1. JadeB

    Every negative stereotype about women are from men projecting about themselves I honestly agree with a lot of these. Especially the driving and age gap one. We men are a shytty lot
  2. JadeB

    When a woman walks faster or locks their car door when you pass them, is it because you're male or because you're Black?

    I always been curious of this because this happens often when I walking at night in the same direction of a woman or behind her or if I'm walking past her car. Hell, it happens often during the day. I try to cross the street or walk ahead of them out of respect, but I wonder if race has a play...
  3. JadeB

    Why are atheists so overwhelmingly white and male?

    I'm a Black man who is not religious but not a full on atheist- which is a combo that I seen with a lot of people of color and women. I've met plenty of Black, Latino, East/Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, South Asian etc. people in real life and online who claim to be non-religious but are...
  4. DrBanneker

    Good news: Numbers show 25-29 Black population gender gap, highest education gender gap have closed

    Latest numbers from the US Census and the Department of education for 2021 have come out and the news is surprisingly good for Black folks. On one front, the latest Census population estimates show that the number of Black men and women in the 25-29 age category (prime for dating and family...
  5. Rell Lauren

    A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: ‘I Just Feel Lost’

    Probably one of the more important pieces I've read recently. Finally had a publication willing to talk about an ugly truth that no one wants to put their hands on because it would peel back layers that destroy narratives. Colleges had been trending this way for some time. When I was in...
  6. C

    White lesbian feminist disguises as man for 18 months to assess male privilege

    Interesting video. A little dated though. But long story short, she acknowledges that women have it easier than we do. Ended up having to see a shrink due to depression. And this is all from a white male perspective. The black male experience is a completely different animal.
  7. MischievousMonkey

    Feminism, Gender, Motherhood and Africa

    The Invention of Women: Making an African Sense of Western Gender Discourses Conceptualising Gender: Eurocentric Foundations of Feminist Concepts and the Challenge of African Epistemologies (pdf)
  8. intruder

    SERIOUS THREAD: As a straight man (or woman) how do you feel about being referred to as "cisgender"?

    Got into a heated discussion with this crazy chick in a facebook group the last night to the point where she couldnt take it no more and blocked me. :russ: Basically she asked the same question i asked in the thread title and people answered. Few were okay with it. Many weren't . She the took...
  9. Yo Mama

    Mistaken For Or Able To "Pass" For Another Race Or Nationality

    The XMen biracial chick got me thinking about this. Do you ever get confused for another race or nationality. Or some wierd confusion thing like my case below: Do you ever get confused for the wrong gender:lolbron:. Just playing. But feel free to share if you do. *********** Im full blood...
  10. Unknown Poster

    Is EDM Racist? Convo I started on Twitter all are invited to leave input. (Help this shyt go VIRAL)

    to all my coli people if you on Twitter or know black educators,writers, activists, musicians, or whatever like minded or progressive minded black folks please forward this tweet to them.
  11. Black Panther

    Is Transgender-ism and Feminism Mutually Exclusive?

    I've wondered about this for a long time. :bpthink: As I understand it, feminism calls for equality between men and women in social and economic matters, an idea that I wholeheartedly agree with. If a woman can do the same job that I can, there's no reason why she should get paid less than me...
  12. lowkey0z

    man drops 50k to look like a genderless alien

  13. It is a mystery

    "Breh" = male and "Brehette" = female. What pronouns do we have for the 56 other genders? Is thecoli seriously that intolerant? It's 2017; we need to be more accomodating. Lets brainstorm some :o:
  14. shhh-kull & bones

    The futility of gender-neutral parenting

    The futility of gender-neutral parenting In steadfast pursuit of gender equality and to promote nonconformity, it’s become popular in some social circles to start early, very early, by raising young children in a gender-neutral way: not revealing the baby’s sex at birth, dressing them and their...
  15. It is a mystery

    If i had a slice of garlic bread for every existing gender

    Someone posted this on facebook and people caught feelings. As a result, it spawned fukkery People are :troll:ing this movement heavy now. Do you think the gender movement stands a chance in 2017?
  16. lowkey0z

    all my agenders/cisgenders/two-spirit brehs/brehettes step in here

  17. BlackBall

    Learn to have a gender free orgasm

    Caitlyn Jenner Learns to Have a Gender-Free Orgasm on I Am Cait
  18. Vonte3000

    The End Fukking Times People: 4 Year Olds Picking Their Own Gender

    Choose your gender: Parents blast barmy council for telling kids as young as 4 to pick sex ’they identify with’ ANGRY parents have blasted a council that wants kids as young as four to choose the gender “they most identify with” before starting school. It wrote to parents urging them to...
  19. Sithlord Piff

    Feminist want to destroy the concept of gender altogether

    All this time I thought their fight was about gender equality....naw...they want gender roles destroyed. This is the shyt that they cosign...:sadcam: Straight up fukkery brehs.:snoop:
  20. Neuromancer

    Will gender division lead to the total annihilation of the black community?

    I ask because I see it all over themotion Internet from various members of younger generations. I also see a rise in IR dating. I'm wondering if we're going down a path of no return. (I'll admit I'm guilty in some regards to contributing)