1. Low End Derrick

    Who here knew H.E.R had hands... and yams?

    Why y'all ain't tell me Gabriella holding like that? :gucci:
  2. Mufasa Ahadi

    H.E.R. - BACK OF MY MIND (Discussion Thread)

  3. Mufasa Ahadi

    Other H.E.R. - Hold Us Together (From the Disney+ Original Motion Picture “Safety”

    :wow: Powerful track
  4. Mufasa Ahadi

    Singles WizKid - Smile (Ft. H.E.R.)

  5. Mufasa Ahadi

    R&B H.E.R. - Do To Me (Single)

  6. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 25 - Jill Scott

    Well, after many requests, Lisa Fischer got her day to shine and though it was an underwhelming turn out with only 41 votes, she gained a high 8.14/10. https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-female-edition-day-24-lisa-fischer.725166/ Leaderboard...
  7. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 19 - Jazmine Sullivan

    Tamia scored a very decent 7.57 placing her over some very distinguished artist so far. https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-female-edition-day-18-tamia.723601/ Leaderboard: https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-leaderboard-females.720381/ _____________________________...
  8. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 11 - Ariana Grande

    So day 10 of RTS turned out the biggest number of voters so far with many coming to sing the praises of Whitney Houston who rated a 9.88 according to voters. https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-female-edition-day-10-whitney-houston.720489/#post-34291365 Here's is the Leaderboard...
  9. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 10 - Whitney Houston

    Erykah Badu was rated a 7.3/10 by coli voters. https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-female-edition-day-9-erykah-badu.720305/ Here is the Leaderboard thread to view current rankings https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-leaderboard-females.720381/#post-34286308 Today we...
  10. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Leaderboard (Females)

    Obviously this will serve as the main hub for the Rate This Singer series to discuss rankings and what not and keep up with leaderboard additions and changes. LEADERBOARD - +click the names to see their respective threads. _______________________ Whitney Houston - 9.88 Aretha Franklin - 9.78...
  11. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 9 - Erykah Badu

    Day 8 of RTS was another banger as Mariah Carey was rated a 9.52 placing her head and shoulders above the other female vocalists so far. https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-female-edition-day-8-mariah-carey.720106/ 1. Mariah Carey - 9.52 2. Anita Baker - 8.9 3. Lauryn Hill - 7.6 4...
  12. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 6 - Anita Baker

    Day 5 of the RTS series was another success with the coli rating songstress, H.E.R, with a 7.2/10. https://www.thecoli.com/threads/rate-this-singer-female-edition-day-5-h-e-r.718463/ The rankings are as followed so far: 1. Lauryn Hill - 7.6 2. Beyonce - 7.3 3. H.E.R - 7.2 4. Aaliyah - 6.3 5...
  13. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 5 - H.E.R

    Day 4 of RTS was political indeed, word to @Hannibal Fox. Controversial icon Beyonce was rated a 7.3/10. Very shocked at that rating as I had her in 8-9 range. Never the less, the Coli hath spoken. Here's the thread...
  14. Archangel

    RnB/Music heads, Ya'll heard of Madison Ryann Ward?- The White H.E.R.

    If you a R&B lover like me then you know the genre has been on life support. I'm talking real singing and music. Not this pop rnb hybrid trash. I saw this chick while watching that David Letterman Show on Netflix, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. He was interviewing Jay Z and they spoke to...
  15. Flawdaboi

    R&B H.E.R performs "Fate" on (Jimmy Kimmel live)

    Straight fire, with choir added. Talented, talented sistah Damn shame she doesnt get the looks ella mai does....