1. Playaz Eyez

    I'm bout to LIST 50 of the HARDEST tracks that dropped in 2019...

    Since I feel like it and got time today:steviej:. The streaming era allows for like 10+ albums to drop per week, so just imagine the amount of general songs that come out per month, and realizing, it's the 7th 8th month of the year. Let's just dive right in:ahh:.... 1) Benny The Benny f/ Black...
  2. AMcV'88

    we ready to usher in the new era of Future....???

    another classic coming soon
  3. Codeine Bryant

    Seahawks Suspect Russell Wilson Wants Out

    Report: Seahawks suspect Wilson wants to play elsewhere Russell Wilson Wants To Leave Seahawks? Dak for Russ. Do it, Jerry :mjcry:
  4. Ruck

    Digital Movies/TV Thread: Pickups, Deals, Sales, Freebies (Vudu, Movies Anywhere, iTunes)

    All you movie or tv show buffs and or collectors go head and show what kind of digital library yall working with. We will discuss recommendations, do a marketplace in here if possible and share some deals where we can cop digital movies for the cheap. I got tired of Kodi and APKs coming and...
  5. Black Haven

    Genetically modified Chinese twin girls might have had their brains enhanced accidentally

    China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced
  6. Afro

    The World Might Actually Run Out of People

    The World Might Actually Run Out of People You traveled all over the globe to interview people for this book. What’s one image or conversation that really made the statistics jump off the page? DB: There was a moment when we were sitting in this little school in Srinivaspuri, listening to a...
  7. Rhapture

    Joe Budden Slams Future, “I Don’t Respect You As A Man”

    Joe Budden Slams Future, “I Don’t Respect You As A Man” - theJasmineBRAND Rapper Future is currently still doing press rounds for his latest album The WIZRD, but there is one media outlet where he is not welcome—fellow rapper/reality star Joe Budden’s podcast. On the latest installment of...
  8. AMcV'88

    Future Is Tired of Making Your Wrongs Right: The FADER Interview (VIDEO)

    the best Future interview since the Westwood one were he went off.
  9. Super Future Luther King Jr.


    Completely random brehs Speak On It 1 - News Or Somethin 2 - Deeper Than Than The Ocean 3 - Purple Reign 4 - Groupies 5 - Blow A Bag 6 - Inside The Mattress 7 - Cuddle My Wrist 8 - Monster 9 - Slave Master 10 - Permanent Scar 11 - Rich Sex 12 - Draco 13 - Some More 14 - Super Trapper 15 -...
  10. Starman

    Great Scott's Sci-Fi Books Thread

    Here we talk about Sci-Fi that I've read, and sci-fi books generally. Hyperion and the Fall of Hyperion. My favorite sci-fi story of all time. Read it immediately. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. This books is about about a revolution that takes place on a future moon penal colony. Yes. Hell...
  11. GPBear

    Brehs, 2020 is only 13 months away :gucci:

    :whoo: It's the future, brehs
  12. Tunechi

    Preview an upcoming Future and Lil Wayne song

    Future has took to social media to preview a new collaboration he has with Lil Wayne. There aren’t too many details as of right now about the song, but we do know it was produced by Richie Souf. You can listen to a snippet of Weezy‘s verse below! Are you liking the sound of it? Read more at...
  13. Crude Abolitionist

    Humanoid construction robot installs drywall by itself (Mexicans...yall on the clock)

    I see whole teams of Mexicans doing drywalling because its easy and does not take any math or reading for the most part... Well they going to get yall outta here one way or another...
  14. Da_Eggman

    Sleeping on this Future loosie "Scammalot"

    lil shorty broke my heart :mjcry:
  15. Onigumo

    My 1st Drum Kit(Free) for my coli producers

    Leezy On Da Track Drum Kit.rar
  16. AMcV'88

    we were spoiled getting Barter 6 and DS2 in the same year.

    three years later magnifique.
  17. Ganso Bomb

    Akon is launching a new futuristic city and his own cryptocurrency in Senegal

    Akon: Akon is launching a futuristic city and his own cryptocurrency in Senegal - CNN Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) — Rapper Akon is building a new futuristic 'Crypto city,' in Senegal, which will trade exclusively in his own digital cash currency called AKoin. The US-born singer, who is of Senegalese...
  18. T.H.E. Goat

    So We Not Gonna Talk About Sauce Walka Dissing TF Outta Future?

    How do you respond?:ohhh:
  19. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Future - Absolutely Going Brazy [Official Music Video]

    moght got another one with this :wow: what y'all think? :patgrin:
  20. kayslay

    I Know I Know...But KashDoll though!

    Hey guys I know this is a mans site but are you guys excited about KashDolls new project? BratMail drops at midnight 3/14/2018. Her most famous song to date is ‘For Everybody’ I’m sure you’ve all heard it.