1. Whips-n-Chains

    Which version of "Ghost Deini" is better? Album Version vs. Alternate Version (Ruthless b*stards Piano Loop Beat)

    or Both are serious heat...but the Album version (US Album at least) is such an incredible beat, it has to get my vote. US album version might be my fav song off SC, and I don't think all the samples have even been discovered yet. Where tf did those chimes come from? :banderas: Just...
  2. W

    Wu-Tang: Top 50 Albums with a core member involved

    Who you got? 1 Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 Wu-Tang Clan 36 Chambers (Enter The Wutang) 3 Ghostface Killah Supreme Clientele 4 Wu-Tang Clan Wutang Forever 5 Gza Liquod Swords 6 Ghostface Killah Ironman 7 Rza Ghostdog Original Filmscore 8 Gravediggaz The Pick, the Sickle and...
  3. Cryptocurrency Scarface

    Coli’s favourite 2016 Villain And Wu Tang’s arch nemesis ordered to pay $64m

    Jailed 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli ordered to repay $64m
  4. TheDarceKnight

    2nd Ghostface appreciation thread this week; the album catalogue :wow:

    :picard: Ghost dropped FIVE albums in a row that are either classic or well over 4 mics. - Ironman, - Supreme Clientele - BulletProof Wallets (especially the OG version leaked on Napster) - Pretty Toney - Fishscale Imagine dropping your 5th solo album (Fishscale) and having a lot of dedicated...
  5. TheDarceKnight

    Ghostface not being on a group joint on his own album appreciation thread

    :picard:I miss this type of creativity brehs. Putting a crew joint on your album and not even rapping on it is a boss move that I don’t think we’ll ever see again. :manny:Call my brothers sun cause they shine like one :wow:
  6. I'm Blackman

    The GOAT: Vote Inside

    Who's your goat? Depending on what day you catch me, it's Pac, Nas, Face, or Cube for me. Today I've been bumping Death Certificate so Oshea got it today. Below are people that I could make an argument for as the goat. The criteria is: Whatever the hell you want to be (skill, impact...
  7. Westbama Heartthrob

    Still Dre vs Nutmeg

    There was a breh the other day saying there's no song that could fukk with Still Dre, so I've been thinking:jbhmm: So I raise Nutmeg since both songs proved that Dre and Ghost still had it in them. You could say they both incapsulate their distinct styles. Ghost is at his best with rapid-fire...
  8. B

    Ghostface Talks Smacking Up Industry Cats

    You Dam Right I Got My Promo On My Own Platform Just Like Tv, Cable Networks, Hulu, Complex, Youtube Run Ads On They Platform I Run Ads On My Own shyt Anybody Hatin' SMD With Your Wifey Mouth, Now Just Watch Some Dope Exclusive Content & Salute The Trend Setter M.Reck For This shyt Full...
  9. Playaz Eyez

    Charli Baltimore & Ghostface being all over each other appreciation

    I never knew if they were involved with each other or whether that was just excellent on set chemistry, but they looked like they had dated or something :lolbron: The song was dope as hell though, a live ass beat from RZA, prime GFK, and Chari showing that she could hang and not look out of...
  10. T.H.E. Goat

    Ghostface Killah “Cobra Clutch” Appreciation Thread

    Classic Ghostface/Rza:whew: Edit: Mathematics on the boards:ohlawd:
  11. Billy Ocean

    Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders: Episode 1

    Bong Bong
  12. Billy Ocean

    Method Man and Ghostface on Stephen Colbert


    Verse for Verse: Wu-Tang Forever >>> * (Top 25 Verses)

    Can we talk bout actual music today in The Booth? No album can go bar for bar with this album. Every verse on this list is 5/5 and i had a hard time leaving some off Ghostface - impossible U-God - a better tomorrow Ol dirty b*stard - reunited Inspectah deck - triumph Gza\Genius- reunited The...
  14. Billy Ocean

    Method Man, Ghostface and U-God's sons talk sports, Black Lives Matter, music and more

    It's ill how the seeds of the Wu grew up, chill with each other and make music together. Wu really is a real family. Young dudes all seem like they have good heads on their shoulders.
  15. Zero

    Am I bugging or is Biggie taking shots at Ghost and Rae on the Get Money remix reference?

    The gap between the verses specifically "Nomsayin, nomsayin God? We rollin like a big bowl of fruit punch, nomsayin God? The bananas God, the bananas is missin, God...that's some bullshyt God, straight up" :mjlol: And at the very end 1:45 "nikkas talkin to the devil, God, straight up...
  16. G-Eye

    Mixtapes & EPs New Wu Chronicles - Chapter One

    New Wu Chronicles - Chapter One 01. Intro 02. Tearz (Remix) 03. Fear Is The Only Darkness 04. Ruckus In B Minor (Remix) 05. Return Of The Masta Kill 06. The Mexican 07. Sword In The Darkness 08. The Oath 09. Not The End 10. Saturday Night Heat 11. A Poem Is A Hustle 12. The Chopping Block 13...
  17. Menelik II

    [Poll] Who Did it Best? Nas v Ghost v SeanP v Mos Def

    Some of the best spitters in the game have spit over this 70s beat - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby "For real, you a live nikka, rock the five in ya slippers like them other five guys in ya picture" :whoo: "Genesis is deep, my features are that of a God Its not a facade these...
  18. R.O. Double

    If Meek And Drake Beef Never Happened. Does Action Bronson Still Have A Career?

    Ghost was ready to get Action Bronson out the paint. Bronson was backing down. The sharks were circling the water getting ready to eat. Before everyone could turn on Bronson and go in for the kill, Meek jumped out the window and took all the attention off of them. People lost interest and...
  19. IronFist

    Ghostface Killah Says Next Wu Tang Group Album Is In His Hands + Praises Schoolboy Q & Drake, Murda

    TORONTO, CANADA - It's been almost 23 years since Wu-Tang Clan released their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), a true rap classic considered as a high point in the genre. The 10-man crew was a perfect mix of unique voices and strong personalities, fusing together to make a unified...
  20. G-Eye

    Wu-Tang Clan - Hidden Chambers (Bootleg Vinyl 2002)