1. Balla

    What kind of shoes y’all wear to the gym?

    I’m wearing some ball kicks, but I heard that those aren’t good for squats n deadlifts n shyt. Was thinking of getting some nike training shoes. What y’all think, do training shoes make any type of difference or not? And what do y’all wear to the gym footwear wise?
  2. jordan dancing

    jordan dancing

    jordan dancing
  3. Mj hill

    Mj hill

    I'll tell you what. . .
  4. jordan trump

    jordan trump

    jordan, trump
  5. jordan laugh

    jordan laugh

    jordan, laugh, gif
  6. MJ


  7. Funny smug MJ

    Funny smug MJ

  8. FBGPlank

    Jordan/Nike To Release "Wings 5s" Talking About Black On Black Crime

    "end black on black crime the mind is a weapon cease fire beautiful chicago no more murder help each other take a stand" Card that comes with the shoes
  9. Balla

    Yall feelin the new Jordan XXX3?

    For ball mostly,
  10. 88m3

    Abbas says Kushner explored forming a Palestinian-Jordanian confederacy

    I'd meant to share this a few days ago but it got lost in the mix :laff: @Broke Wave @FAH1223
  11. Naruto jordan

    Naruto jordan

  12. Jordan OhReally

    Jordan OhReally

  13. JesusFOREVER

    Space Jam 2 trailer to drop after LeBron's free agency decision

    :mjgrin: and his stans ain't gonna like this
  14. old mj lit

    old mj lit

  15. mjpls club

    mjpls club

  16. cobra

    Other than MJ, who is the best scorer of all time?

    Rank Player PPG 1. Michael Jordan* 30.12 2. Wilt Chamberlain* 30.07 3. Elgin Baylor* 27.36 4. LeBron James 27.15 5. Kevin Durant 27.12 6. Jerry West* 27.03 7. Allen Iverson* 26.66 8. Bob Pettit* 26.36 9. Oscar Robertson* 25.68 10. George Gervin* 25.09 11. Karl Malone* 25.02 12. Kobe Bryant 24.99...
  17. jordan+spice adams

    jordan+spice adams

  18. mjpls+uzi


  19. Back of Jordan Head

    Back of Jordan Head

    For Gif Remixes
  20. Dame Crying mj

    Dame Crying mj

    Crying Mj Damian Lilard