Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 6 - Anita Baker

How Would You Rate Anita Bakers Vocals?

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May 10, 2015
Day 5 of the RTS series was another success with the coli rating songstress, H.E.R, with a 7.2/10.
The rankings are as followed so far:

1. Lauryn Hill - 7.6
2. Beyonce - 7.3
3. H.E.R - 7.2
4. Aaliyah - 6.3
5. Rihanna - 5.2

Onward to day 6.

The Process:

1. Vote on the listed singer from 1* - 10* on how good you think the listed singer is.
1* being :camby: (Absolutely Terrible) - 5* being :ehh: (Decent) - and 10* being:ohlawd: (Vocal Mastery)

2. The following things should be taken into account : Vocal quality, Vocal control, Vocal technique, Song Flexibility (ability to do different types of genres i.e pop, rnb, jazz, rap etc.), Live singing vs CD singing. Album/Mixtape quality. Longevity. Musicianship (Can they play instruments) Classic songs/hits. Entire body of work. Do they stand the test of time?
I don't recommend it but if you want to you can take looks, sexuality, into account, go head. If there are any other metrics you choose to use to vote, do you.

3. Votes will be displayed publicly.

4. Voting poll will last for 24 hours and then close.

5. Singers will be chosen randomly. PM me if you have suggestions you'd like to see.

6. Videos will be posted to showcase the singers abilities.

7. Some pictures will be added.

8. Votes will be tallied up and the average of the votes will result in the final score.

9. Drop that dap and 5 star thread rating

And Another One, word to DJ Khaled. This one for my old heads. I was born in 1990 so I'm not an old head but I am a music lover and historian so this applies to me.


Day 6. Anita Baker

Final Rating 8.9/10



I swear if ya'll nikkas rate her anything below an 8 ...:stopitslime:
She is regarded as one of the most popular singers of soulful romantic ballads during the height of the quiet storm period of R&B in the 1980s. Baker has won eight Grammy Awards and has five platinum albums and one gold album.

Years Active: 1979 - 2018

7 Albums:

The Songstress
Singles: Angel, You're The Best Thing Yet, No More Tears, Feel The Need
*Interesting fact* - Notorious drug trafficker "Freeway" Rick Ross helped provide the money for the album.

No chart info readily available.


Singles: Caught Up In The Rapture, Sweet Love, Same Ole Love, No One in The World
*Sweet Love peaked at #8 on Billboard*

Rapture Certs:


Giving You The Best That I Got
Singles: Giving You The Best That I Got, Just Because, Lead Me Into Love
*Giving You The Best That I Got peaked at #3 on Billboard*

Giving You The Best That I Got Certs:
3x Platinum


Singles: Talk To Me, Soul Inspiration, Fairy Tales

Compositions Certs:
1x Platinum


Rhythm of Love
Singles: Body & Soul, You Belong To Me, My Funny Valentine, I Apologize, It's Been You

Rhythm of Love Certs
1x Platinum


Studio Vocals:

Live Vocals:

This shyt right here :wow:

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Sep 17, 2014
Man, woman, and child
Boring? What kinda music do you like if you consider Anita boring?

nikka what :gucci:

Her music is fire

Y’all act like I didn’t give her a 9

But I’m saying tho. All her music is like the exact same tempo. Some shyt women be curled up next to the fireplace with some wine to