1. Seoul Gleou

    Virgil Abloh's wife is ready to define her late husband's legacy

    :obama:black excellence, yall
  2. Paradoxical Tiger

    Older women > Younger women? Research shows that the best age to get married is 28-32?

    Per this article I thought the coli preached get ‘em while they young?
  3. Ryze

    Criminally Underrated Scifi Animated Series: Pantheon AMC

    Season 2 has already been confirmed despite the relatively low showing. The promo and advertising for the show has been abysmal, but don't let it deter you. This is an A-tier animation gem of the likes of Invincible, Edgerunners, Blood of Olympus, ect but it was failed by their management. I...
  4. Cuban Pete

    Get Married Ruskie Crehs: Russian Baby Mommas Rat Out Dead Beat Dads To The Military Draft!!!

    Scorned Russian Mothers Use Putin’s Draft to Rat Out Deadbeat Exes Allison Quinn Thu, October 20, 2022 at 12:38 PM Vladimir Putin’s mobilization order has failed miserably to stoke patriotism among most ordinary Russians—and it appears not to have had much success on the battlefield, but there...
  5. GMB


  6. DreadBrown

    I don’t ever say this but….

    GMB :mjcry:
  7. humminbird

    You won't see the end of this video coming.

  8. M

    Got scammed by an Ethiopian thot and went the petty route

    this is based on a few request to expound on the story here: High value man threatens dime piece over $65 Intro - The Simp's Monologue: so this chic, I "e-met" randomly just on IG. I had seen her before and one day just slid in the DMs. Don't even know what I said, but this was before she...
  9. Seoul Gleou

    Is this petty or racist? :patrice:

    or something else
  10. BenchPressPapi

    African Coli breh can’t contain his excitement during wedding.

  11. kdslittlebro

    GMB brehs was this a sign?

    God tried to save him :bryan:
  12. Piff Tannen

    Asian man almost becomes a member of GMB

  13. T-K-G

    NEWS: Stephen Jackson's jersey retired in HOH rafters (Abandons fiance at altar for not signing prenup)

    This nikka about his contracts :mjlol: i feel him link: Stephen Jackson refuses to part with $20 million fortune, abandons fiance at the altar - The SportsRush Stephen Jackson refuses to part with $20 million fortune, abandons fiance at the altar HEMANTH AMAR 25/07/2022 Stephen Jackson...
  14. NinoBrown

    GMB (Be All You Can Be) Marine Sends His OnlyFans/TikTok Ex-Wife to The Afterlife Waste all around!!!!
  15. CodeBlaMeVi

    GMB Records with Another Hit

    A man named Reggie She For The Streets: This Married Couples Loyalty Test Took A Turn For The Worst!
  16. R

    Marry your HS sweetheart for her turn on you after having kids brehs

    damn :damn::damn: Child support while still together in the same house Kids turn on him too nikka never cheated @Bashbarti they angels though right :rudy:
  17. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Survey finds cheating wives are more likely to own a cat

    Survey finds cheating wives are more likely to own a cat By James Somper, The Sun April 18, 2022 | 11:41am The survey was conducted by Illicit Encounters.Getty Images/iStockphoto Cheating wives are more likely to own a cat than any other pet, a survey found. More than one in five have had a...
  18. Cryptocurrency Scarface

    Spin Thread: You ever try to steal your Friend’s Woman?

    I tried to get close to his girl by hanging out with @Another Man more:dame:. We hang out every once in a while, everytime he gets a new woman I be scheming :jawalrus:because he has great taste in women . :hhh:Breh has a weak mouthpiece so I take advantage of his introverted nature that he...
  19. Detroit Wave

    So gi jane was outchea cheating on kelso?:lupe:

    The layers to that joke :mindblown: chris rock a genius :wow: