1. AtomicUse

    Coli Breh's and Brehette's: Who here gets compliments/believes the compliments they recieve?

    That "Front Camera Lens" thread had a lot of posters cracking jokes, and taking jabs at themselves. I know a lot of it was all fun and games, but seriously do you guys get compliments often, what type of people compliment you the most, and what do you do when you get them? Do you believe the...
  2. Reginald Noble

    Bee Propolis - Get On It

    There is a thread on Bee Pollen but I feel Propolis needs it's own one as it's equally or even more important. Personally I don't react as well to the Pollen as I do the Propolis. So just because you can't take one doesn't mean you can't benefit from the other. We need bees for a lot of the...
  3. The 2020 New Member

    Which coli user is most likely to get cancer?

    Bad Day For Bacon: Processed Meats Cause Cancer, WHO Says With all the fast food and sloppy life choices made by some of you nikkas, this might become a cancer support forum.
  4. Mac Casper

    Wally's been taking some weird shyt's lately . . what's up with this? (Warning: Graphic pics inside)

    Anyone got some answers on why the consistency of my shyt has changed to this. I've been noticing it for a couple of days now. Before I was taking very solid shyts.
  5. Dirty_Jerz

    so what type of tooth pastes are we brushing with

    Everytime I find some non flouride stuff it gets taken off shelf so I kinda said eff it and just try to stay on top of it with some loud. I rock with arm n hammer baking soda/peroxide mix right now though. Got pearls lined up:biggrin:
  6. thekingsmen

    Water Fluoridation Linked to Higher ADHD Rates This will likely be removed eventually. TECH & SCIENCE Water Fluoridation Linked to Higher ADHD Rates BY DOUGLAS MAIN 3/10/15 AT 2:44 PM A glass of tap water in New York. SHANNON STAPLETON / REUTERS FILED...
  7. Wildin

    For those who experience/experienced depression or want a better quality of living


    Coli Queens I need your help

    Ok so we all know how good raw African black soap and raw shea butter are, so I wnt go into detail on their benefits and whatnot. I'm finally ready to make the move and buy these products, got my bread lookin right. Anyway my problem is choosing a place to order them off of, there are many...
  9. Friend

    Just found out I got a kidney stone

    shyt is very stressful my nikkas. I'm still in the early stages where I'm not really in too much pain yet, I'm about a 2 on a scale of 0 - 10... 0 being the least amount of pain and 10 being child birth. Lower back is hurting like a bytch... sharp pain in my lower right back like a mufukka...
  10. Julius Skrrvin

    Religion/Spirituality Vegetarianism, Veganism, and just reducing your meat intake.

    What do you think brehs. I just watched this last night: Forks over Knives - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And while I would never go vegan or even vegetarian, I was thoroughly convinced that I definitely should scale back my meat intake. This year has been big for me in that regard. I took...
  11. 2Quik4UHoes

    Post yall smoothie recipes...

    I'm sure some of you hardcores be makin smoothies. I'm planning on buying some frozen organic fruits and berries from Whole Foods and making a smoothie with some Russian Bear. I wanna hear some ideas to help this piece of my bulking process.
  12. Olivia Pope

    Essential Official Random Thoughts Thread (Ladies only)

    We can talk about fashion, men, drama, hair, issues in society female rappers and non hip hop music. I'll kick it off: The Game is one of those horrible black shows that you can't stand but can't stop watching because the fukkery is never ending. If I see another heffa with a bodysuit...
  13. MMS

    ~~~MMSex's Comprehensive Guide to Cutting for Beginners/Overweight/Obese~~~

    Since i know folks be lurking WANTING to get in shape but too shook to do it, im gonna post the guide i made on here, ive lost over 65 pounds following this simple strategy *****Disclaimer***** This guide is specifically about learning reasonable eating habits and meeting...