1. Knuckles Red

    [REVIEW]: Retroid Pocket 3 (Emulation Handheld Device)

    Hello All, I just wanted to do a brief review of my Retroid Pocket 3 emulation handheld device that finally got to me a couple weeks ago... As you can see, I went with the 16 Bit color option. Quite frankly, its gorgeous. I love the way it blends in with the overall color scheme of my desk...
  2. U Mario ?

    U Mario ?

  3. FluffyEyes

    Meg Thee Stallion and Pardi show what they do in their spare time

    They're so cute
  4. Ruck

    EVGA ends Nvidia GPU partnership

  5. Ambulance


  6. Tunez

    Samsung - 980 PRO Heatsink 2TB Internal SSD PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe for PS5 $209 (Best Buy)
  7. Sindicated

    Should I get the EVOO 15” Laptop or Xbox series X

    I’m looking to either get the 15” evoo laptop with 120Hz RTX 2060 16Gb ram and Xbox series X. I currently have a Xbox one and haven’t really wanted to upgrade but recently came into some extra money and figure now is the best time. I play everything from FPS,Sports games, Grand Strategy(like...
  8. Snake316

    Fortnite top player shows off gun collection in preparation for "N Outbreak"

    The gaming community has always been full of racist trash
  9. Days of Future Piff

    Trials of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3): which team did you pick?

    There are six main characters, but you only get to play with three of them on any given run. Top row (left to right): Angela, Duran, Charlotte Bottom row (left to right): Kevin, Reisz, Hawkeye Some of the characters share a storyline (Angela/Duran, Kevin/Charlotte, and Riesz/Hawkeye) Which...
  10. LinusCaldwell

    The Official METAVERSE Thread

    Metaverse is already here so what are your thoughts about it? Facebook even changed their name to “Meta” The metaverse explained (and how it could change the world)
  11. Days of Future Piff

    (POLL) What is the Coli’s favorite Nintendo handheld?

    I already did polls for Nintendo and Sega consoles. The SNES won for Nintendo, and for Sega it was split between the Genesis and Dreamcast. Not sure if it’s really worth doing a poll like this for Sony or Microsoft (PS2, 360 >>>>>) I guess the PS1 vs PS2 could be an interesting debate if we...
  12. Khalil's_Black_Excellence

    Mythic Quest... Any of ya'll up this show? It's on Apple TV. Pretty funny. Surprised that I couldn't find any threads on it here, as nothing showed in search results. Correct me if I'm wrong here tho.
  13. Neuromancer

    Recommend me a good tablet.

    I'm trying to get a new table for reading comics and maybe some gaming. I don't like apple products. So what I should get.
  14. Days of Future Piff

    IYO, what is the GOAT Nintendo console? (Poll)

    I’ve mentioned many times before that I’ve always rode for the SNES, but I want to know what the Arcadium thinks.:jbhmm: (I left the virtual boy. You’re trolling if you’re legit voting for the VB :mjlol:)
  15. Days of Future Piff

    Who is the GOAT Mortal Kombat ninja? (Poll)

  16. Jax

    Gaming Podcasts

    Put me on brehs, youtube or video preferentially.
  17. M

    Hey Breh's! just want to advertise my game in here

    Hey there guys! It's my first thread ever, so I thought I'd advertise to you guys a game that I'm making. I've posted a few times in here in the past (namely for Prodigy of Mobb deep) and here an there for writing. My game is called Perfect Lap, it's an anime styled racing game that plays in the...
  18. Days of Future Piff

    Video games that literally RAN THE STREETS

    What are some video games that literally ran the streets and/or could realistically be considered the GOAT at the time of their release? These are just a few examples that come to mind off of the top of my head: Pac-man Tetris Super Mario 1 and 3 Street Fighter 2 Sonic the Hedgehog the Dragon...
  19. O.T.I.S.

    Anyone know of any GOOD games that involve IT, programming, and security?

    I just thought it would help in the learning process. I get tired of reading and watching dry ass videos all the time.
  20. Bossyyyyy

    Playing Madden and UFC for Bread PS4

    Taking bets of $50 and up