SPIN: What Is The Religion Of The Coli? (Who Makes The Majority? With Poll.)

    So, what's yall religion? Like do Christians make up majority of the site?
  8. SirReginald

    Got Damn, This Haitian Girl Is Thicka Than Cold Gravy (@firstlady_58 SMASH OR PASS?)

    Let's get on the main event Playa:mjlit: Make-up Looks - @firstlady_58
  9. SirReginald

    Mixed Thot Charged After Letting Men Rape Her 2-Year-Old Daughter While She Watched (STD Positive)

    :wtf: burn this bytch with extreme gasoline butt ass naked and throw rocks at it. I feel bad for the little girl. Beat those two men senseless. EDIT: Thread title changed from "Cute Mixed Thot Charged After Letting Men Rape Her 2-Year-Old Daughter While She Watched" to "Mixed Thot Charged...
  10. SirReginald

    Pastor Claims He Carried Out Ritual Murders Of Over 600 Children In Ghana (Video In Link)

    :wow: kill this punk motherfukker with gasoline drawls on :pacspit:
  11. SirReginald

    Should Women Be ALLOWED In The Barbershop? You Don't See Us In The Beauty Salon.

    Well, from the shops I've been too that owned by hood/street dudes. They're always talking about the issues that interest me like White Supremacy and etc. TBH, I first learned about the history of the Moors from a barber at my local barbershop. Everywhere else I go to it's like brothas hold...
  12. SirReginald

    I'm Pregnant, But My Husband Isn't Ready. Also, He's Married To Someone Else.

    -Cliffs Dude is married to another chick. She's pregnant and begging subscribers for money. Dude would rather be with the broad he's married too. Make stupid decisions at almost 40 brehettes and wonder why you can't get no real man The first part to this saga. P.S. this was the chick who...
  13. SirReginald

    2nd Suspect ARRESTED In The XXXtentacion Murder. He's The GUNMAN Said Police.

    Shooter :ohhh:
  14. SirReginald

    Kylie Jenner Is Set To Become America's Youngest Billionaire AT 21. (PAWG Made The Forbes Cover)

    I'm jealous man :mjcry:
  15. SirReginald

    Well Respected Boy Scouts Leader Has Been ARRESTED For Child Pornography.

  16. SirReginald

    #GMB: Alabama Breh Beats And Steps A Mudhole On His Wife's Ass Steve Austin Style (VIDEO INSIDE)

    Her brothas need to beat this nikkas ass mane :pacspit: Punk ass motherfukker beating up his own wife. Dude hates Black women and hates his own mother. Brehettes choose better. You knew the signs when you dated that fukk nikka.
  17. SirReginald

    Florida Teacher Had Sex With Teen, Said Risk Of Getting Caught "Worth It"

    Florida :martin:
  18. SirReginald

    POSSIBLE MURDER?: Wife Who Led Double Life Online Found Dead Outside Home

  19. SirReginald

    District Pays Transgender AKA LGBT Student $800,000 For Refusing To Let Him Sleep With Boys

    :wtf: and :dead: at Willie D trying to rationalize this shyt.