1. G

    Breh Moves like a Real Life Superhero

    Peak fitness levels
  2. Dre God

    Late 80’s brehs with leftover energy from your 20’s…

    Take advantage of that shyt, ever since I realized like 3-4 years ago that I had so much more energy than most other men in their 30’s I been locked in. Take your workouts to the next level. Curate a morning and night skin routine. Implement some kind of daily prayer/rituals into your routine...
  3. B

    Covid will be a leading cause of death in the U.S. indefinitely, whether or not the pandemic is 'over' Disease experts predict that Covid will remain among the top 10 causes of death in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. Shannon Pettypiece Shannon Pettypiece is the senior White House reporter...
  4. The Radiant One

    Anti aging thread. Let’s increase our health span brehs!

    We now know exercising, vegan diet, heat and cold exposure and delay the aging process. In this thread we help each other live a long youthful life! So let’s start with looking younger. Be sure to put on sunscreen and tretinoin cream help reverse signs of aging Also try to incorporate...
  5. Mufasa Ahadi

    Frederick Akphoghene: Autonomous Vehicles And The Future Of Car Travel

    Frederick Akphoghene: Autonomous Vehicles And The Future Of Car Travel Might have to put some money up and invest. :ohhh:
  6. Maximus Rex

    How many pills do you take a day? (don't include vitamins)

    5 for various health reasons
  7. tunes757

    COLI HEALTHNUTS, yall see this new trend going on?

    Mainly only white people on this trend so far....but these people are promoting meat based diets and hatred of vegan diets and processed foods. First, is this diet legit from a nutritional standpoint (will nvr try it, I know this stuff is nasty)? Secondly, African/African descendant...
  8. Mr anansi

    NATURAL HIGH: smoothie for a natural mood boost

    1/2 cup frozen mangoes 1/4 cup blue berries 1/4 cup strawberries 1 cup diced water melon 1/3 cup water smiles all day.
  9. Mr anansi

    Mysterious new brain illness in New Brunswick...

    FREDERICTON -- Families who fear their loved ones are afflicted with a mysterious neurological syndrome in New Brunswick say they're losing patience waiting for information from the health officials who are investigating. "I can appreciate that maybe the government is afraid to give too much...
  10. JadeB

    He gotta be the best chiropractor in New York

  11. Vice Queen

    Sasha Banks: My Health & Matches Improved Without WWE’s Grueling Travel Schedule

    Sasha Banks: My Health & Matches Have Improved Without WWE Travel
  12. Gully Bull

    Besides Jeezy’s birds, who else’s chickens are on steroids?

    Trying to eat healthier and avoid chicken treated with antibiotics and steroids
  13. loyola llothta

    Siding with Monsanto, California Judge Blocks Cancer Warning Label on Weedkiller Glyphosate

    Siding with Monsanto, California Judge Blocks Cancer Warning Label on Weedkiller Glyphosate Contact: Alex Formuzis (202) 667-6982 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2020 SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge in California has blocked efforts by the state to require cancer...
  14. 987654321

    The stigma of getting STD/STI tests

    I was skimming the king face topics, and came across a few points that made me curious. In my younger days I didn’t really think about the possibility of l having anything until a girl I knew, for years (even went to school with) burned me. Thankfully it was temporary, even though it felt like...
  15. KidJSoul

    Anybody have advice for this weird sleep issue?

    basically, my stomach is never really properly full or hungry So as a result, whenever I go to bed, I either get indigestion and even dizziness when I'm full.... or, I'm too hungry and my sleep quality is poor. I can never eat dinner at like 6-8 when just be done for the rest of the day. I'm...
  16. S

    Romany Malco is 51 and looks great for his age

    In this video he says he doesn't do dairy and doesn't do sweeteners (I'm gonna assume he means no sweeteners in general not just in the shake). Diabetes is one of the #1 killers, especially of African Americans and black people in general. We always here about cutting back on the sugar but...
  17. S

    I cut wheat and chicken out of my diet and my skin cleared up

    Let me keep it short. I had a lot of skin issues. Itching, areas turning dark, acne etc. "scrathes" appearing out of nowhere Couple weeks ago I had some pancakes and almost immediately after my skin started to itch. I looked at the back of the box and they contained wheat. After some googles...
  18. Mr. Goodbar

    If you're not drinking a glass of water every morning to rejuvenate your organs..sorry 2 say U LOST

    Did you know that drinking water first thing in the morning immediately helps rehydrate our bodies due to the seven to nine (maybe even longer) hours many of us sleep...that's a looong period of time without any water consumption. I always drink me a glass of water at least 10mins before bed...
  19. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Diddy: "Let's find a way to help our healthcare workers"-- Tone Talks gets on his bullshyt

    Diddy is babbling his ass off like he's high on some shyt but at least his heart is in the right place. Not enough is happening to support the people that have to confront this shyt face-to-face. Tone got me crine with this one :laff:
  20. Patriarch

    RIP Dr Afrika

    Influenced a lot of us to become vegan. Huge loss for us. A gain for the ancestors.