gucci mane

  1. Gucci grin

    Gucci grin

  2. Playaz Eyez

    Gucci Mane - Dissin The Dead

    Self aware Gucci at it again :wow: :wow:
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Peewee Longway - Recipe

    @2 Cold Taurus @Mandarin Duck @Chris Cool @Beng Beng @Freddie.Cane @Drip Bayless @Dig @PabloEscobar @Milk @Serb @seymour cake @malbaker86
  4. Chris Cool

    Peewee Longway on Big Facts podcast

  5. Playaz Eyez

    The New 1017 - So Icy Boyz Instrumentals

    I’m actually more interested in this than the actual album
  6. Chris Cool

    Albums Gucci Mane - Ice Daddy (Discussion Thread)

    Ice Daddy by Gucci Mane
  7. T.H.E. Goat

    Gucci Mane - Like 34 & 8 feat. Pooh Shiesty

    Guess Gucci gets to keep his star player:whew:
  8. Chris Cool

    *Video* Gucci Mane - Like 34 & 8 (feat. Pooh Shiesty) prod. by Mike Will :Barackphew:

    :whew: shyt is hard. Mike Will killed it.
  9. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Gucci Mane announced new album "ICEDADDY" will release tonight at midnight

    PRE-SAVE My new album #ICEDADDY available at midnight everywhere! Executive produced by my son @icedavis1017
  10. Brer Dog

    Pooh Shiesty - Ugly feat. Gucci Mane [Official Video]

  11. Playaz Eyez

    Gucci Bandana & Wasted performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards [2009]

    Guccimana 09 :blessed::blessed: I remember he had like 5 performances that night :laff:
  12. King Karim

    The official Pookie Loc thread {Unseen video}

    Since the verzuz battle Pookie's name has been buzzing and trending about the person in the middle of the Jeezy/Gucci situation. I'll drop some information on him throughout this thread and here is some extremely rare video of him and his group performing and shooting a music video. Pookie is...
  13. King Karim

    Post your scorecard in the Jeezy Vs Gucci Verzuz

    I scored it 16 to 8 in favor of Young Jeezy. I gave Gucci Round 1, he played Round 1 lol that was genius and neither artist could have opened up better. I also gave Gucci The Truth round overall he Gucci got washed up severely.....He would the disrespect part of the VZ easily but the whole...
  14. SpottieOttieD

    Jeezy vs Gucci Mane #Verzuz (Nov 19Th @ 8PM ET)

    :ohhh: Y'all think Gucci gonna include Truth in his lineup? Edit: confirmed legit :blessed:
  15. AMcV'88

    lowkey, Gucci Mane been going crazy on the two So Icey tapes that dropped this year.

    the fresh talent got him sounding his best since he got out.
  16. Marlo Barksdale

    Gucci Mane calls Atlantic Records "polite racists" & says he's leaving in July

    :ohhh:I didn't see a thread. This article is from this past Friday. Rapper Gucci Mane calls his label 'polite racist' Rapper Gucci Mane has claimed he is leaving his longtime label, Atlantic Records, calling them "polite racist". In a message posted on Twitter, he also branded the label's...
  17. F

    DTE 1017 Beef

    Would hate it see it get ugly but it looks to be heading that way.. Gucci new artist made a diss song against Bank and the whole DTE.. Bank ignored it but the talk of the streets seems to be gettin to him and he tired of biting his tounge.. This beef started in the streets wit Gucci robbing a...
  18. gucci big head

    gucci big head

  19. Jody Lo

    Mixtapes & EPs [NEW] Jody Lo - Out of the Trap House

    North Carolina’s trap god released a 24 minute EP, “Out of the Trap House”. Jody Lo, a Winston-Salem native is following up his last mixtape from just 3 months ago with 8 tracks today. Out of the Trap House boasts 8 tracks that are taking you on a quick trip of differnt vibes, with the stand out...
  20. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Yoooo Gucci Mane has lost his damn mind EDIT It's Iman Shumpert my bad

    :hhh::hhh::hhh::hhh::hhh::hhh: This is the nikka that made Lemonade ? The State vs Radric Davis ? The Trap House series ???