1. B

    Ghostwriter Returns With an A.I. Travis Scott Song, and Industry Allies

    https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/05/arts/music/ghostwriter-whiplash-travis-scott-21-savage.html Ghostwriter Returns With an A.I. Travis Scott Song, and Industry Allies The anonymous artist, who stirred conversation with the A.I. track “Heart on My Sleeve,” has been quietly consulting with...
  2. TripleAgent

    Albums Onyx - Blood On Da X

  3. Aje

    Today, 3/13, is the 16-Year Anniversary of One of the Most Underrated Hip-Hop Albums of the Aughts

  4. Aje

    Which Era of Rap Was the Most Dangerous?

  5. Aje

    Beat ID From This Classic Cypher

    What beat is this?
  6. Aje

    New Beat Tape

    Peace, peace, Tunnel fam. I just recently dropped a beat tape for the first time since '17 and would love to hear y'all feedback on it. This is a project consisting of only sampled beats. Influences include: Primo, Dilla, Just Blaze, Madlib, Timbaland, and Havoc. It's streaming everywhere...
  7. Aje

    What Songs Have You Always Wanted to Hear Sampled? I'll Hook It Up for You. (Other Producers Welcomed)

    What up, y'all. Which songs have you always wanted to hear sampled? Old head, here. Been producing since '99. I'll flip (at least) the first three songs posted here. Producer brethren welcome to join in, too. ================================== 1. Proposed by @Rasille: ORIGINAL: The Smashing...
  8. TripleAgent

    New Onyx Album - Onyx Versus Everybody

    Produced by Fredro Starr Best they've sounded in years so far:blessed: No Euro cac shyt:blessed: Sticky sounding rejuvenated :whoo:
  9. Take It In Blood

    Rare Tupac Shakur photos from Tyson/Bruno fight (March 16, 1996)


    L3THAL W3APONZ “Def Jam Jackets” (Hell Rell diss) TEASER

    Def Jam Jackets - Single by L3THAL W3APONZ
  11. A.V.

    A.V. - TIME MACHINE [DEBUT ALBUM 3/12] (Discussion Thread)

    AVAILABLE NOW on all streaming platforms Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, etc. Streaming Links: Apple Music iTunes Spotify TIDAL YouTube Music Soundcloud LYRICS ARE EMBEDDED AND SYNCED IN ALL STREAMING & SOCIAL MEDIA...
  12. White City Black

    NECRO calls out the “racist” music industry

    shyt, I’m a Breh and I’ve listened to him for a number of years. While I get what he’s trying to say, nonetheless I got a :mjpls:feeling when reading it (as well as some of the comments).
  13. Aje

    'Hypebeast Genocide' [Beat Tape] by your Coli breh, Aje

    What up, fam. Happy Holidays to those who celebrate this time of year. If you got less than 29 minutes to kill and enjoy beat tapes, consider checking out my recently-released project. As always, any and all feedback encouraged and appreciated. Thanks, y'all :cheers: HYPEBEAST GENOCIDE (BEAT...
  14. Morose Polymath

    [Goon Year End Discussions] Best Goon Artist Of 2020

    Its that time of the year fellas, and despite 2020 being a tumultuous and crazy year, the art form still moved forward and evolved. The brehs still ate well off great projects from some top tier goon artists. :obama: Here are the top 5 artists that me and the brehs felt stood out among the...
  15. kwazzy100

    Are there certain songs from the past PC/ Cancel culture ruined for you?

    Like since you're listening to it now, all you think is "this song will not fly today" or cringe at some of the lyrics? Not to say it's not good songs, but listening to it now, does it make you feel a different way while you're listening to it during this type of social climate? Like these...
  16. DoubleO7

    Check Out My 8-Minute Introspective Track

  17. Unknown Poster

    I'm doing a nightly show on my IG live every night 8pm EST Update: YT Video & MP3 episodes DL added

    Video from 5.21.20 added Audio added Episode 2 Audio 5.21.20 (MP3 Download) Video from 5.20.20 added Audio Added. Episode 1 Audio - 5.20.20 (MP3 Download) The Temisan Adoki Show On my IG live @thebonesofhoudini Temisan Adoki (@thebonesofhoudini) • Instagram photos and videos Watch me play...
  18. M

    Tommy James Makes Classic Rock Music History With Draggin the Line 2020 Version Spotify Single

    Tommy James enlists the help of T.O.N.E-z and Stevie Van Zandt to compose the perfect remake of his 1971 top five chart topper Draggin’ the Line in 2020 which is now streaming on Spotify. Tommy James featured Draggin’ the Line on his newest album “Alive” in 2019; it had been ten years since his...
  19. Inspect Her Deck

    Top 5 Rappers of All-Time

    This topic has been like flogging a dead horse....but we're gonna do it again. :unimpressed: But instead of just listing your 5, try and explain why so we can get some conversation/debate going. What are the factors that are most important in determining your top 5? Is it longevity? Quality of...
  20. Aje

    Hip-Hop Hive Mind of The Legendary Coli: Are Officially Released Instrumentals a Thing of the Past?

    I'm :flabbynsick: and back in "the day", when I was still living in Jersey, I was a DJ who actually spun on vinyl. I would take the train (PATH or NJ Transit) to the city (NYC) and go to Fat Beats or Rock n' Soul to cop up. I always loved getting 12" singles, white / black label, that would...