1. R

    The one major mistake Drake has made during his career that could help him now in this war is….

    not signing any spitters to OVO. Yeah he got writers in his camp that can toss lines and ideas to him but he doesn’t any visible rappers that can stand on the front lines and help him out. Think about it….Jay Z had Roc a fella and State Property with him to go to war with. When Jada came at...
  2. KnowledgeOfSelf17

    The 2024 Music Thread ( I believe this year will be memorable)

    Playlist of each album We're only in APRIL, there's so much more releases coming out too.
  3. Sad Bunny

    First Bow Wow, then Future..now’s Joie Chavis has a third baby daddy. Guess who?

  4. Tunechi

    Destroy Lonely Picks Lil Wayne Over Drake, Future & Young Thug

    While out on tour in Australia earlier this year, Destroy Lonely caught up with Culture Kings in one of their streetwear clothing stores. Lonely was asked who he would pick out of Lil Wayne vs. Drake, Lil Wayne vs. Future and Lil Wayne vs. Young Thug… and he named Weezy in all of questions...
  5. B

    AI Regulation - There have been multiple call to regulate AI. It is too early to do so.

    https://blog.eladgil.com/p/ai-regulation AI Regulation There have been multiple call to regulate AI. It is too early to do so. ELAD GIL SEP 17, 2023 [While I was finalizing this post, Bill Gurley gave this great talk on incumbent capture and regulation]. ChatGPT has only been live for ~9...
  6. Ziggiy

    The Official 2023 Hip Hop Grammys Thread

    Another year another Hip Hop Grammys thread… This year is an interesting one, with multiple narratives and potential controversies surrounding “Music’s Biggest Night”. Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny becomes the first artist to have a Spanish-language album nominated for the prestigious Album Of...
  7. Ruck

    Y'all Better Stop Slandering Brock Purdy

    That man will be best niner QB since Steve Young. Put some respect on Jon Harbaugh Jr :ufdup:
  8. BlackJesus

    Elon Musk got y’all excited about a robot that had to be carried to the stage

    I’m sure we still got a few “Muskrats” on this forum :mjlol:
  9. Optimus Prime

    Future Sells Publishing Catalog to Influence Media Partners

    Influence Media Partners has acquired Grammy-winning Future’s publishing catalog from 2004 to 2020, the company announced. The prolific rapper’s work from those years spans 612 titles, including titles with frequent collaborator Drake (“Life Is Good,” “Jumpman”), Kendrick Lamar (“King’s Dead”)...
  10. Optimus Prime

    Future Sells Publishing Catalog to Influence Media Partners

  11. JadeB

    Will there be a period of mass emigration from the US in the coming decades?

    Based off this reddit comment that I saw on the Mexico City expat article that went viral: I'm in the USA but quite close to Mexico culturally and geographically. I'm not defending one side or the other. I do think it's revealing, though, to consider why many people are moving from the...
  12. B

    Pushin P is officially the 2nd best rap song in the world,what’s y’all thoughts on the song?

    When I first heard it,it was ok,but it grew on me:yeshrug: Thugga got the best verse as well in my opinion. “I just fukked a cup of water(I did) Pusha P red bandanna cardinals” :ohhh::wow:
  13. Spiritual Stratocaster

    Cole and Kendrick being Top 3 is FORCED

    FROM coast to coast I've heard Drake being bumped heavy. FUTURE being bumped heavy. Cole and Kendrick I rarely hear being bumped. Kendrick will get airplay when he drops but I don't hear his shyt in the streets or on radio anymore. I fukk with both too but I feel Future being left off top 3...
  14. ISO

    How y’all feel about the MetaVerse shyt?

    Metaverse clothing, travel, plastic surgery: Experts predict life in 2030 My take is it’s a bunch of bullshyt I don’t even know how it’s ethical to create such a thing.
  15. LinusCaldwell

    The Official METAVERSE Thread

    Metaverse is already here so what are your thoughts about it? Facebook even changed their name to “Meta” The metaverse explained (and how it could change the world)
  16. Ahadi

    Future reportedly expects child with 13th baby momma

    the former stripper is in her third trimester and is expected to welcome a baby girl by the name of Selena. According to a source with intimate knowledge of the woman’s entanglement with Future, the pregnancy comes three years late into their love affair. She is an old fling that was messing...
  17. Ball

    Kendrick Lamar's new manager: Anthony Saleh

    Dope. More of a chance for a Nas/Kendrick Collab?
  18. BornStar

    Jim Jones says the future will look like Robocop

    Go to 51:00 his thoughts are if you don't get into crypto you will be left behind literally be on the floor with the savages and the rich people will be in the high rises. A huge separation between rich and poor. Money will move digital Get with it or get lost etc.
  19. JadeB

    Fear Of A Black Planet: Seven Future Global Demographic Changes

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on the world’s population, two of the world’s most powerful countries, China and the United States, have released troubling new census data. Both countries, it seems, are facing national demographic declines that may soon threaten their...
  20. Playaz Eyez

    What exactly would a T-Pain vs Future Verzuz look like?

    Was watching the T-Pain Drink Champs, and NORE asked him who would he think would win between him and Future, and T-Pain said the public would pick Future. He also said he feels like the only people that could match him in a Verzuz is Akon and R. Kelly, and that Swizz and Timbo need to get...